We NEED an Assassin's Creed VR Game(Experience)

  • I'm currently playing through the Ezio Collection and it has only just dawned on me how great a Animus Experience would be. The possibilities.

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    Yeah that would be awesome, the biggest issue are like with all other VR... Motion sickness.. jus thinking jumping off a building xD

  • I think it would be an opportunity to tell the tales of people who wasn't Assassin's, or good ones at the least.

  • I'm in the camp that every series needs some sort of VR extension of itself. I want this technology to thrive.

  • I can understand how VR could be cool in the Ass Creed universe because of the whole animus thing, but isn't the whole modern day thing the weakest part of every Ass Creed game?

  • I think VR would be pretty cool. It'd let you experience the historical settings in a really unique way.

    @Art Yeah I always hated the modern parts.. I honestly think the games would be stronger without them.

  • I think Ubisoft could use the assets to make an interesting education game. Go to some historic sites or see how the people from this time period lived.

  • @Art its alright when its the Desmond arc but after that, yea its the weakest part.

  • Didn't they do one in conjunction with the movie release?

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