The future of Nintendo Directs

  • It's been about a year since Iwata passed away (R.I.P.), and ever since last E3's Digital Event it has seemed to me like they just don't seem to be as interested in doing Directs as they did when he was still with us. There was the one in March, but it was pretty disappointing. And of course, this year, there was no Digital Event for E3, not even funny little pre-E3 teasers like the Mega64 Fils-A-Mech sketch

    Do we feel that Nintendo are still capable of putting together entertaining Directs and Digital Events, or has part of that fun, light-hearted spirit been lost to us.

    Also, is QoL

  • Without someone like Iwata, I don't think Directs have a future.
    NoE could still make them for the european market as we still have Shibata, but I don't think that will happen.

  • Honestly I think the main reason they've disappeared is simply because Nintendo has nothing to show or announce these days. With the run-up to the NX launch, and after its release, I'm pretty sure they will be back.

  • I don't understand this sentiment at all, we've already had two normal directs lately, one in November and one in March and the quality was about on par with others, along with a few other standalone presentations like the December Smash event with Sakurai, or the Pokemon Direct with Ishihara (which showed a whole lot of nothing to be fair) and Japan has had two directs dedicated to Culdcept Revolt.

    In the beginning directs occurred every couple of months, however I would attribute this to the fact that they started as the 3DS was about to launch and then later the launch of the Wii U, after these two products were on the market and the games started to be released, the frequency of the presentations started to slow down as they had less to show.
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