EZA Podcast on Google music?

  • Even though I'm a patron and get the podcast early, I usually wait until Friday to listen since it comes out on Google music and that app interfaces much better with my car. It Seems it was never released on Google Music this week, Anyone know what gives?

  • i think you are refering to Play Music, i have try to search the podcast inside the play store and didn't find it, just if i google it and i added to my home screen, there is the lastest podcast but with a different name:

    Eza Podcast 032917

    maybe a name correction would be fine.

  • I am talking about Play Music. Every single other episode of the show shows up there, just not the most recent.

    EDIT: Just found it on desktop too. Very weird. I unsbbed and then resubbed and it showed up on my phone

  • could you put the play music link? i haven't found the podcast in there...

  • Just from the title it looks like there may have been some minor issue uploading.