Rank your 2017 games so far!

  • @TokyoSlim NEVER!

  • So far all I've played is Horizon. I'm really enjoying it though.. I'm about 15 hours in and I think its a solid 9/10 so far

    1. Persona 5 - Madly addicted to this one currently, I don't see that letting up.
    2. Yakuza 0 - First game I played in the franchise but it's such a treat of an open world game. Mini game hype.

    Games I wanna play still - NieR: Automata, Resident Evil 7, Night in the Woods, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    1. Resident Evil 7
      Best VR game. Love the story and can't wait for what happens in future instalments.

    2. Horizon Zero Dawn
      The best combat in a game since Metal Gear Solid V.Taking down a Stormbird the first time is amazing.

    3. Nioh
      Love the world and combat. People compare it to Souls but in my opinion this feels like Ninja Gaiden with a twist.

    4. Hitman Complete season one
      Love the stealth and the replayability

    5. Disc Jam
      Great online multiplayer, had a lot of fun. I expect more from this game in the future

    6. For Honor
      Good game, fun online multiplayer story was meh.

  • Persona 5 — Probably the 'best' game of the year so far. It tries to have a story, and that's all any AAA needed to do.

    Breath of the Wild — It's better than Skyward Sword (not hard) and no other 3D Zelda because of crippling deficiencies in enemy diversity, level design, dungeon existance, and general cutscene-having. It wins second place with its physics and towns alone, because everything else was kinda half-baked. Try again but next time with a Zelda game please — I've played enough open world RPGs this gen. And yes, all of this fan-hate is coming from someone with 900 koroks and what feels like as many hours under their belt.

    Gravity Rush 2 — I still need to finish this after Persona and Zelda, but it'll probably place somewhere around third. The budget they put into polishing Kat's platforming always feels about a bronze. Great game, though. Also tries to have a story, just less involved than Persona's.

    That's it for me so far? I bought some indie games on Switch because it's just so convenient, but I've mostly just played these three time sink titles in 2017. I still hope to finish Nier: Automata, Night in the Woods, and maaaaaybe Horizon: Zero Dawn during the summer (and maybe winter?) drought. I'm most excited for Nier because it's another AAA title that actually has a story (it feels like western AAA devs aren't even trying that whole half of a game anymore). That said, I really liked the start of Mass Effect that I watched on stream. It is another open world game though, and I still need to finish 2 and 3, so that ain't happening anytime soon. I'm in for Dragon Age, though.

    1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - I still need more time to stew on this, but it may be my favourite game of all time. All the elements came together in a really amazing way and its emphasis on exploration and creative problem-solving made it an awesome experience.

    2. Persona 5 - Still early goings (haven't even finished the first dungeon yet and only now am able to aquire new Personas) but I dig the vibe of the game and since Persona 4 is one of the all-time greats, I'm excited to keep going.

    3. Snipperclips - Played the whole thing with my girlfriend and it's a fantastic co-op game, if a bit lite on actual levels (we got through the whole thing in 2-3 sittings). But even if you've already solved a puzzle it's just fun to play with friends.

    4. Shovel Knight: Spectre of Torment - Only a few levels in, but this game is a blast. Movement through the environments feels so good and if you can chain a few slashes you can really move.

    I haven't played a lot yet this year. But partly just because Zelda kept me glued to the Switch for almost 150 hours. I just now managed to break free.

  • You people finish games way to quickly! I have yet to finish a game that has been released in 2017 >.<

    But judging from my early-ish impressions Zelda: BotW is amazing and Horizon Zero Dawn is pretty great too.

  • 1. Horizon: Zero Dawn I absolutely love everything about this game. It's story isn't entirely unique but takes things in a direction that we don't normally see. The world is beautiful, the environments are varied and fleshed-out, the societies and cultures of the people are believably crafted, the combat is fun and engaging, the character and machine designs are truly a work of art, and all this from a studio known for making by-the-books first-person shooters. I was captivated from beginning to end and even platinum'd it (something I had not done in a long time). I can't wait to see where this franchise goes from here.

    2. Nier: Automata It's weird, it's strange, it's a bit on-the-nose, and it's better for it. Combat from Platinum and written by Yoko Taro, it's a nerd's wet dream. I played the original Nier but never finished it. This fulfills every needed element that the former was missing and packaged in an open world that, while not as breath-taking as Horizon, is intriguing and sets the exact tone which the story is trying to tell. I picked this one up on a whim, and don't regret it in the slightest.

    3. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Speaking of tone, my God! With the combined elements of the original's mansion exploration, strict inventory management, and sense of discovery along with the latter games' intense combat and character design, RE7 offers us a combination of best elements with a first-person view to add tension to every encounter. The pacing and third act definitely hold this game from greatness, but everything else from the house's design to the voice work of the hostile Baker family make this a game I will be thinking about all throughout this year. It's a deliberate step in the right direction that this franchise desperately needed.

    4. Nioh In it's own right, Nioh is a well-crated romp with an interesting premise. However, when compared to the source of its inspiration, the kinks in its armor start to show. The segmented bits break the flow of the experience and the connective tissue of the world over the knee with a definitive crack and is held back with a needlessly complex combat system. The levels are not varied enough in design to the point where they all appear too similar to each other. Ending with a let-down of a final boss, it clearly dethrones DS2 as the black sheep of the family. However, when examined apart from its constituents, it's a great experience that I was ultimately glad to take part in. Unlike ...

    5. Mass Effect: Andromeda I may be one of the most engrossed fans of this franchise you will find on this forum. As a result, because these games have had such an impact on me in terms of how I play games and view games as an art form, I was probably more critical of this game than I would have been if I wasn't. It isn't utter garbage, like you may have heard, but the term disappointment definitely comes to mind. The severe lack of polish, horrible facial animations, numerous needless management systems, near game-breaking glitches (I actually had a save file corrupted), and mostly awful character dialogue is disheartening to a fanbase which regarded the series as one of (if not the) best science fiction space operas in the game industry. It's not the Phantom Menace of Mass Effect, there's a lot in it that works -- so more like the Revenge of the Sith, it guess. The combat was really fun, the worlds were beautiful and very different from each other, and the change in the dialogue system (in theory anyway) and the use of multiple profiles was a smart way to keep what would have felt like a similar concept very new. When everything worked, you could see the game hidden beneath that could have been, which makes the end result all the more painful. But for everything that worked, there was something that didn't. In the end, the game was a mediocre attempt trying to hold itself up to a well-crafted and vastly superior franchise.

    In-progress. Persona 5 I'm only a little over 10 hours in so I can't form a solid opinion about it just yet. But I am really enjoying it so far. I might update this later when I've had more time with it. After over a year of Ben hyping the hell out of this, I had to pick it up. This is my first Persona (and Shin Megami Tensei, I suppose) so expect a fresh and admittedly naive take from me.

  • No particular order yet, but Zelda, Ni-Oh, Persona 5, Yakuza 0 (And Kiwami) , RE7, Gravity Rush 2, and Nier Automata are my top contenders so far.

  • @thenerdtheword OP said it's not required that you finished the games, I'm still on Zelda and Horizon, my list is a temporary one reflecting my current impressions of all 2017 releases I own, that can change with the time.
    I will refrain to add P5 just yet as I'm still in the tutorial phase of the game.

  • So far:

    Tied for 1st: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn

    1. Nioh

    2. Resident Evil VII

    3. FAST RMX

    4. Snipperclips

  • Kingdom Hearts 2.8: 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage
    I love me some Kingdom Hearts and I enjoyed my time in this game for what it was. The game was beautiful despite taking place in a dark and dreary world the entire time. Combat felt great and its just gotten me even more pumped for 3. I also had never played DDD which I also mostly enjoyed. I picked up 1.5+2.5 which I will start chipping away at after my current game.

    The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    I really liked this game. It wasn't perfect but any game that can get me to invest over 70 hours into is worthy of my praise. Exploring the world felt great. Dungeons were extremely lacking and I would have enjoyed a better story over complete freedom. Definitely on the top half of my favorite Zelda games, probably pretty high, but definitely not my favorite and honestly probably not a game I will ever feel the need to replay. After I spent so much time exploring it I feel the second run through will lose all of its magic.

    Persona 5
    I love this game so far! I'm around 12 days from the deadline of the second Palace and can't get enough of this game. This is my first Persona game and I have to thank Ben Moore, the rest of the Allies, and these forums for singing its praises so much. I would never have looked into it otherwise.
    The game has so much charm. I'm in love with the music. Combat and exploring Palaces is fun. I surprisingly love the day to day and deciding how to spend my time with so many options and things I want to accomplish. I find myself getting slightly annoyed when there are huge segments where I can't do what I want in the evenings or whatnot. Since I am still relatively early in the game we'll see how I feel at or near the end. I hope I don't get fatigued, but there are plenty of small pallet cleansers I have lined up for a short break. I already found myself looking into what the best way for me to pickup Persona 4 at some point would be even though I still have so much left in this one.