Trailers that lied

  • @jipostus That's a great example. Even down to replacing Raiden's model with Snake in the trailers shown.

  • Every single Fable.

  • I'm not sure it's really a trailer per se but the Oblivion 2005 e3 Radiant AI demonstration fills me with anger as the final game has none of it especially the last half of this video
    Oblivion Radiant AI 2005 E3

  • @ZyloWolfBane said in Trailers that lied:

    Every single Fable.

    Now now, Peter Molyneux would never lie to anyone, about any game. He's way above that.

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  • @Vexchaneu NPCs actually still have schedules with basic goals they have to accomplish every so often (the thing about NPCs trying to acquire food in several different manners is true for instance). The more intricate elements of radiant AI were removed because they caused too much chaos, if I recall correctly. For instance, skooma-addicted characters had the hidden goal to acquire skooma at any cost, which resulted in addicts constantly trying to murder other characters holding skooma in their inventories, they would then get flagged for murder or assault, and get royally fucked by the throngs of murderous Imperial Guards dispensing lethal justice to the poor addicts. That resulted in the deaths of several potentially quest-essential NPCs.

    Still, I agree with you that Bethesda usually uses inflated claims to sell their games. Whether they lie on purpose or simply out of being overly ambitious is not sure though.