Night in the Woods (PC/PS4/XBO/Switch)

  • @logic__error Yes! Yes! Yes!

    I took 16 hours on my first play through of NitW, and managed to pick up 55% of the achievements, so I'm going to take some time for other games, but I think I'll come back next year after getting some space. I also only played Oxenfree and Life is Strange one time and definitely want to give Oxenfree another play or two.

    I think one of the things that makes the relationships in NitW so meaningful is that you have to choose who you're going to spend time with. And that also means that you're choosing not to spend time with other friends. This situation (and Persona V is another recent example which does this as well) forces you to evaluate your relationships with these characters, and who you think is going to be the most interesting to hang out with on a given day, so you're actually doing a lot of the work for the writers in growing attached to the characters.

    I'm actually surprised you say there's less player choice in NitW than in Life is Strange and Oxenfree, because I always felt like I had a role in what happened. I don't remember a game ever letting me participate in the narrative exposition like NitW does (other than perhaps the beginning of Firewatch). I guess ultimately your choices lead you to (essentially) the same end regardless of what they are, but I prefer choices that result in "I will remember this" over choices that result in "Chloe will remember that", and NitW certainly delivered those to me. So upon reflection you're definitely correct, but Night in the Woods is an interesting case study on how little, inconsequential choices are extremely significant.

    Demontower definitely gets a little brutal towards the end. I found it's design how you can't just stand in place and slash repeatedly is an extremely smart and interesting way to encourage dashing and prevent the exploitation of the fairly simple AI. That sort of game is a home to me since falling in love with Hyper Light Drifter last year, so discovering that game was a wild surprise and an absolute treat.

    I'm very happy knowing that I had my own little adventure through this game and that others took very different paths. I think that's a huge part of this games magic - it's not afraid of you missing things. I'm going to be very very happy returning to Possum Springs next year!

  • @DeweyDecibel I had to play it twice just to see the different stories for Bea and Gregg! I definitely took my time on my first run! I think I covered about the same amount for the achievements, but some were still glitched at that point.

    Yeah, I worded that weirdly. I think Life is Strange and Oxenfree give you a greater illusion of choice. They make it seem like your decisions will change the way the game ends but ultimately you reach pretty much the same place regardless of what you do (and your choices don't matter because -time travel-) The story is always the same in NitW but the dialogue options are plentiful, who you spend time with is limited, and the optional things you can choose to do have a big impact on how you view Mae and the other characters in the game.

    I actually played Hyper Light Drifter in between runs of NitW and it certainly helped with Demontower. I agree that they did well in making the dash absolutely necessary and the way it is tied to Pale Cat's age, frailty, and health is great! I would have continued with it but I got careless and made the grave error of accidentally killing the NPC the 3rd time it showed up and I didn't have the heart to keep going knowing I'd need to do it all over again anyways to get the true ending. Some day I'll probably try again because I'm sure I'll get the urge to play NitW a fourth time.

    If you haven't seen this yet, it is a very interesting cut scene from the game where Mae hangs out with Germ at his house. I like the little things it would have added to Mae's status as being between a kid and an adult and a little extra info on her Dad and his history and relationship to other people in town! The cryptic discussion of the ending of the game is interesting too!

  • Night in the Woods: Weird Autumn Edition comes out December 13th. The game will now be available for XBox One, in addition to all the systems it was previously on, and it was very much implied that a Switch version is in the works as well but they can't say it officially yet. This new version adds the short side games "Lost Constellation" and "Longest Night", which were released while the game itself was in development, as well as additional content to the game proper. If you already own NitW you'll get the new content as a FREE update.

    From the trailer it looks like we'll at least get a new song, or maybe the option to play bass outside of band practice? There is definitely a new mini game segment and some new story sections, so I'm pretty excited! I wonder if any of the cut content that people have discovered was finished up and added in?

  • I will get this! Really want to play NitW before the year is out.

  • @tokeeffe9 Yeah! I'm really glad they're releasing this now, this year has been so full of great games so the extra stuff gives the perfect little push to finally jump in!

  • I'm glad I haven't had the time for this game yet if it's coming to Switch. There is little reason to buy indie games on PS4 anymore if you have both. Even if I just play on my couch it feels a lot more accessible for someone like me who shares a TV at home.

  • @Haru17 I'm so happy it is coming to Switch! I already had a friend text me earlier today saying they would play it once the Switch version came out. So many indies lend themselves to being playable on the go or on a smaller screen. I can't say I would have opted to get it on PS4 either for the same reason, it's tough to demand TV time so I stick to my handheld and my PC.

  • Still working on the pc version.

  • @logic__error said:

    it was very much implied that a Switch version is in the works as well but they can't say it officially yet

    Thank you for posting this. I would've bought this on Steam during winter sale finally, but now I'll wait for that juicy Switch version.

  • Meant to write this a while ago (I'll probably say this a lot in a few posts) as I finished Night in the Woods a few weeks ago. It's no longer fresh in the mind and @logic__error and @DeweyDecibel already gave some excellent analysis/feedback on the game so I'll keep this relatively short.

    I really loved this game. The weird thing about it is that I really love how mundane the game is. Just coming back to your hometown, walking around the neighbourhood, interacting with people and meeting up with old friends. It's something I'm pretty used to (although to a much smaller extent) and I think the game just absolutely nails that element of life. The actual bigger storyline, I didn't really care for really, I was there for the everyday stuff, talking to the elderly lady in the underground, checking constellations, feeding my rat babies (best payoff!), those were the things that I loved.

    Having you wander around town everyday, to see whatever changes or people were around, I think that worked really well. Also I don't know what it is but any game that has a big jump after 2-3 timings, love it. Feels great.

    The soundtrack is as fantastic as I was expecting it to be. I was actually surprised how a lot of the tracks are only really used once in the game. I'd no idea about the band part of the game either so after initially being rubbish, I really got into trying to perfect those songs.

    I have to mention how great the characters are in this game. Definitely one of the best ensemble of last year, your close friends are great, the parents, neighbours.. oh man, just thinking about them makes me happy.

    So yes, great great game.

    Edit: Oh my god, and Sharkle. How could I forget Sharkle. If you didn't click on him everyday, you're a monster in my book. That is all.

  • @tokeeffe9 I'm so glad you liked it! I agree too that the mundane parts are the strongest point of the game. A lot of the little moments felt the biggest to me, like finding the tooth, the secret behind it, and then the payoff with that at the end. I felt bad not doing those little things when I sped through my second time.

    Sharkle is delightful.