Scorpio First Look Coming Thursday

  • I hope they do more then break down specs.

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    @GoTaco Yeah. Kinda like how PS4 Pro doesn't do real 4K.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

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    I feel like that's the standard for 4K now. My Vizio M-series TV is advertised as 4K but really it isn't. It's like an up-res or something. I hate laymen terms advertising -__-

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    @LordBaztion So the Scorpio is a niche product for an already struggling brand?

  • @GoTaco it had 2 32 bit gpu's so they thought they could advertise it as 64 bit but most developers never used the second gpu very simular to the saturn

  • @El-Shmiablo yes, basically. I think MS will gradually let xbox users to upgrade their consoles when they seems fit, and by that time they will have a device ready. Let's remember that MS is done with generations, Scorpio isn't just a midgen refresh, it is, at the same time, next generation xbox, so a new Xbox coming within 4 years won't phase out Scorpio, it may just become the low cost entry option.

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    @LordBaztion I highly doubt that they are going to push this as a "new console". I even doubt there will be games that are exclusive to the new hardware.
    With the Xbone struggling as it is, I don't think that Microsoft wants to upset their userbase by fragmenting it further. This is MIcrosoft's Pro, nothing else.

    What Microsoft needs to do to survive this gen is get some exclusive titles that people actually want to play, without cancelling them when they are upset that development is taking too long.

  • @El-Shmiablo there won't be scorpio exclusive games, they said that (except for VR which won't be possible on X1). I expect that to be true until the X1 is phased out by scorpio which will happen as a gradual transition in the market, not a disruptive transition as it was 360 to One. Whether they push scorpio as a new console will depend on if the console will have tangible features not possible on X1 (VR will be one but it's a small market).

    I don't think MS needs exclusives, they need a strong and consumer friendly ecosystem that drives consumers to play the biggest third party titles on their system using their services. They should be looking to make a service platform which is a more reliable model than beting on exclusive games to be good. Beside, with Play Anywhere, basically won't be xbox exclusive games since everything will be on PC.

    Curently they are building a strong service platform with a reliable XBL service, a generally well received GWG service, forward thinking subscription models like EA Access, XGP, and an growing backward compatibility catalog. Now with scorpio they will have the console where games will perform the best. Hopefully that ecosystem will make some PS4 users to go back to xbox when the time to upgrade platform comes.

    However, I do agree that they need to step up their game development business with more risky projects like Sony does and make the platform more varied with asian titles.

  • "On Thursday, come learn about our new hardware which we haven't been able to effectively give anyone a reason to buy other than for more Halo/Gears/Forza!"

    MS desperately needs to shadow drop about 3 exclusive titles. Crackdown better be a Scorpio launch title, and it better live up to expectations. MS has painted themselves into a corner and if all they've got is teraflops to sell me, I don't think I'm interested.

    I hope they come out swinging. but I'd be surprised if they do.

  • The Scorpio needs games more than anything and games that justify the upgrade from the Xbox One to boot. I fear this thing tomorrow is just going to be a tech spec snoosefest with wavy lines tracking numbers all up in your face as talking heads say,
    "Look at the numbers! Aren't these numbers amazing?! We've never seen the numbers do numbering like this before!"

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    @Yoshi That sounds about right.
    I'm just glad they aren't abandoning the console and pushing out a new one in less than 5 years like Nintendo.

    I think if they could they would leave behind the old box. However, In the time frame their releasing and because so many ppl would be pissed, I believe their choosing to sell it as premium model. Developers aren't going to jump at making 4K exclusive games yet, which means Microsoft is safe with allowing their games to operate on both. But I really believe they want this to be a fresh start. To bad they have no games. This is my opinion.

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    @Art Am I the only one who kind of misses the console wars?

    Yeah In the old days, all those consoles battling was kind of cool at times lol.

  • @thenerdtheword it is totally going to be tech talk, it's Digital Foundry after all, don't expect new games unless, maybe, Forza 7. E3 is for games.

  • Some of these comments don't make sense to me. Xbox is not struggling, it's selling well and the Scorpio is just going to be a console that can do Oculus rift. This is just Xbox entering into VR race.

  • I've updated the OP with the articles DF have posted.

  • Looks like a nice upgrade, let's see if it adds new features by E3. If it is just, as it seems at the time, a Pro like upgrade, I would wait a couple of year to upgrade my One.

  • Just seems like the Xbox equivalent of the PS4 Pro (with more power obvs). Lots of fancy numbers where thrown up in my face in five separate posts the joys of the modern console hype machine!

  • @El-Shmiablo would you rather Nintendo continued to support a dead system people like yourself weren't interested in buying at all?

  • According to Shinobi, Digital Foundry considers Scorpio will cost $500.
    Taking PS4 pro as premise, Scorpio sales will be less than 10% of the total xbox sales this holiday.

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    This is quite interesting and also the 4k is tempting. In the end we have to see how it preforms as well as what games comes out to it.