"Bad" Games that You Love

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    My love of skateboarding has led me to endure a great share of terrible skateboarding games. I've always found a way to enjoy a skateboarding game no matter how terrible it was. I managed to pick up all of its intricacies and loved each game for their own reasons.

    This includes MTV Skateboarding for game boy color/PSX/dreamcast, evolution skateboarding, espn skateboarding, street sk8r, etc.

    Oh man this so much:
    Disney's Skateboarding
    Tony Hawk Proving Ground (actually better than most other open world ones because this one was so buggy sometimes that was good enough for a fun time)
    Skate 1 (imo the worst one because the controls didn't even work HALF the time which is like the bare minimum functionality a game needs)

  • Dead Island. Love it.

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    I loved every second I played of Final Fantasy XIII.

    In Nomura's name, praise the goddess

  • I really enjoyed Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It could be extremely repetitive for a lot of the time, but I just found it to be a very relaxing game to play

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    I really enjoyed Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It could be extremely repetitive for a lot of the time, but I just found it to be a very relaxing game to play

    I don't think that is a bad game at all. I would consider that a diamond in the rough

  • Dragon Age 2 for some reason. I keep finding myself playing it once a year or so. I don't know why.

  • Got reminded of this one in another thread Mario Party 10 is such a fun game that my friends and I try to get a round in everytime they're at my house.

  • @ThatMartime Have so much fun with this game in a childhood! Awesome music, charming characters. One of my favorite games on PS1!

  • Is Dynasty Warriors considered bad? I loved the games on PS2, became disillusioned with them in my teenage/Call of Duty years, but I just picked up DW8 Xtreme Legends on a PSN sale and I'm having a blast with it! The 2010 Medal of Honor gets a lot of hate too, and I love the campaign in that game.

  • Resident Evil 6. I really liked this game, especially first half of Leon campaign.

  • not bad games per se but less popular ones
    quake2(quake4 to certain degree)

    here's bad game i enjoy
    kane and lynch 2. I like art direction of that game

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    I don't know if this is controversial or not, but have you guys heard of Croc: Legend og the Gobbos?
    Hey, kids!

    I absolutely loved playing this game as a child, but having replayed it recently revealed a lot of flaws regarding the gameplay and controls!

    I still absolutely love it though. Growing up with a playstation, this was my Super Mario 64, it oozes with charm!

    ..and Gobbos!

    Yes! At the time I only had a Sega Saturn, that was handed down to me. I was so stoked on Mario 64 and jealous cause my cousin had the N64. Needless to say, Croc was at the top of my wish list. It was my only hope for true 3D platforming. I tried to love it so much, but the level design must've been too generic cause I never made it that far. Some day, I'll return to it and beat it.

    @ChoppedLiver02 said in "Bad" Games that You Love:

    Skate 1 (imo the worst one because the controls didn't even work HALF the time which is like the bare minimum functionality a game needs)

    I can't agree with you here. The controls are so polished and nuanced. It's what makes the game so great. I love that progression isn't built into the game, but it's up to the player to progress with the controls. Once you get it, it feels so good and perfect and you can even throw in your own style into it too. I still play Skate 1,2,3 because each one plays a bit differently and I feel like Skate 1 feels the best.

  • It just had to be Bus Driver. I game that I played just TOO MUCH of on my PC back in the day ... and even on iOS when it came out there :D

    Youtube Video

  • I don't know if it counts, but I really like Assassin's Creed: Unity. I honestly love just booting it up once in a while and just walking around the streets of Paris, running through the occasional criminal with a sabre, or solving any of the murder mysteries I never got around to when I played it the first time.

    I know a lot of people hate it because it ran like dogshit on release, and I can't speak to that because I picked it up after Syndicate was already out so that stuff was fixed by then. And I know other hate it because of the new combat system, but frankly I like it. No more instant win button when you parry, fighting several enemies at once is actually difficult in AC:U, and that's what I always wanted in an AC game. To be someone who clings to shadows because when exposed they're weak and easily defeated. An assassin. Not an unstoppable one-man-army. The hidden blade was finally brought back to being an assassination weapon, and not something that blocks direct hits from greatswords and maces like they're nerfbats.

    And the story was great! No aliens mentioned at all. I genuinely like AC:U.

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  • @Spiritual_Chaos Oh yes, well love is not the right word but I don't think it's as bad as many do, I prefer the sequel though.

  • wouldn't the Telltale games qualify for this?

  • @Musou-Tensei I've never played the "sequel" or remaster or version 2.0 or wahetever you want to call it. My brother has it and says it has worse frame rate(?) while fixing many other problems.

    But yeah, it has a shitty camera and is mediocre in many ways. But back then it was a great adventure to play through.

  • Honestly, I'd have to list Duke Nukem Forever. (course it helps that I played the more technically sound PC version so long ass loading times were not an issue I had to deal with) Yeah the 2 weapon limit sucked (the 4 weapon limit the PC version currently has sucks a fair bit less though) and I could do without the whole regenerating health shtick, but I honestly could say I had a pretty good time with the game.

    Also, Alone in the Dark (2008). Problematic as all hell and the late game grind was annoying, but I still ended up enjoying the game enough to finish it.

  • The Turok reboot from 2008 or 2009. Apparently it's bad, but my personal experience says it's good. Whatevs.

    Anyway, we need another Turok game preferably in the style set by the reboot. The atmosphere & soundtrack are grade A.