Potential Idea for E3

  • Next month on May 10 it's 31 days before EA Play or the beginning to the E3 conferences and thought we could do a 30 day countdown to E3. The last 6 days we can do the 6 conferences in order of schedule from EA to Nintendo which leaves 24 days. I was thinking we could do 24 games that are most likely getting a release this year where each day we can speculate on game. Anyone have a better idea or ...?

  • @ib0show i love this idea. i love speculating and talking about the biz ,almost as much as i like playing them.

  • @FF7Cloud how would we chose the games

  • @ib0show I would start with some games that are most likely to be released this year and then every so often throw in a game thats announced but not necessarily guarantied. Start with the AAA first and then intresting titles

    Im sure the rest of the community would have some ideas as well

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    I like this.. if I understand it correctly... I think. Sorry I just woke up.

    What you are saying is we do a countdown from 10th of may where we talk about a game per day that we think will show up? then the last 6 days we talk about the conferences themselves? or the other way around?

  • you got it right the first time.