The Movie Bracket! - Winner announced!

  • If you are an American and don't mind streaming, it's on Filmstruck too. Actually there's a lot of good stuff on there provided you enjoy older/non-American films.

    So I've moved on the matchups that have a leader, which leaves us with the Vaughn/Cronenberg showdown; which is currently tied. If someone's able to break that, that would be super duper. :)

  • @Ringedwithtile said in The Movie Bracket! Round 2, H2 Voting!:

    If you are an American and don't mind streaming, it's on Filmstruck too. Actually there's a lot of good stuff on there provided you enjoy older/non-American films.

    I'd love to see that service in Canada... :(

  • @Oscillator Me too, man. I've kept it in mind for the next time I go to the States. Even if I was only there for a week or so, I'd still probably get my money's worth. There's a lot of stuff on there that wasn't ever released on DVD in North America.

    Canada has surprisingly bad streaming options.

  • Got devoured by a combination of E3 and strep throat, sorry I haven't been around much. Fortunately, I'm healthy and back, and I intend to actually vote this round!

  • @alexwhiteplays Hey, great! We've actually mostly moved on and are just looking for someone to break the eXistenZ/First Class matchup, so if you could do the honors that would be great!

    I'd also like to hear your thoughts on the other matchups, even if we're passed voting on them.

  • @Ringedwithtile Has anyone found a way to watch X-Men? Been looking around but haven't found anything yet.


    Looks like it's mostly for rent digitally as opposed to being on a popular subscription service (assuming you're American). Of course there are... shadier ways...

    But I wouldn't know much about that unless we're talking about old VHS rips of silent Czech films or something.

  • @Ringedwithtile Yeah, I'm American. I'll keep looking and figure it out. Don't know why this one of all things is causing me so much trouble...

  • @alexwhiteplays said in The Movie Bracket! Round 2, H2 Tie Break!:

    @Ringedwithtile Yeah, I'm American. I'll keep looking and figure it out. Don't know why this one of all things is causing me so much trouble...

    If you have an Xbox, Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows Phone 8, check the Microsoft Store.

  • @Oscillator Thanks for the tip, I don't own those but I know someone that does so I'm going to make a movie night of it and have my vote in by tomorrow night.

  • @alexwhiteplays said in The Movie Bracket! Round 2, H2 Tie Break!:

    I'm going to make a movie night of it and have my vote in by tomorrow night.

    Wha hoppen? :-(

  • I really didn't think it would be a Vaughn/Cronenberg matchup that would bring this thing to a standstill.

    Since I voted on the matchup and found it otherwise pretty close, I'm going to give another day in case someone can get a vote in, then I'm going to advance Vaughn if no one does.

  • Alright I was hoping someone else would put this vote in because I don't really like either of these movies haha.

    I'm going to vote for X-men: First Class. Even though I ended up really disliking super hero movies, I enjoyed the original X-men quite a bit and thought First Class did a good job at continuing the series. It had a great cast who gave pretty good performances and was just a solid action movie in my opinion.

    I think eXistenZ had some cool ideas but fell short of being really interesting.. I like these types of movies, but this one just didn't really do it for me.

    I'm looking forward to the final match up!

  • Thank you!

    The matchups for the Quarter Finals are up now! This is the last round that will be four matchups in size, so after this it's gonna be whittled down pretty quick!

    I think I'll post my votes tomorrow. This round is full of crowdpleasers, so it should be interesting to see where it ends up!

  • Jurassic Park vs Miller's Crossing
    Jurassic Park was my very first date. She kept talking during the movie. Seriously, like I'm sitting there, being amazed and enthralled by this masterful and fantastic film and she's grabbing my arm and yelling in my ear "OMG, what kind of dinosaur is that?" ...They literally just spent 20 minutes familiarizing you with the concept of Velociraptors, lady. Get it together!

    So right before the T-Rex intro I got up to "go use the bathroom" and just went and sat by myself on the other side of the theater for the rest of the movie. Afterwards, I was like "oh it was so dark in there - I couldn't find you!"
    Jurassic Park > Girls That's what I'm trying to say here. Miller's Crossing couldn't hope to compete.

    A Clockwork Orange vs Near Dark.

    Gutted by this matchup. Kubrick's adaptation of A Clockwork Orange isn't perfect, but it's still a damn Kubrickian masterpiece. The sole criticism I can level against it are that it's not an original story, but an adaptation of a pre-existing work. Understandably that's not much of a slight against the final product in a vacuum, but when compared against a wholly original production written by the person who directed it - I'm going to give the edge to the original work.

    Near Dark is a Vampire love story, but before you roll your eyes... it's the antithesis of Twilight. It also came out in the same year as the beloved "The Lost Boys", but unlike in that film - Vampires are gross and scary and uncomfortable, they aren't presented as glamorous, cool, campy or mythological. They are predators and parasites. They don't bite you on the neck and then disappear into fog. They'll shoot you in the face and then lap the blood out of it like an animal. It's a damn good movie and it's got three of the cast members of Aliens in it! It's well paced and tense. It's beautifully shot, and it was also Kathryn Bigelow's first big budget film.

    There's some thematic parallels to be found in these two films if you go looking. They both deal with the seduction of violence. Violence starts out as a side effect of survival or a tool of camaraderie (kill and join us/kill or be killed, etc), and when numbed to it - when the level of violence is accepted as normal, it becomes more and more apparent it's done mostly for perverse entertainment. In Near Dark, Caleb constantly resists the violence of vampirism to his own immediate detriment and threat of peril, despite severe peer pressure to do so.
    In A Clockwork Orange, Alex is often the peer pressurer and instigates the violence himself out of boredom. One of these films is from the perspective of the villain and one is from the perspective of the victim, but in both cases, a lust for violence is the crime.

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail vs Throne of Blood

    Arthurian spoof vs Samurai Macbeth. Depends on my mood, but in most cases I'm going with Samurai Macbeth.

    Kick-Ass vs Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet is the more quotable film for me, which is weird to say about a David Lynch film. Every time I see someone drinking a PBR of a Heineken... But I'm still not a fan of Lynch's narrative style.

    Kick Ass was a fun atypical super-hero deconstruction, though not going as far as Super or Defendor in terms of super heroism as a mental illness - so more like Watchmen-lite I guess?

    This comes down to a movie I liked ok and would watch again, vs a movie that I saw once, certain parts will stick with me forever, but I never want to see it again... So I'll go with rewatchability.

  • I'll vote on Grail vs. Throne later today. As for the other matchups, I've seen one in each pair (JP, CO, BV), but I have zero interest in seeing the others. They all look like pretty bad movies compared to the others (Kick-Ass in particular), so hopefully I won't be needed for a tie break...

  • @Oscillator Besides Tomorrowland and The Seventh Seal, Kick-Ass is up there as one of my least favorite films nominated here. I guess that's a bit of a spoiler for when my votes go up but ah well. I hate to recommend anyone watch that movie but if it means David Lynch gets some more love, do it!

  • Jurassic Park vs Miller's Crossing

    I was a little young to have the same connection that many others do to JP. I love the dinos; who couldn't, but I've always found it a tad overpopulated. It's absolutely a technical marvel, but I was never all that endeared to the characters.

    Miller's Crossing is a pretty enjoyable, straightforward, Hammett-inspired film noir with flashes of humor and pretty solid cast all over. I like how downbeat and self-punishing it is. Also Sam Raimi gets blown to hell in it which is pretty fun.

    A Clockwork Orange vs Near Dark

    A Clockwork Orange was a really formative film for me when I was a teenager. It's unrelentingly cynical outlook and pairing of the reprehensible and the beguiling was really interesting to me. Over time I've cooled on it; I actually find it a bit self-defeating, but there's no denying it's wonderfully made and McDowell is excellent in it.

    While Clockwork was a cult classic I loved and then came to feel ambivalent about, I've never felt all that strongly about Near Dark. Bill Paxton is absolutely sick in it, and I appreciate its genre trappings (it reminds me a lot of an Anthony Mann western), but I find it a bit thin in its characterizations and I think it could have helped to be a bit weirder.

    Monty Python's and the Holy Grail vs Throne of Blood

    I have to start out by saying that I really like The Holy Grail. It has such a surprisingly well thought out, dingy representation of the Dark Ages, with characters needlessly crawling in the muck, or doing stupid menial tasks (slapping the surface of water with a board?). It's really funny stuff, and I think that the worldbuilding is often overlooked by its also great comedic setpieces.

    Throne of Blood is one of the best Shakespearean adaptations, I think. Appropriately doom-stricken, bleak visuals that hammer home the psychological aspect Macbeth really beautifully. Also it has a killer ending, something that, as good as it is, The Holy Grail really misses the mark on.

    Kick-Ass vs Blue Velvet

    So SabotageTheTruth didn't pick any of my top 3 Lynch, but Blue Velvet is definitely my number 4; a very unique, beautiful, scary, and darkly funny film---one that I think better than any other of his pre-Twin Peaks work showed what he was really capable of pulling off. It straddles that weird line of terrifying mixed with sincere kitsch so well.

    Kick Ass I didn't really care for. Nic Cage was fun in it, and the first act was alright, but it ended up being pretty generic action fare in my eyes.

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

    Like all of Gilliam's films, the costumes and atmosphere steal the show. At some points, it almost feels like the Middle Ages.

    But while the visuals are great, the rest of the movie feels kind of flat to me. The jokes are absurd to the point of being pointless, and the actors don't play off each other very well. Very few times did I actually laugh out loud.

    The animator having a heart attack was something else, though. XD

    I can see why this has such a cult following - it's a great meme generator. Alas, memes do not great comedy make.

    BTW, before I'm accused of not getting Monty Python's humour, The Meaning of Life is one of my favorite films of all time. WAY sharper jokes, WAY better flow, and WAY better chemistry. I've always preferred the edgier side of Monty Python.

    Throne of Blood:

    Now THIS is a movie. Probably the thickest atmosphere of Kurosawa's films alongside Kagemusha. Camera angles to die for. Great editing. And Toshiro Mifune just eats the screen up. Not to mention one of the great final acts in cinema history. It's not as grand as Seven Samurai or Ran, nor is it as spellbinding as Dersu Uzala or The Lower Depths, but it's still a heck of a good movie!

    My pick - Throne of Blood

  • Kick-Ass vs. Blue Velvet


    I remember hearing a lot of hype around this one once it released in theaters and even more once it was released for DVD/Blu-Ray. Maybe this is a case of heightened expectations really ruining a film for me because I severely disliked nearly everything presented here. It commits the cardinal sin of film for myself personally - it's boring. We have a premise that could easily play with the super hero trope and spin in on its head, but it plays it so safe and familiar that I felt like I had already seen the movie before. I also find myself groaning every time I see Nicholas Cage in a movie so it's official - this movie was made for me to scorn.

    Blue Velvet

    Definitely one of Lynch's more grounded films and while I prefer some of the more surreal and strange things he's done, this is entertaining throughout due to the mystery around it all and some truly great performances. Dennis Hopper alone is incredible and so unpredictable, you end up feeling uncomfortable every time he walks into frame. I was hoping for something a little more sinister towards the end (a la season 2 finale of Twin Peaks) but I can't help but love the product as a whole. Nothing has a vibe quite like Lynch.

    Clear winner for me is Blue Velvet.

    I'm hoping to knock out Miller's Crossing and Near Dark so I can at least contribute something more to this round.