Scorpio First Look Coming Thursday

  • It seems MS is developing a MMO with VR support. Definitely not the kind of game I was waiting for. "we have to stop making some things to do others", indeed.

  • Time to update this thread:

    Microsoft has been teasing Scorpio with a couple of trailers. Aparently those have hidden messages, according to the verge:

    1. the console could be called Xbox 10 S
    2. It may launch in october 13 (which is friday)
    3. and it could cost less than $400
    4. Also, 6>4

    Besides, Mike Ybarra said the they unlocked an extra gb of ram for developers, so Moster Mode activated
    alt text

  • Banned

    Screw Xbox, Xbox 2 or Xbox 3.

    Get ready for fucking XBOX 10!!

  • ^I think the name is inspired by the amount of exclusive games in the entire Xbox One lifecicle.

  • Scorpio as a business venture seems like a tricky thing both for Microsoft to pitch and for consumers to try to understand. I think even if it checks all the boxes we expect it to, and it comes in at $399, it may not matter in terms of units sold versus the competition.

    The issue is the library of exclusives. I did some research to compare the list of exclusives. I included games across all regions, as well as "console exclusives" (meaning there may be a PC version). I didn't, however, include timed exclusives. These are also strictly games that have already been released in at least one region. No games that have yet to launch were included. I think it's pretty obvious that these numbers are a huge part of why Microsoft is going to continue to struggle.

    XB1: 24 exclusive games
    PS4: 149 exclusive games

    XB1: 126 exclusive games
    PS4: 370 exclusive games

    Having said that, I don't see Scorpio as a doom-and-gloom situation. I also don't subscribe to the belief that the Scorpio failing to topple the PS4 is somehow a failure for the Xbox brand. I think that may be a little shortsighted. What Microsoft does on Sunday will be the path going forward. Scorpio could be a great foundation for regaining the attention and trust of consumers. Microsoft is seemingly no longer complacent. Competition forced them to act.

    So even if things stay the same and the PS4 continues to dominate, I'd be really concerned for the future of PlayStation if we don't see system and ideology improvements in the years to come. "Games games games" is a great strategy when your exclusives are unmatched. But if your competition closes that gap then it becomes a battle of who has the better hardware, systems, deals, etc.