Airing of Grievances

  • Ah, video games. We all love them but damnit, if they don't tend to frustrate us at times. Even the ones we love can lead us into rages. So what was the last game that made you step away for awhile and take a couple of deep breaths before returning?

    My most recent happened today coincidentally and occurred with Overwatch. I've been singing the praises of this game for awhile but some of the negativity in my mind started this week when PS4 was the last to receive competitive play. I know we Playstation owners aren't part of the PC master race so I shrugged it off and settled in for some placement matches last night. I lost six matches. One loss was due to our team not working well together, that's fine. Four losses came from half of my team dropping out well before a match was over, and the largest slap in the face happened when my internet dropped for a second, I rejoined the game in less than 30 seconds, led my team to a victory, and then still was counted as a loss. With that being said, I've been forced to take a step away from the game so I don't become the Amazing Bulk.

    Also, no mention of Dark Souls guys. We all get it, the game is hard. Let's dig deeper though!

  • The most recent one for me was when I recently attempted to beat the original NES Castlevania. Although the game is definitely difficult, one boss in particular stood out as rage inducingly difficult and that boss was, Death. It is tough enough to get to him, but to beat him... man. What made me take a step back was the moment I beat him, fist pumped in the air and died from one of his flying scythes which, unbeknownst to me, does not disappear after he dies. I attempted to get back to him, thinking I had him down and didn't come close. I had to stop then and there, only to return a few nights later and destroy him and go on to beat the game. Such a fulfilling experience if not for that one moment of rage!

    Outside of that, I barely ever get frustrated with a game. Usually I can attribute my failure to mistakes I make, which makes the coping of said failure easier. I think it is partly due to me getting older, calmer and more reflective.

  • @BogusMeatFactory I've definitely become a lot more lax with age as well. I used to be the type to throw a controller if things didn't go my way (not super proud of that) but now I boil like a teapot, with steam escaping my body in only the most extreme situations.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Airing of Grievances:

    @BogusMeatFactory I've definitely become a lot more lax with age as well. I used to be the type to throw a controller if things didn't go my way (not super proud of that) but now I boil like a teapot, with steam escaping my body in only the most extreme situations.

    Haha I understand. When I was a kid, I would chew on the controller cord....when there were cords. Mind you, I mean when I was 8-12 years old. Teeth marks are still present on my poor Genesis controller cables.

  • might not count since i never came back to it but Final Fantasy I or II on the Gameboy Advance. i got to one of the endgame dungeons with multiple floors, i got about 4 floors up and saved my game before what i thought was the last push...i didnt realize i had no healing items, no mp to heal/escape said dungeon and all party members at low health or dead. so i had no way to go up and no way to get out of the dungeon a save file dooming me to captivity. i resigned and walked away never to pick it up again.

  • @HylianMigz I've definitely done that with games before, although no specific examples come to mind. I'd normally say go back and conquer that beast but.... those first Final Fantasies are hard to recommend, at least for me.

  • Most recently I'd have to go with Jak II in the HD collection.. I had played the first one on PS2 but missed out on 2 and 3. That game had some pretty tough sections that got me banging my head against the wall.

    I'll also mention Ducktales remastered.. I played it when it was released for PS Plus about a year ago. I played through it on the Hard difficulty to get an experience closer to the NES version and suffered pretty badly for it. But I made it through :D

  • Dark Souls. Got to a particular boss battle that was early on in the game, got frustrated, stepped away for a bit and thought to myself, "you knew this game wasn't going to be easy, it's a game about learning from your mistakes, and getting better." Went back, and beat the crap outta the boss the following day.

  • I've been re-playing Ni No Kuni (basically speed running it, so I'm massively under leveled. Like 30 levels under. ) and doing just fine. The issue with this is that bossess take a wee-bit (or like 200%) longer. I won't say where as to avoid spoilers, but there's this part of the game where you fight 3 consecutive bosses. 3 very long bosses. So I made it all the way to the third bosses, and one party member is low on health and not doing a damn thing about it. So I switch over to them to save them before I die, and what does Oliver do while I'm gone? Runs to his death by trying to hit the boss with his wand rather than a spell. And while I'm scarfing down a Fish Burger do save my life the other party member dies because they decided to send in their weakest familiar. And of course, me grossly under leveled and now by myself gets absolutely slaughtered. I think, that's fine. I'll just try this last boss one more time, but no. The game says you gotta do all 3 once more. I put down the controller.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Competitive Overwatch is a real bummer. The game was mostly jolly good fun but in this mode, it's as toxic as anything I've seen (and heard). Aside from that, the mode is filled with flaws and oversights that make you want to tear your hair out. And when I try to point this out, all I get in response is "just stay out of competitive then" or something along the lines of "git gud" but worse. Honestly, the toxicity doesn't bother me (its the internet after all), but when it affects one from actually playing the game (all those drop outs like you mentioned), its a serious issue. And Golden Guns... Really? REALLY??

  • @Mechanoid Yes, yes, yes, exactly. I'm really in love with the game and want to take it more seriously, but all of the flaws and just general lack of care by those I've encountered in the community has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Blizzard has said leavers will get permanently banned for the entire season (didn't say how many offenses causes this, I'm really hoping 3), so I'm waiting a few weeks to see if it dies down. Just really bummed due to how much I was looking forward to it.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I've taken a lot of bitter pills myself with games, but this one really sucks. I'm gonna sit out a few weeks too, probably the season itself until things are sorted out. I really love this game and I don't want to end up hating it =P (Funnily enough, it happened with Diablo 3. Loved it at first, hated it, and never really recovered even after the patches).