Simple things that took you ages to figure out

  • Inspired by the video below, I was wondering if there were any simple things that took hours to figure out.

    In Kingdom Hearts 1, I was about halfway thru Halloween Town before I figured out how to set the various ability's, how I missed it I don't know, but I will say Im glad I learned about it when I did as I was about to give up on the game seeing as I only had a basic 3 hit combo.

    In Megaman 2 (back when it was the 2 or 3rd game I ever played) I somehow got to stage 3 of Wily's castle using the normal mega buster.
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  • There's tons.. but of course I can't think of any right now.

    One example is that in Mount and Blade Warband, I played for about 50 hours before I realized you could fast forward time while traveling. I used to read a book while my army moved around the map

  • I was playing Yomawari Night Alone and didn't realize I could turn off my flashlight until I was about 7 hours in and I'd spent over an hour trying to clear an area with a type of monster that would be triggered and attack if your light shined on them. In fairness, it was also the only time I really NEEDED to turn it off, the rest of the game practically required it to be on.

  • The one that got me recently was the Pokemon Shuckle. Shuckle stories berries inside itself and makes them into juice. Shuckle berries. Huckleberry.

  • That one thing at the end of Brothers that people who I don't find that clever find very clever.

    I can safely say that I lose no sleep over the pun to Shuckle, though.

    And in Ocarina of Time — then my second video game ever owned — I had to have a friend tell me where to crawl through the wall in Kokiri Forest to find the Kokiri Sword. And later it took me months to find the Goron Tunic to enter the Temple of Fire, finally randomly bombing the rolling goron and being given it one afternoon.

  • @Haru17 Not getting huckleberry doesn't bother me as much as years back when I learned Exeggcute and Exeggutor were a pun on "eggplant".

  • @Mbun That... doesn't even make sense. Translated puns are weird.

  • @Haru17 They're eggs that are plants. Eggplants.

  • I didn't know how to flap your wings while flying in Skyward Sword until after I was at least a third of way through the game. Honestly don't know how I managed to get by until then. I think I just circled every island I wanted to land on while trying to tilt up until I hit a sweet spot where I could get off. When I discovered you could actually, you know, fly upwards normally, I felt like a dumbass (mainly because I was.)

  • "God of War" and "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" for the PS2 were the first games with puzzles and more grown-up gameplay mechanics I played, so I remember I lost a lot of time on seemingly easy tasks, such as how to work out basic weight and lever puzzles, or how to beat a specific type of enemy. I also lost plenty of time with "Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition", so I wandered back and forth through a lot of corridors; I didn't get to finish that game. I think it's relevant that I only had internet some good years later, so I couldn't just look for the solution.

  • The timed water puzzle in onimushu 1 it took me ages to figure it out & you have to watch a 5 minute unskippable cut scene every time.

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    That one fucking tower in the first Assassin's Creed with the post at the top that can only be reached by jumping straight up, even though jumping from the sides seems TOTALLY viable.

  • @Mbun Well, shoot. Pokemon names get me pretty often. I really should just go through all of them and try to figure them all out so I don't feel so dumb for missing the puns.

  • It took me until my second playthrough of Dark Souls to realise that my stus refilled with sitting on the bonfire. I thought it was only through by having upvoted messages and kindlying bonfires.

  • That I'm bad at Bloodborne.

  • StarFox Adventures took years for me to beat. As I frequently forgot what to do. While the game did not have any tips to remind you where to go. This was before the internet became more viable to use as a walkthrough.

    I also never purchased a PS1 memory card. Although I spent much of my time playing Nintendo at that time of my life. So it wasn't a priority to get until I got a PS2. And kept losing my Jak and Daxter progress.

  • There are probably so many that I just cannot think of right now. What drives me insane is when I do check something, or do something in a game and it just doesn't register. The you find out after searching around for a year that what you did in the first place was correct.

    Also, I hate these PlayStation Access videos. The host is a knob.

  • @GoTaco i watch them just for Holly

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    @GoTaco said in Simple things that took you ages to figure out:

    I hate these PlayStation Access videos. The host is a knob.

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  • It took me few hours to figure out that the one black block in the first screen of The Legend of Zelda was a cave you were supposed to go to. I wandered aimlessly with only few bombs to defend myself, and I was wondering how people like that game so much, until I figured out that those are caves by walking into one in accident when hastily trying to dodge enemies. After that the game became joy to play.