Luckiest Moments In Gaming

  • Moments of frustration are abundant when playing games, but every now and again the gaming gods shine down on us and throw us a line. What's your luckiest moment?

    For me it involves the Pokemon Bank. I have a very special connection with Pokemon Black 2, and therefore the Pokemon I raised in that game. So, come X and Y, I think that I've just got to transfer them. But it got delayed, and delayed, and delayed, and I'm starting to get nervous. By the time it was released I'd already beaten Y and was working on X. So the day finally came and I first transferred my competitive team. Then all of the favorites. And then being the sap that I am, I went out and caught a Golurk so that I could transfer every last one of my Pokemon, because NO MAN LEFT BEHIND. So everyone has been transferred, all is right with the world, and then I start to feel a bit bad for the Golurk. All alone on my save file. Waiting at victory road for a trainer who'd never come back, a trainer they trusted to care for them, and I felt so damn guilty. So I've got to find a way to transfer him too. I've got to find a Pokemon that I really really hate, so that I won't feel bad about leaving them. So I power up Black 2, and what to I see? SAVE FILE CORRUPTED. It's done, my Black 2 chip finally went kaput, and I had just transferred all but 1 (sorry Golurk) of my Pokemon minutes before.