The Movie Bracket! - Winner announced!

  • Totally fell off with this game, but need to return with the finals to vote for The Shining. It's such a meticulously crafted movie. Kubrick is a master of using the camera and sound design to build tension; it's never overbearing, like so many other movies are, instead opting for immersion. It's the movie that got me into movies. Seven Samurai is also a masterpiece, and I have nothing bad to say about it. I think Kurosawa is a master at directing action, especially given the time period when he was working (he did some seriously dangerous shit to get the shot he wanted). Both films have had incredible, lasting impacts on pop culture. The Shining just sticks with me in a way that Seven Samurai doesn't. It's just so damn good.

  • Two great films. The Shining has moments, or scenes that have inspired and been copied and have become pop culture. "Heeeere's Johnny", Redrum, the creepy twins, the elevator of blood, the maze, the bigwheel scenes, etc. Most often in other horror or spoofs of horror films. It's a great movie, but not necessarily because of the source material. The TV Remake with Steven Webber (which is a bit more faithful to the original story) fails to recapture the essence of Jack Nicholson's charisma and Stanley Kubrick's vision and attention to detail in their primes. The characters and visuals are what make this film great.

    Seven Samurai has been copied, homaged, borrowed/stolen from, and re-created nearly in it's entirety and basically created a sub-genre out of it's core conceit. Movies draw it's lines and scenes verbatim and reuse them shot for shot, not out of parody - but out of respect.

    Not only has the basic premise of Seven Samurai been used in other Samurai films, such as the brilliant 13 Samurai by Takeshi Miike - but frequently in completely unrelated genres and films such as The Magnificent Seven, Mad Max series (specifically The Road Warrior and Fury Road), A Bugs Life, The Three Amigos, Battle Beyond the Stars, Firefly, The Matrix, Saving Private Ryan, Lord of the Rings, The Dirty Dozen, etc... It's a pretty universally appealing premise. I mean, you could draw comparisons to The Avengers That's greatness in versatility.

    So... Seven Samurai.

  • I already know what I'm voting for, but just to be totally fair, I'll need to rewatch The Shining. The only time I ever watched it in full was years ago, before my cinephile phase.

    BTW, was totally expecting Barry Lyndon for the final round...

  • Ok! The Grand Finals will be ending on Monday. There are still a couple of regulars who haven't voted yet, and it would be great to get a couple more in for the last hurrah, since it's likely to be pretty close.

  • Been busy with a project, will try to watch The Shining within a day or two.

    Since this is the final round, I strongly encourage more votes!

  • I definitely wanna get my vote in too (just need to watch Seven Samurai) but I've been scrambling to also complete Resident Evil 7, as I'm borrowing it from a friend. Hopefully I can squeeze in some Kurosawa this weekend.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in The Movie Bracket! Round 2, Grand Finals!:

    Hopefully I can squeeze in some Kurosawa this weekend.

    Good luck "squeezing in" a movie that long. :D

  • We've reached the end at last! First off, thanks to @Ringedwithtile for putting together this game! I really enjoyed getting to see a lot of new movies and reading people's opinions on them.

    I finally got around to watching Seven Samurai this weekend. This was one that I've been meaning to sit down and watch for awhile because it influenced so many of my favorite movies.

    Coming down to the vote, I'm really torn (I feel like I've said this about every vote). I love The Shining, watch it almost every year around Halloween and can't really find anything bad to say about it, but somehow it just doesn't stand out to me like some of Kubrick's other films. It might just be that I'm not a huge fan of horror, or at least not as much as other genres. Seven Samurai on the other hand satisfies my thirst for epic adventure but runs a little long for my taste.

    I feel like my gut is telling me to go with The Shining.. even with what I said above, it remains one of my favorite horror movies and I have a long history with it.

  • Halfway through The Shining so far (been really sick the past couple of days)...

    BTW, @Faaip, I believe @Ringedwithtile said to put votes in separate posts rather than editing.

  • It's cool! I put that in there so that people didn't go back to posts that already had votes in other matchups and had already been past by. It's just in there so I don't miss any votes, but I got Faaip!

  • Should finally have my vote in later this morning. Here's hoping @SabotageTheTruth also gets in under the wire...

  • @Oscillator Probably not gonna happen sadly. I did have an extra two hours at work last night, loaded up the page to rent Seven Samurai, and then saw it's closer to the 3.5 hour mark. Someone really needs to invent a hyperbolic time chamber already.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in The Movie Bracket! Round 2, Grand Finals!:

    @Oscillator Probably not gonna happen sadly. I did have an extra two hours at work last night, loaded up the page to rent Seven Samurai, and then saw it's closer to the 3.5 hour mark. Someone really needs to invent a hyperbolic time chamber already.


    Well, here's mine anyways...

    Seven Samurai

    This is one of the greats. It succeeds on every possible level. It's so well crafted, it's hard to believe it was made in 1954. It's long, but not a moment is wasted. It's a grand adventure that feels stripped down at the same time. Aside from maybe some of the romance bits and some of Toshiro Mifune's hyperactivity, nothing feels stock, trite, or out of place. I don't think you'll find denser atmosphere than that of the old mill. The amount of detail they go into in planning the defenses is also a definite highlight, as are the villagers. It's fun, gripping, and sheer art throughout.

    The Shining

    I don't know what this movie is supposed to be. On the surface it's horror, but it's too goofy to be at all scary. Satire then? Maybe, but it's not made obvious, as some parts are legitimately dark. I'm personally going to go with "making fools of the audience". I get the sense that Kubrick's aim was to make a bad movie that has so much fancy stuff going on, you convince yourself that it's some kind of masterclass in filmmaking.

    Little of the acting is good. Jack has a couple of moments (the bar scenes, the axe rampage), but most of it is way in your face, bringing too much attention to itself. The lighting and camerawork are great, as is most of the soundtrack (the stings when Wendy finds out what Jack's been writing are totally overwrought, though), but the solid technical side can't make up for all the shoehorned plot elements and cringeworthy "scary" moments (like Holy Grail, it certainly succeeds as a meme generator).

    However, if you just want to switch off your brain and take in some wild imagery and dialogue, it'll get the job done.

    My pick (by many a mile): Seven Samurai

  • Though close, Stanley Kubrick has won! A director that was almost certain to make it far or take the whole thing, as he ended up doing (though I could have said the same about Scorsese...)

    That does it! I hope all who participated in any capacity enjoyed this endeavor, seeing some movies they haven't seen, taking the time to think and communicate about the films they've watched, and getting to know the movie tastes of other forum members!

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    The Shining really is one of Kubrick's weaker movies, then again, I don't particularly care for King's writing - so maybe that's where I'm finding fault. Still, a mediocre Kubrick is still better than most things.

  • It's a gutsy choice for grand finals, that's for sure! When I saw it I was surprised, I would have assumed 2001 or Strangelove would have been the pick.

  • Just wanted to say, there rarely was 2 movies going head to head with each other that I watched which is why i hardly voted.

  • Sacrilege, IMO.

    But a neat little contest anyhow.

    EDIT: Great trophy, BTW. XD