Trailers that lied

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    Or maybe just the game designers being too optimistic about what they can deliver in a game. Either way, video game trailers can sometimes be really misleading, especially early in the game's development.

    Do you have any examples of a trailer that completely misrepresents the final product? Then this is for you! I'd love to hear if you guys have any examples of this!

  • One of the biggest marketing burns I ever felt was Halo 5. I'd elaborate on that further but Mitch Dyer wrote an op-ed that I fully agree with on IGN.

  • Not just trailers, but the whole Halo 5 marketing campaign was flat out lying about the story of the game. Remember "Hunt the Truth?" And the idea that Master Chief and Locke would be at odds for the whole game? That sure never happened. Oh, but they had a minute long fist fight, so I guess that makes up for it...until you remember they are totally allied once they meet up the next time.

    I really want to know why the promotions for that game told such a specific narrative, only to have none of it come true. And I honestly would overlook all this, but the story in Halo 5 was pretty underwhelming.

  • @Civil-Warlord You beat me right to it! I guess that shows how much they really messed that up.

  • Bioshock Infinite comes to mind for me.. I still really enjoyed the game and ended up playing it a few times, but the final product was pretty different from what they showed initially.

  • Here is the trailer that made me think of starting this thread!

    The trailer for Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii!
    So goth
    (Click to watch)

    As a child, I was super pumped for a new 3D action Rayman game, and this trailer totally made we want to swing the Wiimote around my out of place spiky-haired goth sister.

    In the end, the game turned out to be a collection of mini-games, which made Rayman pretty much a non-character until the awesome 2D Rayman games that have been released recently.

  • This is a pretty rampant problem for games shown at E3, at least graphically. Here are two videos which really show differences between the game trailers and the final products:

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    It's pretty crazy how often this happens.

  • @Smartzke I wonder if we'll see this change, now that companies like Ubisoft have become so infamous for the practice

  • Kinda cheating to post this, but aliens colonial marines

  • The Borderlands reveal. But, the change was for the better, I think.

    Youtube Video

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    @Smartzke Couldnt agree more to the Ubisofts downgrades! I was so hyped for many of those games! Even though they were still good to play (like I got 12 days played in the division). However, the trailers and E3 releases were big fat lies and huge parts of the experience were much flatter than expected.

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    Dark Souls 2.
    The final game looked nothing like the initial gameplat trailers. Missing effects, geometry, lighting, etc.

  • I think Killzone 2 was the first game where I really felt lied to. I feel like starting from here, we started to see a lot more of "target" footage (instead of tech demos)...

    EDIT: Just to be more clear, it's not the difference between this trailer and the final game that I felt lied to. It's that the trailer did such a good job of mimicking gameplay at the time that I felt misled when it was revealed to be prerendered.

    Youtube Video

  • Youtube Video

    This is a complete lie, selling Dead Island as an emotional experience when it was just a stupid, dumb zombie coop game with absolutely no emotional experience.

    Then, you have Ubisoft, the masters of downgrade. They are also the masters of faked gameplay experiences because... well I'll just let this video explain it all.

    Youtube Video

    Bogeys at your niner niner foxtrot tango. Roger. Let's do some Jumping Jacks!

    @Mechanoid said in Trailers that lied:

    I think Killzone 2 was the first game where I really felt lied to. I feel like starting from here, we started to see a lot more of "target" footage (instead of tech demos)...

    Youtube Video

    Honestly, I thought the final product looked better than that trailer. You could argue techwise with particle effects and what not, but the artstyle and aesthetic was far superior.

  • @Whoaness Just to clarify, this felt like a lie not because the trailer looked better than the final, but that it was presented as actual gameplay, rather than pre-rendered CG. I don't recall any other instance prior to this where a pre-rendered trailer mimicked game footage so convincingly. A lot of people at the time had to do a double take on it, where as before, anything CG was very obvious. There was also the timing and circumstances. The PS3 was being revealed, Sony was hyping their mysterious "Cell" processor, and people were willing to believe. So its not entirely the fault of the trailer that I felt misled, but hey, I felt what I felt.

    Perhaps lie is too strong a word, and I certainly don't think the trailer was some unscrupulous attempt at building hype. I'm also willing to admit my own naiveté of the matter, but this trailer really made me aware and wary of prerelease footage (especially those done in first person).

    Kudos to Guerilla games however for almost reaching their render target however (I'd say, 95%). In terms of aesthetics and artstyle, I can't agree the final is "far" superior but that's a discussion for another thread :wink:

  • Dark Souls 2 is the one that comes to mind the most.

    The environments looked considerably better in the trailers, especially the lighting, and torches were supposed to be an important gameplay mechanic in consequence, but instead we were left with the grey, dull mess that is DS2. A real shame.

  • I'm surprised Dead Island wasn't one of the first ones mentioned. For me, when you get a CGI trailer, it is there to set the tone and hint at the type of game and gameplay in the final product until we do get a proper gameplay trailer.

    As mentioned in an earlier post, the tone of the Dead Island trailer is completely different to the final game. You had this emotional gritty and dark trailer. In the end, not even taking into account it's not a good game, you have this silly co op game with outrageous weapon building. It just doesn't fit at all. Such a weird way to sell it.

  • @tokeeffe9 Which is why the marketing department behind Dead Island will always be able to find work. That silly trailer sold the game.

  • Metal Gear Solid 2... Even though that was done on purpose, as we all know. The game is a masterpiece, but after that, nobody could trust Kojima (or Trolljima, as people like to call him) blindly again. For a good reason.

  • Killlzone is known for having gameplay trailers that is fake gameplay. None of it is in the game.