Driveclub (PS4)

  • Hi. I'm considering buying this game, because I really want an arcade racer and the PS4 doesn't seem to have that many options in the genre. The game launched to a metascore of 71, but since then it seems to have been vastly improved by major updates. My trouble is that I can't find reviews of the game's improvements from proper sources, so I can't assess the game's quality, nor how it is in fact today. I was wondering if you could help me by sharing articles/videos or your opinion. Cheers.

  • It's a fun arcade racer with a lot of DLC

  • I wouldn't call it a arcade racer, but its not quite a sim racer either, but overall it is enjoyable from time to time, not to mention its still a very pretty game to look at.
    Also I keep an eye on Flatout 4(5?) comes out next month I think.

  • @DMCMaster I have a couple of questions about the game. How similar is it to the Project Gotham Racing games? How's the damage from crashing? Are you able to pause the game or is it like NFS: Rivals?

  • @Ironside Not played PGR in a long time, but from what I remember it doesn't handle the same as that game. I do not believe the damage affects the car in anyway (unless there is a setting I didn't have enabled). You can pause the game.

    The game is a lot of fun. I got the free plus edition when they released that and then bought the season pass full price. I more than got my moneys worth out of it. There is so much to do. Note that 2 of the DLC packs are held under the Driveclub Bikes trophy list. So if you care about trophies then playing those packs would mean you end up with the bikes list on your trophy list. Those 2 are separate from the season pass.

  • Driveclub is somewhere between an arcade game and a sim game (and you can pause!)

    There's a huge selection of cars (especially if you catch the DLC in a sale).

  • I was on the fence when I bought it last year. For me, it's now probably the best racing game of its kind on any of the current gen consoles. The visuals are striking, especially the weather effects, and the game has tons of content. I personally don't like sims, and while Driveclub isn't quite your arcade racer, it's not far off.

    I personally only play the VR version now as I find it so much more immersive, but i'd recommend the original to anyone who is not quite sure which racer to pick up on the PS4.

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    I wouldn't say OP is wrong for calling DC an arcade racer. I mean, even in simcades like Forza you still need to obey a racing line. No simcade is going to let you break as late as you can in Driveclub.

    But echoing previous sentiments, DC is really fun with a stupid amount of content if you manage to snag it with the season pass. Driving in first person on a track with rain is something special.

    If you are looking for a blatantly arcade racer though, I recommend the recent NFS. You'll have to put up with some of the cringiest live action cutscenes known to man, but after that its some Initial D ass sittin' sideways shit.

  • I had a load of fun with Driveclub. As the others have said, it's kind of inbetween sim and arcade.

    The weather and day/night effects are amazing in the game. Driving as they change is easily my favourite thing about the game. I didn't even buy any of the dlc and I still found there was a lot to do.

    By the time I'd basically finished up I'd completed enough trophies to want to get a platinum. Now I'll say getting that can be a bit of a grind because you have to level up certain criteria but if you do have the season pass stuff, I imagine a lot of that will come naturally enough from completing the campaigns.

  • I got my Driveclub copy yesterday, but I still had to update it and I only played it this morning. I think it's an arcade racer, akin to Project Gotham Racing or some Need for Speed games, although I'm using the brake assist and it could be just about my configurations. I only tried the single-player, which is rather straightforward, there's the traditional race modes and the traditional tracks around the world. It also has a good presentation. I'm enjoying it, it's fun to play and it's what I was looking for. I don't know how the game was at launch, but I think the metascore would be a bit higher if reviewed as it is today.

  • @Ironside You can turn brake assist off I believe.

  • @tokeeffe9 yes, I turned it off in the gameplay settings after your post. It changes the driving a bit, because now I have to be careful when approaching turns.