"Bad" Games that You Love

  • This is my favourite "Bad" game.

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    This game is seriously good, even if you hate rap and 50 cent.

    50 Cent Blood on the Sand is better than Gears of War in the moment to moment action. You're encouraged to move out of cover, shoot people in the face to keep your combo meter high, and melee is way better.

    When you "chainsaw" an enemy in Gears, you just gently place your chainsaw on them. You don't even rip through their body. It's so lame.
    In 50 Cent Blood on the Sand, you take out a knife, shank them a few times, and give them a body slam. That is way cooler than that lame chainsaw thing.

    If you do like 50 cent or like rap music, the music goes so well with what's going on. 50 Cent would also taunt his enemies in a funny way, and he would banter with his G-Crew member. It's absolutely hilarious where Gears characters are boring as a rock.

    This game may not be as polished as Gears in its entirety, but the action moments are far more fun.

    I heard about this in an episode of 1up Yours where Garnett Lee gave this game a C, but ultimately said it's the best and dumbest fun game he's played.

  • Banned

    The controls for Mega Man Legends I and II are a tad bit out of date, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying them.

  • Drakengard
    this game is dull and plays like a slow musou, you get dropped on huge maps and start chopping dozens of waves of enemies till you reach your objective. but nobody plays drakengard for the gameplay, you play to see if things can go worse for your character and the world, and every chapter delivers. the main character doesn't redeem himself at all and get crazier and crazier, along with the world
    but i like it that way
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    Analysys of the game
    Youtube Video

  • Terminator 3: The Redemption was a game that got decent reviews. But gameplay and design wise, it was nothing short of amazing. Storyline was probabaly better than the movie.

    I'm also a big fan of FF13.

  • I enjoyed completing every mission and challenge requirement in Nuts & Bolts, it is not really a super great game, but I learned to like it.

    Also, this:
    @El-Shmiablo said in "Bad" Games that You Love:

    I loved every second I played of Final Fantasy XIII.

    Maybe not "loved", but still had fun

  • Although debatable by the source of the games title, I'd say my submission is fairly original. Not too many critics considered this game a momentous accomplishment. However, the original music in combination with the futuristic aesthetic both posses so much charm. GTA 2 is kinda clunky, not technologically congruent with the cinematic standards of 2016, and especially long winded...however, it was my first GTA and still makes me joyful when I stream and listen to all of the in house produced music.
    GTA 2

  • Final Fantasy XIII. I really enjoyed the combat in the game so much. Everything else was definitely lackluster, but for some odd reason I enjoyed the combat and that helped me actually stick with it.

  • I think that Fable 2 is absolutely terrible game, bad gameplay, terrible story, worse characters, stupid mechanics.

    And it is also one of the games that I've had the most fun with, so even though it wasn't what I expected I enjoyed my time with it a lot, I find it hard to believe that they actually found a way to make everything worse in Fable 3.

  • What if Sega ripped off the concept of Mario Party for a Sonic game? Oh, and let's throw in a Battle style card game where you fight monsters to make it it's own thing. Welcome to
    Sonic Shuffle

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    I love the hell out of this game and always will!

  • @Stephleref said in "Bad" Games that You Love:

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    I love the hell out of this game and always will!

    I only understood the hatred after playing other FF games. Before this one, I had only played Final Fantasy on the NES.

    However, the hatred is unjustified! It's fun! Simple, sure it's kind of easy, but fun!

  • Sad to say but, Chaos Legion for PS2. I love that overly grindy, weird story having game.
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  • Dark Sector comes to mind. Sort of Resident Evil 4 light starring Michael Rosenbaum and the world's most satisfying killer boomerang

  • @sblomkamp I didn't think anyone else had ever played that game! The only reason I played it was because I was writing reviews way back when... it was a blast.

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  • Today I remembered something I played a lot of on 360, and enjoyed quite a bit, and I don't think anyone else I've talked to did.

  • The only "bad games" that come to mind that I enjoy are Murakumo on Xbox, and Radical Dreamers on BS SNES.

    I swear I'm the only person who sees RD for how great it really is, lol.

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