[PSA]Random beeping and ejecting discs on PS4 - How to REALLY fix it.

  • Dont know about you Allies, but almost everyone I know that have a launch PS4 has this annoying issue.

    My PS4 from time to time ejects the disc by itself mid-gameplay or even when its powered down.
    At first it was rare enough that it didnt bother. Like once every 2-3 months.
    Then it became so frequent that I decided to abandon physical media altogether.

    I tried all kinds of fixes like:

    -Rebuild PS4 database
    -Power down, plug off, wait 3min, power on.
    -The official solution from playstation support: tight the eject screw on the HDD bay side. Sony even made an official video about it.

    All of those were temporary fixes, the problem returned after a few hours/days.

    The main issue is(or seems to be) static electricity triggering the capacitive eject button.
    Its a major design flaw that Sony wont comment about.

    But this definitive fix is simple enough and requires no hardware expertise,
    all you need is to take the botton cover out and put some tape on the eject button sensor on the motherboard.

    This did it for me and I feel like I need to spread the word since I know it annoys A LOT of people out there.
    The eject button is disabled by it, but most people eject discs using the PS4 interface anyways.

    All kudos goes to David Rutledge from this video:

    Youtube Video

  • @alanpk I had the issue before too but fixed it.

    You can also pull the rubber tab under the eject button out. With the heat the rubber slowly sinks in causing it to touch the eject button. There is also a screw inside the plate you lift off that when tighten can help prevent it from doing that.

  • Have you tried pressing the power button while the ps4 is unplugged? This does it for me. And no warranty voided.

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    thats interesting! I havent had a problem with ejecting disks, but I know my friend he always got shocks from the playstation when pressing the button to eject his disks!

  • @frasafrase Not sure if this directed at me or not, but i put the rubber piece back in. It pops in and out. Even tightening the screw doesn't void warranty. Sony actually suggests it.

  • @CGamor7 no, its to the original youtube video above of voiding the warranty, but if anyone is still having the problem i suggest it since it so low effort.

  • @frasafrase good to know if happens again. What does pushing the button when power off fix it though? what happens?

  • @CGamor7 Its not when to power is off, its when its unplugged. The issue is the built up charge. Some capacitor in the power converter is a little off. So deplete the excess power. Unplug and turn on ps4. You will watch as the console will boot and run for a second or two, then shutdown. Power depleted. Read this once online. Though it can still only be temporary fix, it will at least fix it for more than a few months.

  • I been meaning to get around to do a fix on the PS4 ,just completed it after getting very annoyed with it ejecting disc and beeping 5 times in a row after switch on now all is well ,Thanks

  • I never had this problem with my launch PS4 but my wife did with hers, I ended up folding up some cardboard and put some under the two front corners.

    It seemed to be that troublesome rubber thing in the middle causing it. Haven't had a problem since.