The Movie Bracket! - Winner announced!

  • Drag Me to Hell vs Amarcord :
    I am voting for Amarcord. I'm not a huge fan of Fellini besides maybe The Nights of Cabiria. I'm not entirely sold on vignette style filmmaking, but Amarcord is probably one of the best examples of that. Drag Me To Hell was fun, but forgettable, IMO. It's nice to see Raimi bounce back after Spiderman 3 with a return to low budget horror but it's no Evil Dead 2.

    Full Metal Jacket vs A Bug's Life:
    There's no doubt that the first half of Full Metal Jacket is amazing. I tend to think that everything after 'Charlie Don't Surf' is kind of a letdown for me though. I hate the ending of that movie with a visceral passion. It's a real dichotomy for me and is in the bottom half of my favorite Kubrick films. I'm going to go against grain here and vote for A Bug's Life. I doubt it'll matter in the end, but it's got a great voice cast, and is a film crafted more finely than the crude also-ran known as Antz. Also Woody Allen is a creep, so fuck Antz. Anyways, A Bugs Life isn't as good as the first half of FMJ. But it also doesn't fall off a cliff like FMJ either.

    Goodfellas vs Strange Days:
    Let me be clear here. I'm voting for Strange Days. but I LOVE Goodfellas. Goodfellas is an adaptation of a memoir of the real Henry Hill who was a real life gangster scumbag. Strange Days has a lot of scumbags in it, but it's fiction . It's a film written by James Cameron at the peak of his prowess post T2 and True Lies, it's directed adroitly by Katheryn Bigelow. It's got an amazing soundtrack, a totally badMF Angela Bassett kicking a lot of ass, Virtual Reality, Millenial angst, and Juliette Lewis covering PJ Harvey. Also, Bigelow deserves more respect than she gets, and Scorsese is doing fine in that dept. lol

    I really don't want to watch either Seventh Seal or Pi again. I've gone 15 years or so without seeing either of them and I'm not really looking forward to rewatching them so I can decide which I enjoyed least. So I'm abstaining fr that vote. :)

  • I still have way too many films that I'd need to see, but at least I get to give one vote this round. And that vote goes to Full Metal Jacket. The boot camp half is just so captivating with Ermey and D'Onorio's roles. Whenever I happen to see that on TV, for example, I can't help but sit down and leave whatever I was doing before that. The second half loses the magic in a way, the shift is powerful there, but it still works well till the end, too.

    A Bug's Life doesn't mean much to me, one of those early Pixar films, I've seen it maybe twice. Didn't leave a strong memory imprint. I almost remember better the Happy Meal toys from McDonald's in those days the film had.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I could see that. I'm just using it as an opportunity to watch more movies, didn't mean to offend with my choices.

  • @SabotageTheTruth No worries. And I think it's nice that you're really trying to get some new movies watched. I wouldn't have had neither the time nor means to do that at the moment.

  • A lack of internet and Persona 5 consuming my life unfortunately made little time for other things. But i'll be more present as it continues. For now i'll cast a vote in the Drag Me to Hell vs Amarcord fight.

    Drag me to Hell was my first Raimi horror comedy which helped it immensely at the time as to me it was a truly unique film with a tone i haven't seen before. Given repeat viewings and seeing Evil Dead there no denying it has flaws like too many jumpscares and the lead being pretty boring. With a killer performance from Lorna Raver and some genuine funny and tense moments, it still remains an easy horror rewatch which in itself is a big victory.

    Amarcord on the other hand ended up letting me down. While it is a very personal film done in vignettes that helps cement a sense of time and place, There's a major shift in tone that happens 50 minutes in that changed it completely. First half is one of the funniest comedies i've seen in a while but then it turns serious in a big way tackling fascism, mental illness and death. These are not themes that mesh well with the quirkiness about sexual awakening and busting parents and teachers balls that came before.

    So winner by slim margin:Drag Me to Hell

  • I've had a massive amount of work to do (the joys of being a musician on top of being a full-time student), so I've been thinking about how to divide up my time most effectively. I'm going to be voting primarily on films that are particularly contentious. So for this week, I don't feel a strong urge right now to weigh in on Full Metal Jacket vs. A Bug's Life (particularly since I think all of the reasons I would vote for Full Metal Jacket have already been stated), but I'm aiming to make time for all of the others before Friday so that I can weigh in on the matchups that have fewer or more closely matched results.

  • Come on everyone, Katheryn Bigelow needs some love!

  • Goodfellas is some tough competition.

    Also kudos on picking some really cool films for the first round, Tokyo. All 4 wouldn't be widely considered major works from their directors, but maybe they should be. I'm especially a fan of your Carpenter and Eastwood picks.

  • @Ringedwithtile said in The Movie Bracket! Round 1, Q2 Voting!:

    Goodfellas is some tough competition.

    No kidding.

  • The Seventh Seal vs Pi

    These movies have a lot in common that stretches beyond them both happening to be in black and white. They both deal with the meaning of life, religion, and feature board games prominently. They are also both difficult to sit through - but for very different reasons.

    I'm going to be honest here - I did not enjoy watching The Seventh Seal. Some of the shots are absolutely beautiful and any time the focus is on the main character, things are interesting. He poses some existential questions I'm sure we've all dealt with before and delivers a great performance. Nearly all the other characters however started to grate on my nerves, especially the performer troupe. Life is obviously about a juxtaposition between the serious and the playful but I didn't feel like any of these side stories actually added to the main narrative thread. As much as the music tried to play Death off as a foreboding character, he lacked any intimidation on screen for me. When I read the concept of this film, I was extremely excited to watch it but unfortunately I spent most of the time very disinterested.

    Pi is claustrophobic, quickly cut, and an interesting dive into paranoia. It's fair to compare this film to Eraserhead as it's obviously inspired by it, but while Eraserhead has long shots that build tension, this relies on disorientating camera work and a fast pace to match the mental state of the main character. I believe it's mentioned in the Reaction Shots podcast from EZA, but any time a director can capture the essence of a character through use of camera and how a shot is framed always feels like a great success. We're also dealing with an unreliable narrator and a plot that is vastly different from most of what is out there. Some of the disturbing imagery presented during the main character's hallucinations is very reminiscent of Jacob's Ladder and similar films. The main musical theme has not aged well and pops its head into the film far too frequently but the rest of the score just adds to the ambiance. A lot of the acting here isn't great as it just feels like some of the characters are monologuing at each other instead of truly interacting. However, you feel like you're going insane along with the lead in the film and it accomplished what few pieces are ever able to do with me - it made me feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't say it's my favorite Arofonosky film but I'm super disappointed I waited this long on watching it, I had a great time and I'm still mulling it over in my head.

    No competition for my vote at all, Pi gets it by a mile.

    Hopefully I'll still get a chance to squeeze in Full Metal Jacket before voting closes, but we'll see.

  • The Seventh Seal vs. Pi

    Its been awhile since I've seen either of these films but they both had me thinking about them for a long time after. I mostly agree with Sabotage, though I don't remember finding Seventh Seal as uninteresting. I still need to give my vote to Pi however. I think it does a great job of communicating the main character's paranoia and is a good example of the unreliable narrator trope. I'm also a sucker for math and "key to the universe" type movies.. those types of plots get me really excited and keep me engaged (even if it doesn't work out well for the protagonist).

    Goodfellas vs. Strange Days

    I stayed up last night to watch Strange Days and really enjoyed it.. I mean, as much as you could enjoy a film ocvering that type of subject matter. I really liked the sci-fi/noir feel of the film and the Blade Runner vibe it had. I thought the performances and writing were both fantastic as well. I'm a big fan of the Kathryn Bigelow films that I've seen so far and this one definitely didn't disappoint.

    I'm not sure what I can say about Goodfellas that hasn't already been said somewhere. It's a prime example of masterful filmmaking.. it's stylistic without taking away from the drama, every second feels meaningful and nothing feels wasted. It's fast paced while leaving space to build intensity, let the violence sink in and then allow the viewer some breathing room. I still don't know how Scorsese made such an enjoyable film about such shitty people haha. It could easily be considered Scorsese's best film/the best crime/gangster film/one of the greats(?). I've got to give this vote to Goodfellas.

    Sorry if my thoughts seem a bit jumbled.. I'm still visiting family and only had a little time to write this up.

  • No worries, thanks for the votes!

    And with that, all matchups have a leader, but three of them are very close. I would say it's likely that any film that's leading in those three matchups gets another vote, it has a really good chance of moving its respective director on.

  • Y'all are voting for Scorsese's best movie vs Bigelow's 5th best. If Scorsese moves on, it's all downhill from here!


  • I have to run to a meeting so I'll expand on my thoughts on each film later tonight either in a second post or an edited version of this post, but my votes go to Amarcord, Full Metal Jacket, Pi, and Strange Days.

  • Woof, that brings Goodfellas and Strange Days at a tie. I could try to knock those two out in the next few days.

  • @TokyoSlim Not quite.. his best is still to come :D (hopefully)

  • Goodfellas is, like I said, such an immensely enjoyable movie, but I think Scorsese has made more interesting films. Like ones that pursue their characters with more scrutiny. I think Goodfellas lets its subject matter off the hook more than a little bit.

    I'm pleasantly surprised it's a close battle, though!

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in The Movie Bracket! Round 1, Q2 Voting!:

    that brings Goodfellas and Strange Days at a tie

    The Russian is cut!

  • @Faaip ORLY?

    "It could easily be considered Scorsese's best film" - Faaip 2017


  • @TokyoSlim It could be :P