Scorpio First Look Coming Thursday

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    most of the PS4 exclusives are usually either extremely niche weeb type of games like Yakuza which wasn't even released in the west

    A: you're wrong about Yakuza not being released in the West.

    B: let's take it easy on he insults and generalizations

    Also, right or wrong, and whether or not any of them would vote differently in retrospect, TLG was EZA'S GOTY last year.

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    @Yoshi Regardless of TLG's percieved quality, and returning to my original point, the PS4 is currently the console with the most exclusives. I would also argue that the quality of said exclusives exceeds or is at least comparable to the WiiU's postmortem library.

    As mentioned previously, I quite enjoyed the WiiU, but while I was building up a backlog of games on my PS4 because of how frequently gamea were/are being released, my WiiU went largely unused after completing most games, and I often had to wait several months for games to play.

    Hell, there are at least 5 PS4 released in the past few months that I am absolutely dying to play, but I've promised myself that I won't buy any more games until I complete a few I've had on the backburner for a while. Meanwhile, the WiiU hasn't had an exclusive release that I have been interested in for nearly a year.

    In case you were wondering what those games are:
    Gravity Rush 2
    Yakuza 0
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Nier Automata
    Persona 5
    No Man's Sky (post updates)

    And that is just exclusives. God forbid I make a list including all the multiplats I'm missing.

  • Why are you turning a Scorpio thread into a PS4 game discussion title, you don't have enough other threads for that?

    This is Forza 6 with 4k assets running at locked 60fps on Scorpio
    alt text

    The screenshot is resized, here is at full resolution:

    According to Eurogamer, the game can run at full 4k resolution at locked 60fps with up to 88% of memory usage when with many cars on screen. Turn 10 ported to Scorpio the Forza engine in 2 days and is very likely that the presentation shown to Rich was not optimized.

  • The first three months of 2017 pretty much slaughtered anything any other console was releasing this year.

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    @LordBaztion This is a thread regarding the new Xbox.
    A lot of posters have expressed concern that, despite having superior hardware, the console still lacks games.
    The PS4/WiiU discussion is a tangent of that discussion.

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  • @El-Shmiablo the quality of the last guardian not so much

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    @LordBaztion A tangent of a tangent brought on by somebody attempting to evade the original tangent.


    I hope the Scorpio can run the Phantom Dust port at 4K/60fps when Microsoft finally releases it in 2046

  • @El-Shmiablo I'm sorry to dissapoint you but Phantom Dust will be locked 30fps to mantain the "original gameplay" intact. It's bulshit, I know.

  • Its hard not to follow-up this Scorpio semi-reveal with 'OK, nice can I have some games pretty please?'

    Microsoft being Microsoft basically HAVE to win the specs race, because their pockets are much deeper than Sony´s.

    What Sony pulled off this generation was in great part thanks to M$ (lack of) vision for console gaming.

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    @LordBaztion This is assuming the port isn't going to get cancelled.

  • @El-Shmiablo you know, regarding the cancelations and the overall dissapointment feelings towards MS game publishings, I was listenint last week to the TiC's (the inner circle) interview to Seamus Blackley, and they discuss a bit about Scalebound's cancelation, he basically says that the game likely wasn't going looking that good ans was likely to fail, thus Phil had to cancel to not lose the confidence of the executive board, otherwise, if the game was released and failed, the board would have been more reluclant to greenlight other project. Before that he recognized how important is having Shu at the head for Sony because he understands how gaming works and when to push harder to get a better game, which is something MS' executive board doesn't.

    May be hard to diggest but, in the end, I trust Phil and Scalebound's cancelation was probably the best for xbox.

  • @LordBaztion Also, Sony doesn't generally "show off" something at like 3 consecutive E3's and then cancel it. When they cancel stuff, it's usually things you didn't even know were being made.

    Scalebound was like, PLAYABLE at an E3, I think.

  • @TokyoSlim it was playable last year behind closed doors but you are right. Phil has mentioned several times, that showing games too early was a mistake they learn from. This is the reason why I expect this E3 to be light on games, because having a game in showable state takes around 2 years and MS probably started picking up projects early last year, when the lack of games situation could be foreseen.

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    @TokyoSlim I feel that Sony is one of the few development houses/publishers left who understands the importance of vanitu projects.
    TLG can be considered disappointing, but it was also important to finish and release the game, as failing to do so would have been both a waste of resources and a blow to the mindshare of gamers who were still looking forward to it.

    I am of the mind that Scalebound should have been released even if it was bad, because after the umpteenth cancellation from MS it makes it nigh impossible to get excited for their games, as it is essentially a coin flip if they will ever actually release them

  • @El-Shmiablo It was divisive, but it was also GOTY 2016. It was a vanity project, but it was also one that likely didn't cost much, considering most of the team spent most of that 10 years working on other projects.

    That's one of the main benefits of Sony having a variety of internal studios that can shelve a project for a while until hardware improves, or go work on something else and come back with fresh ideas. Or get help from another division to crunch. Or any number of things that could have saved Scalebound - had it not been Platinum with their feet in the fire.

  • @albertpenello
    When I say "Scorpio is about more than the numbers" I'm not talking about "secret sauce". I'm talking about cool new features.

    Supersampling, faster load times, 4K GameDVR, Improves existing Xbox One and 360 BC games. New HW innovations. More than just the specs.

    En respuesta a @GamezoneGAF
    Everything will run better. We don't need boost mode. The whole console is boost mode :)

    Monster Mode!

    Today more info at Major Nelson's Podcast
    @Albert Penello said in Neogaf:

    Beat me to it.
    I'm on the podcast but this forum will hate it. I'm trying to REALLY oversimplify the DF piece for a more casual audience. Don't expect anything new really, it's a recap. Unless you like to hear me and Larry banter with each other.
    Richard has said he's got more stories coming. I do not have insight into when those will hit. Possibly this weekend?
    And it wasn't publicized too much yesterday, but Gamasutra will also have a deep-dive on our development work for those that are into that sort of thing. That hits next week I believe and I think people will dig hearing about how developers will create for both Xbox One and Scorpio.
    So yes, moar.

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    No Man's Sky (post updates)

    i like that you added the whole (post updates) part to it. was about to say, i heard that game was terrible. both online through forums and reviews and offline through heaps of friends and acquaintance's too XD

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    @Yoshi Oh yeah I would have never touched that game in it's launch state.
    Since then they've made some pretty significant updates to the game, adding new vehicles, weapons, tools, base building, optimization, AI improvements, etc.