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  • The Easy Allies Community Minecraft Server Thread

    I've searched the forums and I've seen no sign of an official Easy Allies Minecraft server. With all the love & respect for building, creating and sharing art within the community I found it rather odd that there was not an outlet for our building and digging needs! Minecraft is a game I've been playing on and off for years, and setting up a server and seeing how grows and evolves over the following months or even years is something I've wanted to do and share for a while - and there's no other group of people I'd want to share this with more than the Easy Allies community.

    alt text

    So I would like to welcome you all to Ezaland! I've set this up with only a few rules, all of which can be read within the game; the most important of which is to love and respect what everyone else is building. It's basically as simple as that. You won't need any mods to play along, just a copy of Minecraft for Windows.

    alt text

    The server works in a very straightforward way. If you want to create and build then just go ahead, the default game mode is Creative, meaning you have access to unlimited resources and flight! If you're feeling more nostalgic for a classic Minecraft experience then you can have that here as well. Just head to the statue of the axe-wielding dude to throw yourself deep into the wild with nothing but an axe of your own to get by. Lets call this Huber mode!

    alt text

    Maybe you'll want to build a Disney castle for Brandon, a casino for Don, a tiny Tokyo street for Ben, or even a jumping platform level in the jungle for Kyle. The possibilities are endless.

    The server is totally safe and whitelisted, meaning only members of this community and your friends can jump in. Just leave a reply here (including your Minecraft username) to get added to the list.

    The server address is: mc.ezaminecraft.com

  • I haven't played in quite a while, and this is a great excuse to start again! My minecraft username is same as my username here: superafroboy

  • That's so awesome. Endless opportunities :-)
    My profile name is Robomber

  • You've both been whitelisted. Have fun!

  • Thanks for doing this, been wanting to get back into minecraft. My username is jonbrowne

  • Done, whitelisted!

  • I don't know how much time I'll spend in game with P5 and Andromeda in front of me, buuuuut.

    Username is Sazime. Because of course it is.

  • Ya, sure, why not. I try to make the most of the games I have (because I'm a cheapskate). Username is DoctoProfo

  • I'm checking once or twice a day to add people. But yeah with P5 I personally keep getting distracted :)

  • So I went and built a thing. It's tall. :D

  • Towers seem to be a theme!

  • I don't have a whole bunch of time to play minecraft right now, but I would love to join in the fun soon! My mincraft username is SuperDivatastic

  • I made some signs in the starting area. Feel free to change the names as you see fit, or if you think you can make better descriptions. :)

  • Server no more?

  • sounds like fun.
    mincraft username : salsaburger

  • If this is still going I'd love to join :D
    minecraft username: AnonFriction

  • @anonfriction I think it died. We should revive this.... I'm going to look into something tonight. Stay tuned.

  • Alright, rez'm this necro thread to gauge some interest.

    I am willing to fund a server for a few months to see how things go. However, some questions/concerns:

    1. Is there any interest? How many of you are interested in this sort of thing any more?

    2. At the start, at least, I will be the only one really doing any admin, so you will be at my will of being booted if you can't stop yourself from being a jerk. Can you live with this?

    3. Is anyone interested in guiding some community projects? I think it might help people hold some interest in things if we have some common goal to work towards as well as just derp'n around in some Minecraft.


  • @sazime I'd play! For a first project maybe we could build a giant Easy Allies logo or something? :D I usually just come up with random tasks and spend forever just building one giant thing haha.

  • @anonfriction And I would love that, but, it seems like this thread is pretty dead. Not sure that many folks are interested. :/