General complaining thread. (Venting welcomed)

  • Hey there Allies, just thought that a general thread available to anyone wishing to express annoyance/anger/general angst and vent a bit, whether be it be complaining, whining, wincing, or plain old ranting. A welcoming home to all curmudgeons of this world.

    I'll start by having to say that I absolutely despise summer. Who the hell ever thought this season was ever a good idea? Go outside? Get sunburned, possible sunstroke. Stay inside? I hope you have A/C, otherwise get ready to slowly cook in your apartment. Have A/C? Good for you, now here's your inflated electricity bill. Seriously, a shit season all around, someone should honestly do something about it. Flies, the heat, the happy people in the streets, it's as if this season was made specifically to make people miserable. Give me fall, winter, and spring all year, I'm done with summer.

  • I grew up annoyed hearing my family say, its a nice day to be outside. And it feels like 100+ with humidity. Along with the torture of ending a car that's been sitting in the sun with the windows closed.

    Hilliary Clinton getting away with ignoring the law undermines the point of having a government. I certainly will not vote for her. Trump may not be a much better option. But I think my crossroads are much clearer when election day comes, and I will vote independent if I could. And shame on democrats like Corey Brooker for sucking up to Clinton, and acting like what she did isn't serious. Along with Chris Christie, whose desperate to save face after Bridgegate. Just screw every American politican in the race now.

  • @-Jak- In my opinion, we are no better than Russia in terms of elections.

  • Full disclosure: I worked for Al Gore's campaign in 2000, John Kerry's campaign in 2004, Hillary and then Barack in 2008, then Barack again in 2012. I've retired from actively working on campaigns because, well, politics in this country is particularly backwards. Feel free to think I'm just a shill.

    @-Jak- My general complaint is that in 25 years of literally having every aspect of their lives examined ad nauseam, the GOP has managed to stick one incident of oral sex on Bill, and him lying about it, and nothing else to the Clintons. Yet they have somehow managed to paint them as criminals and the most dishonest people ever. What's this latest example of their treachery? Hillary's such a workaholic that she wanted to be able to read work EMails at home, and her underlings at State went so far as to oblige her? Wow, so evil. She shouldn't have covered it up, but I guess she was trying to protect her people. Weird, she's loyal to her people, such a witch. What about Benghazi? Nope, no culpability. The Clinton Foundation being used as a funnel for overseas campaign donations? Oh, totally bogus as well.

    I generally think the people like the Clintons are more like Corey Booker than you think - people who believe in the ability of government and business to be honest, open partners in creating a prosperous America. I think Hillary, in particular, has good intentions, and is probably even a better person than BIll. I can't say the same about the Donald. I don't necessarily agree with them that business needs a seat at the table, but then again, I'm super progressive and the Clintons are, gasp, moderates. I would have had no problem with a President McCain or Romney in '08 or '12 (except maybe that Palin pick, lol), but I cannot fathom how people dismiss Trump and Clinton as bad choices. Hillary is easily the good choice. She'll run circles around Donald at the debates.

    Because I think this is a jolly place, and I want to remain jolly, I'd just say that I think it behooves people to actually think about what they know about Hillary. Because a narrative has been created there very similar to narratives created against Jimmy Carter, Michael Dukakis, Walter Mondale, the Kennedys, and most politicians left of center in this country in the past 35 years. The difference is, the Clintons have withstood it. Meanwhile, Citizens United happened (a case which Hillary's campaign sued and brought to Court because of PACs funding commercials against her) and in this country it was decided money was speech, and couldn't be infringed, but the difference between Trump and Clinton and who'd they'd put on SCOTUS is irrelevant because they're the same! Last time I heard that, it was about Bush and Gore, and because of a bunch of Ralph Nader voters, we had Bush in the chair during 9/11 instead of Gore, and I refuse to believe that would have turned out the same.

    But what do I know? I've only been been a political rabblerouser for a decade and a half. /vent

  • @eschatological I find it very odd that in NY state. People who been voting for years, had their records completely disappear. And there was no push to do another primary knowing people were clearly robbed of their right to vote. In the most important primary in NY for decades.

    Asides from that. The fact is when you break the law. There's no "Oh I didn't know that was a law", or "its not a serious issue". An average person would have been thrown in jail and/or fired for what Clinton did. And have their career ruined. So this investigation conclusion is nothing short of political privilege. And it sends the wrong message to the people that high status in society, can put you above the law and others.

  • Fuck Kevin Durant

  • @-Jak- The law is only broken if intent is shown, or gross negligence. There wasn't one iota of evidence of intent, and all examples of "gross negligence" in the past have been thousands of emails, major breaches - not ~100 in over 30k EMails.

    I live in NY, and voted for Hillary in NY, Most of the complaints about "vanishing records" are people who didn't change their registration in time, were mad at the DMV saying it took 5 days to switch their registration when it was "a simple electronic submission which should have been done instantly," and then complained about it. Or didn't respond to expiration notices of their registration. And then alleged that someone was deliberately slowing down registration changes. IE, conspiracy nonsense.

  • Abbas Kiarostami is dead and now the pool of excellent, working filmmakers is getting even drier. It really sucks when someone creative dies when they're still working on stuff; the guy had two features in the works I was looking forward to.

    Hopefully the one he was closer to finishing gets exhibition in some form.

  • I'm exhausted being a person of color living in an urban center. The last few years have been literally life-draining, and now things are blowing up in a bad way. Ugh.

  • I seriously think I'm going to quit my job, I'm tired of doing everyone's work, I'm tired of never getting any recognition, I'm tired of my self absorbed dick of a manager, and I'm just tired of this feeling that every day I've spent there for the last 3 years has been completely meaningless.

  • I forgot about this thread. No surprise it was started by Sonmi :D

    Actually I'll take this opportunity to quickly complain again that in Star Wars The Force Awakens the wrong button was used to turn on the lightsaber. I can't believe they messed that up