Kyle Bosman cheating E3 bets last evening.

  • How are some people getting so real over this?

  • Even before the results, I knew about this loophole. Huber really needs to be specific.
    It fulfills the contract. It didn't say anything about playing the game.

    As to close all further loopholes, just add a clause saying that the rest of the EZA need to be satisfied with the task or performance or else Bosman needs to do it again. lol

  • I would guess Huber is probably finding this funny as well.

    Anyway, this is a part being played. He's trolling.

    I for one am looking forward to the next betting. Kyle will have to up his game because obviously Huber and everyone else will be on the look out for loopholes.

    It's great!

  • I find it entertaining that he found the loophole, I'm sure Huber does too. We all got to see Kyle play a game he genuinely enjoys, which was great to watch.

  • Huber and his STUPID FANS just need to come to the realization that Kyle. Bosman. is. smarter. than. you. You think you've got him cornered, then BOOM he makes the magic happen baby ezaBackseatBosman.

  • I'm all for Kyle's shenanigans but I didn't find this one particularly funny. Usually when he weasels out of bets he does so in a way that's entertaining and funny for everyone, but I don't think this particularly was other than for the people who wanted to laugh at the disappointment of others who were looking forward to a critical playthrough of one of their favourite games.

    I watched both his streams and I didn't really get the impression Kyle was reveling in the trolling or any such, he just seemed to simply not want to spend 16 hours playing a game he didn't like and was committed to doing whatever it took to not doing that. Not really in the spirit of betting or the making of a fun stream.

    Of course if he does come out for the 3rd stream and play a marathon of lttp then he's a trolling genius and took us all for a ride :laughing:

  • I can't believe how seriously people are taking this. Kyle is the one who brought betting to GT in the first place, and having his fun with the punishments has always been a part of the game.

    I just don't see where he's getting this reputation as someone who doesn't follow through on his bets. He's never skipped out on a bet, not even when he had to wear the Guitars shirt.

  • Like what @Traydor said, Kyle playing ALttP would be an hours long experience vs Huber having to do a 20 minute puppet show.

    It was a fun stream, Kyle held up his end of the bet.

  • Bosman is an absolute legend. No one can tell me otherwise. He is streaming link to the past, front to back in three streams before set date. Good enough for me

  • I would hope none of the other Allies take it personally. I just see it as another crucial chapter in an ever intensifying betting rivalry.

  • People are taking this way more seriously than I expected. The amount of outright anger in the YouTube comments is kind of surprising to me. Watching Kyle weasel his way out of this was probably more fun than watching him actually stream the whole game. And hey, he did warn us that he'd try to make this as unsatisfying as possible for Huber.

  • @Thyme said in Kyle Bosman cheating E3 bets last evening.:

    People are taking this way more seriously than I expected. The amount of outright anger in the YouTube comments is kind of surprising to me. Watching Kyle weasel his way out of this was probably more fun than watching him actually stream the whole game. And hey, he did warn us that he'd try to make this as unsatisfying as possible for Huber.

    People just love to be outraged anout everything. We live in an era where all sides of every argument are angry and upset and willing to voice that outrage irrationally. It is sad, especially with things like comedy and video games. These things are done in good humor and people miscontrue it into something absurd. People need to just relax and enjoy the show. It is video games.

  • I just laughed so hard when I saw both of his videos, it was just an amazing troll. I did wanted to see play through the game he hates, but what we got really brought a smile to my face.

  • @Sparks This line of reasoning really doesn't work.

    Kyle Bosman agreed to the stakes. Using the excuse that they aren't fair is not valid to me.

    @Inflorescence He had the reputation due to the fans really. If he just went out and did the ALTTP playthrough, then that reputation would've been destroyed. He had a choice.

    @Traydor, I agree with you. I normally enjoy his shenanigans but this one definitely seemed to be funny out of laughing at other's disappointment. Personally I take issue with this "weaseling" because he literally didn't have to do anything. I completely agree its not in the spirit of betting. Mostly because if Kyle doesn't ever have to do the stakes that Huber wants, then it removes all consequence if Kyle loses a bet.

    The stakes are just a means to an end, the end being the bets having weight and meaning.

    I'm strongly against anyone just acting stupid and then saying they were trolling. At the end of the day there's funny trolling and then stupid trolling. It's obvious a large portion of the viewers found this particular "troll" to not be funny.

  • I can't understand how someone can take this thing at all seriously. When you bring in silly contract (which was funny thing to do in Huber's part) into a silly betting show then that contract should be made fun by finding every loop hole it contains like Kyle did.

  • @Ivanhoe Yeah the contract itself was funny, but ignoring the stakes of a bet so completely just defeats the purpose of the bet.

    That's why people are reacting the way they are. Funnily enough loopholes isn't the exclusive reason people watch the betting special.

  • I think you are taking this "purpose of the bet" too seriously. It's purpose it's to keep the silly rivarly between these two goofs going and make this as entertaing to us as possible. Kyle will honour the bets like he has done before. The contract wording fumble was just too good thing to pass for him.

  • Well I'm not too surprised so many are upset with how this turned out but honestly it was a good troll to me at least. With the contract you could tell Huber really wanted to make sure Kyle couldn't get wiggle out of playing the game and Kyle still did. This has become a part of bets as much as double down on Don has. Huber has to make sure there's no way Kyle can get around his bets in some sly way.
    I don't think it takes away from the betting specials, I think it kinda adds to them. If Huber wins, you really have to nail Kyle down to something, and really focus on what you want him to do and don't distract yourself with extra stuff like he has to tweet this or that. It'll be very interesting to see where this all goes from here.

  • Before saying anything else, I think we should all kind of look at this as at a pro-wrestling match and have fun with it.
    What I mean is, if my memory serves me correctly (that's a big IF), Kyle went to a drama school of sorts, right? What do you learn in drama school? How to create drama!
    And that's just what Kyle is doing right now, he's only doing what he learned, what's engraved into his being. And we are the audience. We're like the audience of a pro-wrestling match basically. Do the audience of a wrestling match say to each other "Ow, take it easy" or "Ew, don't take it so seriously"? No! They cheer, and they jeer!
    So I believe that as the crowd, it's our sworn duty to roll and have fun with this. Now, having said this...

    I was led to believe that Kyle was going to play A Link to the Past on Stream. What I foresaw was that Kyle was going to play ALTTP and slowly come to the realisation of its' greatness! Kyle was going to love A Link to the Past! Kyle's dishonorfull misuse of the written agreement has denied us all of this!

    Therefore I suggest here that all of us ALTTP fans join together and find everything that is wrong with Kyle's ALTTP stream and point this out, so that he has to stream it again. Not all at once, but each fault seperately after each stream. We shall make Kyle stream ALTTP at least 5 times and turn him into an ambassador, nay, a missionary of A Link to the Past!

    The first thing I will point out is that Kyle's stream has no sound. The agreement was about a full and complete stream. I find it ridiculous, ridiculous I tell you, that the music and soundeffects would not be included in a full and complete stream. The music and soundeffects are an integral part of any game, most of all Zelda! Whether you cut a game in half down the middle or across its' length, it's still only half. Therefore Kyle has only streamed half of A Link to the Past and has not fulfilled his part of the agreement.

    And think about it, Kyle has basically started a battle of nitpicks with the internet. An insane battle, one, that we must show, cannot be won. Or are we, the internet, just going to roll over and lay dead?

    Join me in the struggle!

    Disclaimer: any of the above mentioned thoughts, feelings and leaps of logic belong to the author of this post and may not reflect those of Kyle Bosman, Michael P. Huber or the internet.

    PS: If Huber doesn't care I suppose all of the above is moot.

    PPS: If anyone is offended by the above, please let me know, it's meant in good fun.

    PPPS: Wow, long post, hope anyone reads it!

  • @TheMarcV the real lesson to learn here is that while it didn't take anything away for you, it clearly did to quite a few people. You can't tell those people their feelings are wrong.

    You can certainly continue to say they are wrong and then ignore them, but you can't ban them from discussions. They'll be in every bet conversation from now on.

    That's just reality, whether people like it or not.