Cleaning PS Vita cover?

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    Hey Allies,

    So today at lunch I got the pleasant surprise of fininding an old jar of grapes in my bag that had gone old and leaked all inside. The issue (or maybe luck) was that I had my vita in there with its textile sleeve in there which they has absorbed some of the stuff.. So its it possible to wash it to get rid of the stench? or do I just have to bin it and see if I can buy a new one anywhere?

    Love and Respect

  • Have you tried using a diaper?

    Jk. In all honesty though, I'd probably do a white vinegar soak for like 15 min and then hand wash carefully in cold water and then prop it up to dry somewhere where it's getting good airflow over and inside it. Do not use hot water, that may shrink it. You may have to wash more than once to get any funk totally out of it.

    Weirdly enough, check out this article on de-funking gym clothes, since a lot of the same types of materials are used in athletic gear.

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    hmm that could actually work! I don't think its made of the "training material" like the post suggest. However, the fruit smell are quite vile close by. I will try some vinegar or something when I get home, wouldn't normal like washing up soap be an option?

  • Oh, sorry, the sleeve I had was kind of a stretchy synthetic type of material like in wetsuits or whatever. That's why I posted that article. Your mileage may vary.

    Yeah, I'd prob just use whatever washing detergent you normally use unless it's got bleach in it.

    Dish and hand soap may not work quite as well, but they'll probably still work.

  • So, uh, do you normally carry around an old jar of grapes in your bag?

    If it's just the sleeve, washing with a gentle soap should work, right?

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    @naltmank kinda! I tend to bring in fruit for lunch at work, just had forgotten about this pack small pack in my bag as I got other lunch and yeah...

    Will prolly take forever to dry, but then we'll see

  • Just checking if the thread had its mandatory diaper answer in order. It did.

    But in all seriousness, hopefully you'll manage to clean it up properly! A nasty thing to happen.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I was on diaper duty.