EZA Fantube

  • A few allies and myself have created an EZA Fantube where we can all hang out and watch archived EZA and GT videos together. We watch all the newest videos when they go live on YouTube and always have a video going on the channel. The only time we ever pause is during EZA streams. So, if there are no streams going and you still want to hang out and chat with the community, feel free to come by and join us! Love & Respect!


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    Yeah seen this posted in the twitch a few times! Its great to spend time between the streams watching them together! More fun than just spend time on youtube and read comments. Even though the only "concern" is that they loose viewers on youtube and/or likes, but as their main income is patron this is just fine!

  • We have a lot of TGS GT/EZA bets and reactions coming up on the EZA Fantube to hype up this Tuesday when TGS begins! https://cytu.be/r/EasyAllies It begins in 1 hour and 45 minutes!