Kyle Bosman cheating E3 bets last evening.

  • @Ivanhoe Yeah the contract itself was funny, but ignoring the stakes of a bet so completely just defeats the purpose of the bet.

    That's why people are reacting the way they are. Funnily enough loopholes isn't the exclusive reason people watch the betting special.

  • I think you are taking this "purpose of the bet" too seriously. It's purpose it's to keep the silly rivarly between these two goofs going and make this as entertaing to us as possible. Kyle will honour the bets like he has done before. The contract wording fumble was just too good thing to pass for him.

  • Well I'm not too surprised so many are upset with how this turned out but honestly it was a good troll to me at least. With the contract you could tell Huber really wanted to make sure Kyle couldn't get wiggle out of playing the game and Kyle still did. This has become a part of bets as much as double down on Don has. Huber has to make sure there's no way Kyle can get around his bets in some sly way.
    I don't think it takes away from the betting specials, I think it kinda adds to them. If Huber wins, you really have to nail Kyle down to something, and really focus on what you want him to do and don't distract yourself with extra stuff like he has to tweet this or that. It'll be very interesting to see where this all goes from here.

  • Before saying anything else, I think we should all kind of look at this as at a pro-wrestling match and have fun with it.
    What I mean is, if my memory serves me correctly (that's a big IF), Kyle went to a drama school of sorts, right? What do you learn in drama school? How to create drama!
    And that's just what Kyle is doing right now, he's only doing what he learned, what's engraved into his being. And we are the audience. We're like the audience of a pro-wrestling match basically. Do the audience of a wrestling match say to each other "Ow, take it easy" or "Ew, don't take it so seriously"? No! They cheer, and they jeer!
    So I believe that as the crowd, it's our sworn duty to roll and have fun with this. Now, having said this...

    I was led to believe that Kyle was going to play A Link to the Past on Stream. What I foresaw was that Kyle was going to play ALTTP and slowly come to the realisation of its' greatness! Kyle was going to love A Link to the Past! Kyle's dishonorfull misuse of the written agreement has denied us all of this!

    Therefore I suggest here that all of us ALTTP fans join together and find everything that is wrong with Kyle's ALTTP stream and point this out, so that he has to stream it again. Not all at once, but each fault seperately after each stream. We shall make Kyle stream ALTTP at least 5 times and turn him into an ambassador, nay, a missionary of A Link to the Past!

    The first thing I will point out is that Kyle's stream has no sound. The agreement was about a full and complete stream. I find it ridiculous, ridiculous I tell you, that the music and soundeffects would not be included in a full and complete stream. The music and soundeffects are an integral part of any game, most of all Zelda! Whether you cut a game in half down the middle or across its' length, it's still only half. Therefore Kyle has only streamed half of A Link to the Past and has not fulfilled his part of the agreement.

    And think about it, Kyle has basically started a battle of nitpicks with the internet. An insane battle, one, that we must show, cannot be won. Or are we, the internet, just going to roll over and lay dead?

    Join me in the struggle!

    Disclaimer: any of the above mentioned thoughts, feelings and leaps of logic belong to the author of this post and may not reflect those of Kyle Bosman, Michael P. Huber or the internet.

    PS: If Huber doesn't care I suppose all of the above is moot.

    PPS: If anyone is offended by the above, please let me know, it's meant in good fun.

    PPPS: Wow, long post, hope anyone reads it!

  • @TheMarcV the real lesson to learn here is that while it didn't take anything away for you, it clearly did to quite a few people. You can't tell those people their feelings are wrong.

    You can certainly continue to say they are wrong and then ignore them, but you can't ban them from discussions. They'll be in every bet conversation from now on.

    That's just reality, whether people like it or not.

  • To quote /u/StephenColbert46 from the subreddit, and to quote Kyle himself...

    "I don't like it. Kyle himself said that they do bets so that the claims they make on camera have stakes, otherwise they'd just be dudes on a podcast making guesses.

    However, if every bet is just loopholed out of, there are effectively no stakes. Sure it's amusing to watch but at this point Kyle could say he'd do literally anything for a bet and I wouldn't be invested because he'll just weasel out of it. "

  • @Stormcrownn
    Totally not saying anyone's feelings are wrong, just expressing how I took it. I was looking forward to him playing a LttP but its not like its unknown that Kyle tries to find creative ways around bets, hence why Huber wanted to draft an ironclad contract that sadly backfired a bit.

    I feel bad for those that feel like they have been done wrong, but really I think it's another lesson in learning how to draft up stakes against Kyle. If people feel like because of these results of the betting special they will no longer watch new betting specials then that's a shame but to each their own and how they choose to spend their time. I'll be watching tho

  • @TheMarcV It kills me a bit when Kyle himself has explained why they have bets/stakes. He's literally explained my point of view himself. (see above quote)

    Now, I'm 100% sure he did it for the comedic effect. But not every joke lands.

  • @TooMuchPassionFGames I think you got the spirit of this thing down. Doing what you propose would be good for the bit and might even eventually lead to Kyle playing the game. Much better than getting salty over basically nothing.

    Some people are serious about the bets, the stakes everything. Others see this as a funny bit. This is like a necessary, natural divide that is bound to happen so let's not get too carried way because of it.

  • @Stormcrownn
    I completely get your point of how getting around the bet kinda lessen the stakes. Let's just not kid ourselves tho, Kyle might have gotten out of the true nature of the bet but at the end of the day he still lost and when he does his little 'Bosman from Home' or whatever (love that show by the way) there is no Sessler Cup (spelling?) looking back at him telling him he did good, all he see's is a blank wall where it would have been and is filled with emptiness till he can attempt to win it back.
    That's what is really a stake here.

  • As Huber is a huge wrestling fan, there is no way he does not love Kyle being a heel like this.

  • I look forward to the loop holes as much as I do the stakes being fulfilled. I'm entertained by either/both.

  • Kyle plays a great heel.

  • I'm excited to see how this event ripples through the EZA Universe

  • Looking back, the contract doesn't contain the word "play". I think Bosman is covered in this respect with this DECISIVE EVIDENCE! (Phoenix Wright tone)

  • reposting my thoughts from the "Bosman Plays A Link to the Past" thread on the Shows Board

    I am appalled at the way Mr. Bosman has been portrayed after these recent events. This is a honest man, with integrity and respect towards bets. Through the history of GT Time, Final Bets, and The Easy Allies Podcasts he fairly and reasonably fulfilled all terms of the bets he makes, and yet he has been bullied, called a troll, and backed into a corner. This was a man who’s hand was forced. A man who had to defend his honor.

    “But but but!” You may whimper. “But the hour long comedy special! He weaseled his way out of that one!”.

    Do you truly believe that was a reasonable request? 1 hour of original stand up? No, it was the request of a mad man! It would not even be reasonable to ask Bill Burr or Dave Chappelle to come up with an hour of material in such a short timeframe! Mr. Bosman simply did what he was capable of.

    No, the true wrongdoer is the one and only, Michael P. Huber. This is a man who does not respect the sanctity of a bet. A man who will make unreasonable stake, and then MOCK and DEGRADE the loser for failing to accomplish it.

    Let us take a step back to the Final Bets – The Game Awards & PSX 2015. Mr. Bosman puts forth the stakes that Mr. Huber will have to play 3 video game songs on his clarinet, and stream this concert live. Mr. Huber then places the most ludicrous stakes imaginable. That Mr. Bosman must play a video game of the viewer’s choice from start to end credits, in a single sitting. This is the actions of a madman.

    Now let’s look at the most recent bet fulfillment, the 10 minute standup performance with original material. As should be suspected, Mr. Bosman honorably and completely fulfills the terms, and puts on a 10 minute standup special with hilarious, ORIGINAL material , even includes an ENCORE JOKE to wrap up the performance.

    But still, Mr. Bosman cannot escape the torment and bullying from his colleagues. He is harassed, mocked, and accused of being a dishonorable better.

    Now it is time to for the E3 2016 betting special. To mock Mr. Bosman further, Mr. Huber shoves a BETTING CONTRACT in Mr. Bosman’s face, an act unheard of in the history of GT and EZA bets. This is an act of aggression. Mr. Huber’s intent was to insult Mr. Bosman, to rub in his face his reputation as a dishonorable man, and to humiliate him. Flabbergasted, Mr. Bosman signs the contract.

    Mr. Bosman has clearly had enough. He’s found the courage to stand up for himself, and defend his name. This is not the act of a “troll”. This is the act of a man who understands what is right and what is wrong. Mr. Bosman should be celebrated as a hero, and if he is found guilty today, the people should riot.

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  • OMG! Trail of the Century tonight! Do you guys think he'll be found innocent or guilty?

  • @TheMarcV He's innocent, but they should consider him guilty as they can drag this out for at least another stream.

    More streams = more content = more views = more Easy $$$ = More content