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  • @sheria He's not saying you need to know one to understand the other. He's saying that what you learn in one story is completely related to the story of the other protagonist.

  • There's a couple of chapters where it connects, but many where its insignificant.

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    What a load of rubbish that you need to need to know one to understand the other

    Without the first two Kiryu chapters, which set up the empty lot, how it's thrown the Tojo clan into essentially civil war, and the outcome of finding the owner of the lot - you have no idea why Majima is sent to kill Makoto, why the stakes are so high and what it means to the overall situation when he REFUSES in chapters 3 and 4.

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    Gotta say I'm pretty surprised by that opinion too @Sheria. I found the pacing all over the place with Kiwami. Zero at least always felt focused to the story while in Kiwami there'd be a chapter dedicated to some random girl and the son of the florist and another to Date's daughter and they didn't really have any place in the main story at all. There were a few more occasions of this too, I just honestly forget them.

    No way can I agree to Kiwami being all over the place, especially compared to a game that literally bounced itself about two characters acting out at different times. Things would get interesting with one character, and then, right at a pinnacle, you're left hanging and forced into an unrelated scenario elsewhere, with two chapters in-between.

    Some down time In a story is good for pacing; important plot revelation, followed by a little exposition and some slower, social aspects. Zero however, shoved huge sections such as its real estate, hostess management and stuff like the underground arena, well into the game, when you'd be hoping it was well done with tutorial stuff.

    Couldn't disagree more. Yakuza Kiwami has a much more unfocused story than Yakuza 0. Most of the game doesn't even directly have a goal in mind. Chapters do not have a clear beginning middle and end or an indication of something to look forward to. I mean it is really kinda goes nowhere for most of it. Not to say the scenes aren't entertaining but in terms of story beats.

    The serialized nature of Yakuza 0 works in the same way a show like '24' did back in the day where your chapter has an entire arch in itself, then you're left in anticipation at the end. I'd say every chapter in 0 has a beginning, middle, and end.

  • Kiwami has a decency to feel like a whole in itself. Playing through Zero, it was embarrassing the amount of times it insulted by reminding me what's just happened, especially when half of it was fluff. Seasons of 24 were designed for TV, and gave a good time between airs of each episode, it's a shit comparison. In fact, Zero's consistent need to remind the player of what just happened 10 minutes ago makes the whole thing unconfident in its storytelling.

    Yakuza 1 always had a goal, and at least it wasn't as funny as every time you were reminded that this is all about an "empty lot".

  • @sheria If you didn't enjoy the story of Zero over the story of Kiwami, that's totally fine. But your argument that the pacing of Zero is terrible and great in Kiwami is genuinely baffling.

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    @sheria If you didn't enjoy the story of Zero over the story of Kiwami, that's totally fine. But your argument that the pacing of Zero is terrible and great in Kiwami is genuinely baffling.

    I never said either pacing was good or terrible, only that one was better than the other. You're comment on Kiwami being old though was hilarious, what with the way modern games are.

  • @sheria I don't follow.

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    @sheria I don't follow.

    What a surprise.