Some Bayonetta related countdown.

  • That's it really, just a countdown page counting down to April 11.
    Could be a new game, could be a release of Bayonetta 1 on PC (Which most seem to betting on)
    Anyway just making a PSA/FYI post

  • Announcements for countdowns to shadow drops of ports. Jenga!

  • A PC port would be the biggest disappointment of the year, but is most likely sadly.

  • I'll double down and say it's a ports of Bayonetta AND Bayonetta 2 for PC, and both gets PS4, XBONE AND Switch releases as well... Man can dream, can he?

  • Though I would like a PC Port of any Bayonetta game pretty much, after fighter with the Nier:Automata port (not the game) I am not that excited. Also a Switch version is not unlikely.

  • Also, on a related note, on April 1st, Sega dropped this to Steam.

  • @Musou-Tensei
    How is Bayonetta 1 becoming available to a wider audience a disappointment? Assuming that it is a PC port that's happening.

  • I really doubt 2 would come to PC just because Nintendo published it, but Bayo1 coming seems like the obvious end-game of this countdown. Just gotta hope the port isn't as bad as the PS3 one was.

  • @DMCMaster There are finally news about Bayonetta and then it's only a PC port = disappointment. I'm also not too fond of PC gamers, they are at fault that Falcom took Ys VIII away from Xseed and gave it to NISA, which while being able to release a PC port simultaniously with the console release (what Xseed simply can't), their localization are lesser in quality and they tend to memefy and censor stuff. I fear for Trails of Cold Steel 3, Xseed's great localization plays a big part in the series' awesomness, a NISA localization would probably make lot of out of character shit, like they did in Neptunia Mk2 (like changing backstories of characters), there is a reason why Idea Factory stopped working with NISA.

  • Still it could hopefully breath new life into the series, similar to Valkyria Chronicles (hopefully without changing genres)

  • @Musou-Tensei So, some bad things happened because PC gamers, and that is worse than having games only available on one platform and contantly having games be not as great because of console limitations (Although it can be argued that these restrictions can be used as "advantages", as devs are forced to use everything they could handle instead of having their project fall flat because they got too ambitious.)
    Yes, having to deal with bad localization is a huge problem, which can lead to some games being much worse than what they would otherwise be. In the case of Ys VIII, Falcom has some blame as well, as they could have also delayed PC port, or having the other team just make the PC localization etc. instead of just handing the localization to other team, so you can't just blame PC gamers for that. Not everything is so black and white. Besides, if the game is on PC, it can be modded more easily to have better localization, wouldn't be the first time this has happened.

    I'm not saying that PC gamers aren't flawed, because they definitely are, but so are all gamers, regardless of platforms. That's why we need to have love and respect between us, and try our best to work things out.

    That all said, if the Bayonetta-countdown is just a announcement for PC port, it's nothing too spectacular. But if there is more to it, like next gen ports, or possibly even more, Hell yes. But we shall see in less than 9 days.

  • As much as I love Platinum, I hope they're not handling the PC port as most of their PC ports are pretty naff.

  • Games are only 'held back' by consoles if every PC gamer has spent a couple thousand dollars on their newest system, which is only true in a fantasy world devoid of poor people. Games are mass market media and need to sell to more than an small group to be even moderately successful.

    And that's assuming more high-fi graphics, gotta go fast frame rates, and ever open-er open worlds would improve the game industry, which they would not. Meaningful change is to be done by hiring real writers and giving them something to work with in AAA titles, and by taking more flexible approaches to gameplay instead of 'Well gravity has to flow downwards in our world. No one would enjoy floating around in the air all weird like (Mario Galaxy, Gravity Rush, etc.).' You cannot add more complexity to games by constantly pushing outward. At a certain point someone's going to have to start turning that spool around in interesting, intricate shapes within the modest confines of beautiful open world games the size of small states.

  • 20 hours left

  • The more I think about it, the less I think it will simply be a PC-port of the first game. It's too minor an announcement to warrant a countdown.

    So I'd bet on Bayonetta 2 ported to Switch (and who knows, maybe even other platforms if Nintendo gets something out of it). Since there's a Direct tomorrow, they could even talk about it there.

    And I'm not ruling out Bayonetta 3, although that's something I would expect them to keep for E3.

  • @Axel
    Bayonetta 2 port on Switch I can see, but I doubt Nintendo would let it be ported unless they get something big in return from Sega, the only things I can think of for that is Sega reimburse Nintendo for whatever amount of money Nintendo pumped into Bayonetta 2 (Ive heard about 60-75% of Bayo 2's funding came from Nintendo) plus interest or Sega is agreeing to something Nintendo wants them to do.

  • @DMCMaster said in Some Bayonetta related countdown.:

    or Sega is agreeing to something Nintendo wants them to do.

    Publicly admit the Super NES was better.

  • @Axel
    In that case it needs to look something like this

    Youtube Video

  • OMG this is gold!

    Errr so the countdown reached zero and nothing happened. Was it a joke? You had one job, Sega!

  • @Axel It's currently at just under 14 hours for me. So... today at 4 pm PST.