Kill Your Babies! (JRPG Edition)

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    As I havnt played SoA (shame on me), I must vote for Xenogears! really amazing game!

  • Still feeling the loss of P3. That ain't right. Fear not, I will avenge you P3!

  • @michemagius The loss of both Persona 3 and 4 does need avenging.

  • I think we can call it...

    In this parallel universe Xenogears was the epitome of RPGs. All future RPGs implemented an anime aesthetic with combo system combat mechanics, crazy pseudo-philosophical dialogue, and at least one loli android with prehensile hair. The sequel, Xenogears 2 went on to sell 50 million copies worldwide on PS2. After a 10 year hiatus, Xenogears 3 was announced for PS4 along with an HD remaster of 1 and 2 that you can only get with a preorder of the ultimate "Deus" collector's edition.

    XENOGEARS forever!

    Edit: The EZA reaction video to the Xenogears 3 announcement went viral and stands at over 20mil views.

  • With a whopping 72% of the vote and an early call by @Mechanoid, the last remaining RPG is Xenogears.

    After Persona 3/4 died (I still miss you both, dearly), this was the game I was really hoping would win. I feel it usually doesn't get mentioned enough yet here it is, surviving the longest against a slew of other exceptional RPGs. Between the interesting combat, stellar music, and one of the best stories in games to date, I'm super proud to see our baby alive and well.

    These lists have been a lot of fun to post and interact with. I like the recommendations of making this a weekly staple of the forums and ideas of branching out of games, such as movies, books, etc.

  • So Xenogears it is. This was fun! Looking forward to the next one!

  • I voted for SoA, oh well.
    Depending on the theme I'm definitely participating again next time.

  • Xenogears or Chrono Cross would likely have been my choice for the last game standing, so I am happy!

  • I think all that have not played Xenogears, need to go out right now and play it.

  • Aww, I missed this thread while it was going on. :(

    Glad to see SoA get so far though. :)