Kyle Bosman cheating E3 bets last evening.

  • It is done. Hope all the salt can be washed away now.

  • That was absolutely worth it. That court case was so hilarious.

  • @Barnacle Its literally the price of trolling to that extent.

    The actual definition of trolling is;

    "make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them."

  • So you're teaching him a lesson by denying the entire group funding?

  • Another screencap for good measure.

    alt text

  • That picture tells the story of the trial. Bosman held his head high, Huber on the other hand knew he lost on the arguments, but in the end people just want to see Zelda played. Great show.

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  • Is everything okay now? No hurt feelings? For me this got a bit out of hand with too much pressure.
    This should have been a fun thing only and I was fine with whatever Kyle (or Huber for that matter) would have done.

  • @Krocsyldiphic I watched it live. It was a fun thing. The intensity all played into how hilarious it was.

  • Do you know what would be hilarious, that Bosman would actually do a full, complete playthrough of the Lttp now, that he doesn't have to.

  • No, Huber, what have you done! You have denied me, I mean us, our full playthrough of ALTTP by Kyle! Why...

    Kyle was at your mercy, he was going to play ALTTP and he was going to end up loving it, that's how it was supposed to go... (sob, breaking down)! Why...(sob, sob). I don't even know anymore who the good guy is and and who the bad guy here.... (sob, sob)

  • @TooMuchPassionFGames To be fair, Kyle said a few times he was disappointed all the power was taken away. He was looking forward to figuring out how to troll.

  • This all of this was freaking awesome entertainment well done everyone.

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    I just watched the trial! Must say it was really entertaining! I think that sometimes we take life too serious! then we need things like this in order to get some distance and come back down to earth <3

  • @Lotias The best part of the trial is that it had to be serious. Like, it was funny, and everyone knew it was a joke, but it absolutely mattered whether Kyle was guilty or not.

    They mentioned later in the stream, when/if they hit $50,000 patreon, they have to have a court-room set now.

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    @Stormcrownn Yeah I agree! I was a bit worried first that it would be too much "joking around" and it would kinda loose its purpose a bit. Yeah the outcome were very important both for EZA and the stream.

    Oh right! I think that would be a great idea! so they can have the bets being finalised in court and for things like this!

  • @Stormcrownn Kyle has said that? You mean after the trial, in streams, about not having to play ALTTP anymore?

  • @TooMuchPassionFGames Yeah. He said he was NOT expecting Huber to take away "power" of playing ALTTP.

  • Really, this whole situation could not have turned out to be more entertaining for me. I loved how Huber throw out the contract on the betting special, unpresidented. Then having Kyle find a loophole was so awesome and trolly and just so Kyle. It could have easily ended there, but no, these actions caused a ripple effect which basically turned this event into EZA Civil War. People choosing sides, Team Huber or Team Bosman. Then the trial, oh god what a trial, everyone taking the stand and saying their peace. Great arguments on both sides, then to have the people decides Kyle's faith and to have it be so close too. This was probably one of my favorite things these guys have done, Bravo!

  • I really don't get how ppl think there was some loophole in the contract when Huber asked Kyle to stream the game he obviously meant play the game himself while streaming... Kyle also knew this but still tried to worm his way out of doing it.

    I think the Judging yesterday made it clear that the contract does not need to be exactly worded for both parties to know what was meant, Kyle knew he should of played it while streaming it from start to finish as he clearly knew this before he signed the contract that Huber meant that.

    I don't even get the whole fuss about this Kyle has not streamed the game from start to finish he streamed someone else streaming it which was not said was allowed in the contract either.

    If Kyle was not sure what was meant or if he was allowed to stream someone else's stream he would of asked if this was ok but he clearly knew that he was not suppose to but still did anyways for trolling purposes...

    Everyone knows that this was case and it wasn't even funny from Kyle doing this it just made him a douchebag... although I did find the trial a good laugh xD