Does anyone use ? Share your stats

  • Been using this site for a couple of years now. It's pretty nice for tracking backlogs and how much time i need to finish all the games.

    Anyone else use these kind of sites to manage their time and backlog? Especially with this year's rush of games, my time to beat has gone up so much.

    Heres my profile: HERE

    My stats:

    Completions 59
    Single-Player 1273 Hours
    Avg Length 22h 19m
    Avg Days to Beat 96

  • I just used it today to try and get Ben to Play Arc the Lad

  • I don't have an account there but I use it frequently to check how long a game is, this often plays a big role in deciding what to play next.

  • @Axel I do the exact same, I've started using backloggery to track my games.

  • Same as Axel and Bard, I don't typically use it to track progress but I will try to get a feel for how long a game will take! I've been using it to get through some of the shorter games in my backlog and thin things out!

  • I signed up to this a few weeks back, but the import tool for Steam refuses to work for me. So I've stuck with Backloggery, even though I prefer the look of this.