My first Final Fantasy (FFXV)

  • I recently started playing FFXV (PS4) and this is my first time playing a FF game. I LOVE IT! I have always been interested in this series, but never got my hands on it. But i have been waiting to play XV since it was announced as Versus XIII. 50 hours in now and I can't get enough. I am looking forward to FFVII remake and future FF games.

    Anyone else who had a similar experience? I just wanted to share this, don't know if I am breaking any rule. First post!

  • No, I play FF since 7 on PS1 (1st one released in europe but I got 1-6 eventually as well), but I too greatly enjoyed 15.

  • Banned

    FFVII was my first time playing a Final Fantasy game. I remember doing the bombing mission on a demo disc and wanted to know what happened after that.

    Then I played VIII and then IX and finally X. After that I went back to the original six.

    Was hyped for XI, but when I found out it was an mmo I skipped it. Played XII and enjoyed that, but was underwhelmed because of how different everything was. Then I was really hyped for XIII, but that turned into one big shit show three times over. XIV came out and again I skipped it cause no mmo.

    FINALLY FFXV comes out and it was.....

    Decent. Like many open world games it was empty as fuck. When will the density of these worlds match their size? Fun combat tho! Still waiting for it to become a complete game.

  • If you've enjoyed your time with XV, I would recommend checking out FFVII on PS4. While personally far from my favorite FF game, I would say it is definitely the easiest of "the best FF games" to get into today since the PS4 re-release has the ability to play the game at triple speed, and turn off random encounters, which really helps you set your own pace.

  • @Naseef19 Welcome, and now you are doomed to compare all final fantasy games to this one for the rest of time lol. Usually peoples favorite FF is the one they first play. Not always, but it seems to be a pattern. I put down FFXV and have yet to jump back into it. I find it personally just okay. It gives me that FF vibe but its definitely not the best one. I would say FF7 is my favorite then 8 and 9. Id be curious to know how you like other FF games.

  • i played FFVI on the SNES because a friend had he's all dusty and he never played it so i borrowed it and finished it and it's my favorite one to this day

  • The first one I played was VIII, which I liked a lot at first and then started to think it was kinda garbo after a while.

    Me and brother got VII about a year later and that was so much better. My favorite is VI, though.

  • My first Final Fantasy was X-2 and while i enjoyed it i eventually got VII and well you see my user name it is my favorite

    I Enjoyed 15 alot it does have alot of problems but they ve finally able to write a good villian for the first time since Tactics.

  • It took me some time to play an actual mainline Final Fantasy, I started on FF Tactics Advance which was really awesome, and then played another spin-off, Crystal Chronicles on GC, only played an actual FF on the DS, the FF III remake. I enjoyed it, but not really loved it, my next one was... XIII :p (I actually enjoy it, the battle system is neat, and the linearity didn't bother me very much, the story could use some work, but it was OK overall).

    Just recently I played X (HD), it is for sure my favorite so far, the battle system has some interesting levels of strategy, and I liked the story. I absolutely hate the temples though, they are nonsense.

    I have VII in the backlog, and also really interested in XII.

  • @Galaxy40k I had played the first mission of FFVII back in 2010 (the bombing mission). But the random encounters turned me off. Barely played 20 mins of it before i moved on. But like most in this side of the world (India) I was introduced to FF through Advent Children. This fuelled my curiosity of FF and I have been following it from a distance. Maybe once I finish FFXV, but i have so many games in my backlog already.

  • @CGamor7 I am tempted to play the old games, but the turn based combat and random encounters are holding me back. I am also playing through Suikoden (PS3) and I am struggling to play through it for the same reasons. But maybe in time i'll get X and X-2 HD and maybe even XII HD. But definitely getting FFVII remake.

  • @FF7Cloud Would you recommend X and X-2? I am on the fence about getting the HD versions.

  • @LinkJr I have so many games in my backlog (both PS3 and PS4), i don't know if i want to get into a long jrpg.

    DA:Inqusition, Last Guardian, final boss of Blood and Wine, No man's Sky, Mirror's Edge, Max Payne 3, Suikoden (1&2), Alien Isolation, Resident Evil 5 (ps4) and Gravity Rush. These are the ones I have. Then there are the ones I have to buy.

    So many games, so little time. But what once I finish FFXV, maybe i'll give the others a shot.

  • @Naseef19 Play VII on PS4. It gives you options that make the game easier to play.

  • @Naseef19 X is good but very linear, while x-2 is more open but sadly the story is lacking.
    you can usallly get the remastered edition for 20 bucks an its well worth that.

  • My first FF was VIII, then I got into VII, then I started to go through them Chronologically, from I to X, skipped XI because I'm not into MMO's, XII and XIII trilogy. That's when I got burned enough and left the series for a while. I'll get into XV, if it comes to PC. I'll do a quick rundown of my opinions for each entry in main series (minus MMO's):
    I - It hasn't aged too well, but it's solid RPG in it's core
    II - Hasn't aged well either, and has frustrating leveling system, but better story than first IMO
    III - Better than previous two, but shows it's age.
    IV - Solid all around. Recommended to everyone willing to check out older RPGs
    V - Story was bit weaker than IV, but still great
    VI - Should be considered for One of the Greats. Solid all around in my books.
    VII - Should be considered for One of the Greats. Graphics haven't aged, but this is getting fixed (hopefully) with the remaster that is on it's way
    VIII - It's good, but it's definitely flawed, especially story and characters. Has great Card mini-game though.
    IX - Should be considered for One of the Greats. Easy recommendations for everyone that are even slightly interested.
    X - It's great, story has few issues, but nothing too bad. I personally think that Auron is one of the best characters ever in gaming.
    XII - I adore this game, And I'm looking forward for the HD-remake.
    XIII - Those goddamn (Amazingly beautiful) hallways. That combined with un-interesting combat. Not recommended.

    That said, all FF games have AMAZING soundtracks, that are well worth listening to, but that is just pretty much a fact.

  • Ill leave my general thoughts on the series if you'd like to jump in

    1. Great for its time its aged but the psp remake is still a good quick play even 31 years later.
    2. Better story then the first, while its leveling system is a good idea on paper its easily manipulated and obtuse.
    3. The weakest of the NES trilogy but the job system was revolutionary.
    4. When the series hit its stride and began its 15 years of dominance in the genre.
    5. Built on the idea of 3 But pulls it off much better.
    6. While my opinion of it is not as high as others on this forum its still a great play (stay away from the ps1 version)
    7. While its visuals have not aged well its story and characters exude charm
    8. Best soundtrack in the series cant cover up obtuse junction system and poorly written story.
    9. best entry point and maybe the best game in the series.
      10 Again while not my cup of tea its still a great game
      12 i love the World and lore of Ivalice this game major hurdle is its lacklustre lead and wonky battle system
      13 Beautiful looking Roller coaster
      15 The potential is there but it just missed it.

    Tactics: best story and characters in the series think game of thrones meets final fantasy

  • @Naseef19 FFX is so much more streamlined and linear compared to Suikoden