Rank your 2017 games so far!

  • I think it would be cool since the first quarter to rank the games we've played so
    far this year! You don't necessarily have to have beaten them, just played enough to have a solid opinion. Feel free to say why each game is where on your list i u want.
    I'll go first:

    1. Old Time Hockey (poor controls and poor objective system)
      _6. Ni-Oh (never played a souls
      game, I didnot think the difficulty curve was fair in Ni-Oh, I gave up since I wasn't having much fun)
      _5. Hollow Knight (6hours in, getting pretty repetitive for me)
      _4. Snipperclips (pretty fun so far, but nothing great enough to pass the next few games)
      _ 3. Night in the Woods (AMAZING writing and scenarios, though repetitive parts and not being able to see it all in one play through bums me out a bit)
      _2. Fast RMX (great racing game. Multiplayer is dissapointing)
      _1. Zelda (need I explain)

  • Banned

    3 . Mass Effect Andromeda - 6/10 good combat, boring characters and story.
    2 . Horizon Zero Dawn - 8/10 good combat, boring characters and story.
    1 . Nier Automata - 9/10 good combat, awesome characters and story.

  • I've played RE7, Horizon, and currently Persona 5.

    1. P5: 30+ hours in, lots of things to explore. The chemistry between the characters is great. First time playing a Persona game, but this is the only game I have the desire to plat this year.
    2. RE7: Loved the horror vibe.
    3. Horizon: Beautiful world. The story is not for me though.

  • 1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    I absolutely loved this game and despite it being first person, I truly believe this to be a return to form for the series.

    2. Nier Automata

    While it didn't quite get me like the original Nier did, this was still a fantastic game. The music is as awesome as ever and the combat is slick and fun. Of course, it had a great story as well.

    3. Thimbleweed Park

    Stunning to see a new game play and look like this released in 2017, and in my opinion, this was almost as good as the games it was inspired by.

    4. Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage

    Very short of course, which I guess has an effect on my placement, but still fantastic. Go Aqua!

    - Persona 5 - Persona in every way, everything has been just what I expected really. My only dislike so far is a small one, and that is that I hate how everyone at the start is a real dick to the main character....unnecessarily do.

    5. Tales of Berseria

    Not complete yet, but a great Tales game and an interesting story so far.

    6. Yakuza 0

    Another I've yet to complete, but this game is just as awesome as the rest of the series. I really wish they bought the dub back though, like the original game had.

    7. Nioh

    I don't find this game quite as good as the Souls series, but it was still a lot of fun. I don't believe the mission structure and repeated environments helped it overall, but I appreciate the decision. The game isn't half as hard as I've heard some claim it to be and it was a shame to see such drastic changes from the very first Alpha of the game, which admittedly was quite the challenge.

    8. Torment: Tides of Numenera

    Yet to finish this, but god is it nice to see a batch of high quality WRPG's coming out of Kickstarter, RPG's that (imo) are truly showing up the "AAA" offerings. Is it as good as Planescape? I'm just not sure yet.

    9. Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey

    Only played a little of this, but it's Atelier through and through. I like the more open areas, but I think I need a little more play to see how it stacks up with the rest of the series. I don't expect any drastic changes though, and I appreciate that.

    10. Sniper Elite 4

    This is a series that definitely gets better with each outing, but it's definitely not without its niggles. The A.I for one is all over the place really. There's some clever missions here though and shattering skulls with a well placed shot hasn't gotten old quite yet.

    11. Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star

    Only played about 2 hours of it so far. Enough to put it on the list, but I don't have a lot to say at this point.

    Persona 5 is about where I would put it at the moment, I just haven't played all that much of it yet. I haven't started Gravity Rush 2, Horizon or Mass Effect: Andromeda yet so it will be interesting to see how they would rank.

  • 1.Persona 5 - I have only played this for like 8 hours but it's great. The most interested in a game I've been this year. Easily has lived up to the hype.

    1. Horizon Zero Dawn - It's a lot of fun to hunt dinosaurs and it looks great. Personally though it's not a game I will finish, I just don't have the staying power for this game. I don't regret the 20 or so hours I spent with this though. Added points because my BF adores it.
    2. Yakuza 0 - Only lower than Horizon since I haven't finished this, but this one I know I will once I'm done with P5.
    3. Mass Effect Andromeda - This should have been the best game for me. But I've just been disappointed by too much. What it does have though is fun enough, but not good enough to keep me engaged when P5 came out. I hopefully will finish this, maybe once those patches come down, and I've finished P5.

    Honorable mentions I haven't played! Yet!
    Resident Evil 7 - I will never play these horror games, but I weirdly enjoy watching others. I loved watching Huber play this, and I appreciate the changes to the series.
    Nier Automata - Everything I hear about this game sounds amazing. I know this will make my end of the year GOTY nominations. Sadly it just came out during a heavy period.
    Zelda BotW - Yeah, obviously. It looks great, I'm just not prepared to buy a Switch until more games come out, and some issues are possibly addressed.
    Snipperclips - It's been fun watching people play this. I love a good co op game.
    Nioh - I appreciate these hard, but fair games. I just suck at them. Really, really suck at them.

    1. Horizon Zero Dawn
      The only game from this year that I've yet played, but either way it's a 10/10. I loved how it kept surprising me time after time.

    1. Yakuza 0
    2. Persona 5 - I'm only a couple hours in, I'm sure it will jump Yakuza 0 and be my GOTY

    1. Zelda Breath of the Wild

    It's the only game I played that's new this year, but it's blown me away in the same way that Mario 64 and Ocarina of time did back when they were pioneering the way developers design in the 3rd dimension.

    Breath of the Wild has pushed gaming further.

    1. Breath of the wild : just a treat to play not finished yet
    2. Ni-oh : while a good game it just doesn't have the hook of the souls games
    3. Persona 5 : only a couple hours in.
    4. Fast RMX: great little racing game in the vein of F-Zero

  • Because of my limited time, Horizon: Zero Dawn has been the only 2017 release I've gotten to play this year, as Final Fantasy XV took me 110 hours on the dot to complete (which in real time, was three months...) Overall, I haven't finished, but I feel like I'm getting close and so far, I love it: Combat, the world, the story (Save for one increasingly infuriating character), the sidequests, all are excellent (for me). I do have a slight gripe with some performance issues with some seldom happening, but still noticeable lip sync problems and a couple of bugs, but nothing that is detrimental to the experience. I've put in I think 65ish hours and I feel like they've flown by.

    As soon as I'm done, I'm moving on to Mass Effect: Andromeda with tempered expectations. Originally I was beyond hyped, but now with all of the negativity I've heard, I'm going in hoping to be surprised more than I'm let down (I'm about to watch Mr. Bloodworth's review so there's that as well).

    Once ME:A is out of the way, I'm moving on to Prey. Destiny 2 is currently the lone Fall game right now. Kingdom Hearts II.8, Crash Bandicoot: The N'Sane Trilogy, and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age I'll eventually get to, but I don't think they qualify for one reason or the other to be considered on a true PERSONAL 2017 list.

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    I haven't played any games so far from this year! (other than betas) ...But got Horizon delivered today! so I will be back!

    • Yakuza 0 Wing

    • Horizon Zero Until Dawn

    • Persona 5 Nights At Freddy's

    • MLB: The Samurai Show Down

    I just started Persona like 4 hours ago.

  • 7. Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star
    Nice Musou type of game but can be rather stressful as you often have to race to areas before they get taken over. Nothing you want to play for hours on end.

    6. Touhou Double Focus
    Charming Touhou Metroidvania but of course you see the low budget indie game quality, kinda like an enhanced flash game, it came as a free download with Genso Wanderer.

    5. Touhou Genso Wanderer
    Touhou roguelike dungeon crawler, very charming but same here, it's a japanese indie game. Also have the feeling it can get rather difficult.

    4. Horizon Zero Dawn
    The best looking game I have played so far (from a purely graphical point I mean, I personally prefer anime style over realism), huge word and a lot to do, story a bit meh so far. Will probably platinum it.

    3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    So far I'm liking it better than Horizon, but I feel the size of it could become too much for my playstyle, which means completionism.

    2. Yakuza 0
    My entry into this series and I absolutely love it, it's like the most japanese game, can't wait for Kiwami and to play the other entries eventually. Getting platinum is kinda ridiculous though, no way I'm getting good at Shogi

    1. NieR: Automata
    So far my GotY, I love it a lot, at 1st I was playing Horizon, Zelda and this in rotation but eventually decided to only play NieR till I'm done, 1st platinum of 2017, 70 hours well spent.

  • @Musou-Tensei said in Rank your 2017 games so far!:

    no way I'm getting good at Shogi

    Git Gud Shogi newb

  • @TokyoSlim NEVER!

  • So far all I've played is Horizon. I'm really enjoying it though.. I'm about 15 hours in and I think its a solid 9/10 so far

    1. Persona 5 - Madly addicted to this one currently, I don't see that letting up.
    2. Yakuza 0 - First game I played in the franchise but it's such a treat of an open world game. Mini game hype.

    Games I wanna play still - NieR: Automata, Resident Evil 7, Night in the Woods, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    1. Resident Evil 7
      Best VR game. Love the story and can't wait for what happens in future instalments.

    2. Horizon Zero Dawn
      The best combat in a game since Metal Gear Solid V.Taking down a Stormbird the first time is amazing.

    3. Nioh
      Love the world and combat. People compare it to Souls but in my opinion this feels like Ninja Gaiden with a twist.

    4. Hitman Complete season one
      Love the stealth and the replayability

    5. Disc Jam
      Great online multiplayer, had a lot of fun. I expect more from this game in the future

    6. For Honor
      Good game, fun online multiplayer story was meh.

  • Persona 5 — Probably the 'best' game of the year so far. It tries to have a story, and that's all any AAA needed to do.

    Breath of the Wild — It's better than Skyward Sword (not hard) and no other 3D Zelda because of crippling deficiencies in enemy diversity, level design, dungeon existance, and general cutscene-having. It wins second place with its physics and towns alone, because everything else was kinda half-baked. Try again but next time with a Zelda game please — I've played enough open world RPGs this gen. And yes, all of this fan-hate is coming from someone with 900 koroks and what feels like as many hours under their belt.

    Gravity Rush 2 — I still need to finish this after Persona and Zelda, but it'll probably place somewhere around third. The budget they put into polishing Kat's platforming always feels about a bronze. Great game, though. Also tries to have a story, just less involved than Persona's.

    That's it for me so far? I bought some indie games on Switch because it's just so convenient, but I've mostly just played these three time sink titles in 2017. I still hope to finish Nier: Automata, Night in the Woods, and maaaaaybe Horizon: Zero Dawn during the summer (and maybe winter?) drought. I'm most excited for Nier because it's another AAA title that actually has a story (it feels like western AAA devs aren't even trying that whole half of a game anymore). That said, I really liked the start of Mass Effect that I watched on stream. It is another open world game though, and I still need to finish 2 and 3, so that ain't happening anytime soon. I'm in for Dragon Age, though.

    1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - I still need more time to stew on this, but it may be my favourite game of all time. All the elements came together in a really amazing way and its emphasis on exploration and creative problem-solving made it an awesome experience.

    2. Persona 5 - Still early goings (haven't even finished the first dungeon yet and only now am able to aquire new Personas) but I dig the vibe of the game and since Persona 4 is one of the all-time greats, I'm excited to keep going.

    3. Snipperclips - Played the whole thing with my girlfriend and it's a fantastic co-op game, if a bit lite on actual levels (we got through the whole thing in 2-3 sittings). But even if you've already solved a puzzle it's just fun to play with friends.

    4. Shovel Knight: Spectre of Torment - Only a few levels in, but this game is a blast. Movement through the environments feels so good and if you can chain a few slashes you can really move.

    I haven't played a lot yet this year. But partly just because Zelda kept me glued to the Switch for almost 150 hours. I just now managed to break free.