Kyle Bosman cheating E3 bets last evening.

  • @Lexad Well, that's what stream highlights are for, and the discussion threads on these forums.

  • @Lexad
    I think while completing this bet would take more time then these bets should really allow, I feel like it really hit a sweet spot for a lot of people. Kyle is being punished (and losing the bet is suppose to be a punishment) by having to play a game he doesn't enjoy. While on the other hand these videos can still be entertaining for fans because many people like LttP and Kyle's commentary while he plays games. The punishments of making Kyle do Stand up or Huber do some action figure play really mostly would result in just cringe worthy videos that could be fun just to see these guys out of their comfort zones but not really all that entertaining to the viewers. This bet kinda hit the sweet spot in my eyes though, but still I'm really happy with how everything played out. Including that even though Kyle was found Guilty he doesnt have to play the game which i do feel is fair cuz he did a damn good job finding a loophole and being a master class troll, all in good fun of course.

  • I was probably a little harsh with that comment. I personally don't follow a lot of the streaming content, I have never personally understood twitch. Watching the trial and a little bit of the trolling gave me much more entrainment than a 16hr stream.

    That trial got more views than a typical stream from my understanding. Kyle even took a dig at Huber that no way are 1700 people going to watch Huber stream LTTP.

  • @Lexad
    Completely agree, things worked out for the better in my opinion. I think I would have personally enjoyed watching Kyle play Lttp and ripping on it the whole time, but all the drama and excitement this caused was so much more entertaining.

  • Let's all just admit that future Bosman ruined everything, creating a darkest timeline.

  • @Stormcrownn I agree with Kyle on it taking much of the power away, that's a bit of a shame. It was an unexpected thing of Huber to do though, in that it was cool, plus it was mighty magnanimous of him. I don't think Kyle should have gone on trolling though, I feel the bet-loophole game has been kinda played out by now. In my opinion it was in big part due to a lot of people becoming a bit fed up with Kyle's loopholing that this whole thing got so much traction. So the way I feel is, there's been a trial, now it's done.

    Maybe some trolling could be fun again sometime in the future but not too soon, I feel. The bets themselves shouldn't lose their weight either.

  • People say he was loopholing, but had he really before this?

    Do 1 hour of standup 1 month from now. Not even the greatest standup comedians could pull that off in that timeline.

    Do 10 minutes of original standup, he did that, with a nice little nod to the previous standup with the animal jokes

    He has said apparently that if Huber hadn't done a contract, he probably would have played LTTP.

  • @Lexad About 1700 people watching, only 1200 voted, and only 600 voted in favor of Huber. So really, you can only expect 600 people to come watch, and then...schedules matter. The amount of views the VOD gets would probably be the fairest way.

  • they should have given a day to let everyone vote and then do the sentencing

  • I was entertained by every way the allies handled it, and that's all I care about. They played their roles expertly, and I love them all for it.