Nintendo NES Classic Edition! aaaaaaaaaaannnndd iitttss goooooooooooneeee

  • @Mbun For has nothing to do with having what i cant have, If that was the reason I would have just bought it at $1XX from a scalper. $60 for 30 nes games and official hardware from nintendo is a really good value for me (I guess its just too good to have). Is it so much to dream about just walking to a store, or buying it online at cover price insignificant product (like people say).
    @Art And yes, around 5 years ago I bought a couple of NES and SNES USB controllers to play emulations on my PC. That little console has value for me... ofcourse im not gonna go and play like 60 hours on it.. I wont die if I don't have it.. I'm just frustrated more than anything else, people have to always step on each other and take advantage of any situation.

  • @Art Yep Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Ninja Gaiden and 22 other NES classics for 2 bucks a piece sure is outrageous!


  • @edsortiz they had just as much chance to grab the consoles and you did.

  • The way I feel about this: "Nah, don't sweat it pirates. You're doing a better job and we're sick of making money."

    So shortsighted.

  • @Art yeah people are weird.

    i literally didn't give a shit when they announced the NES Mini. i'm like meh, it'd be cool to own but i'm saving up for the Switch. i even completely ignored all the restocks.

    then EB games australia restocked the system online on Monday arvo and i'm like "huh? oh cool, i've finished paying off my Switch console and all my pre-orders for it and i've got the spare cash for it at the moment so why the fuck not?" and i just casually bought my NES Mini and told my mates that it was in stock atm.

    then i hear shortly afterwards that this was Australias last ever restock of the console and then shortly after that even America is discontinuing the product. i lol'd my ass off at everyone who didn't bother to go grab one at the multiple opportunities they had to grab one and have now "missed out".

    it's their own fault for "missing out" i say. LOL

  • @Yoshi how is it my own fault?!? Whenever a restock was announced here in the US an hour later they where sold out.. and im not gonna go and make a line at 6am at some walmart for the CHANCE of grabing one.. not worth it

  • I got one and a spare controller for my kids for Christmas and they would rather play the original console cause they like blowing the games

  • @Longview It's truly part of the experience.

  • Never saw the appeal, maybe because I emulate old games like that, maybe because I didn't grow up with it, but it didnt seem like that great of a deal.

    An SNES one I could almost understand because there are very few games on the NES that weren't done better on the SNES, and even for SMB3, that is available on the SNES in SM All Stars

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    Buy a Raspberry Pi kit.
    Bam, you've got an NES Classic but with literally EVERY NES and SNES game instead of the 30 they include with it.

    I never understood why people went so apeshit for an overpriced emulation box.

  • @El-Shmiablo I know some people that have hacked their Nes Mini's to have every single game on it, so if you get it at retail and do that its a pretty cool look piece of kit

  • @edsortiz well that's your decision. the scalpers you're whinging about seemed to think it was worth it. you could have easily lined up at 6am like they did

  • As long as they realize there is a clear demand for titles of the past and make them available. Especially since Switch seems like a return to roots in many regards. So many people my age (20s) love video games and have their entire lives, but haven't touched anything before N64/PS1. I had Genesis but that's by circumstances. I'd love to play SNES or NES games without having to make a Raspberry Pi or spend $200-300 on NES and $100 per game. Renting an SNES for the full price of the console, then getting my deposit back when I return it, etc.

    GOG can bring back PC classics that I would have otherwise never played, Sony has the PS Store, but Nintendo has a much longer legacy and should help fans out in this regard.

  • @ACardAttack To be fair, the SM All Stars version of SMB3 sucks.

    @El-Shmiablo Yay piracy! Just steal everything! Mind you,I don't so much disagree with doing this if you'd paid for the games before and are just loading them onto another device for convenience. It just doesn't really belong in a discussion like this since yes we all know you can technically steal all kinds of games to get them for free, but that should never be weighed against the economics of actually legally purchasing ways to play the same games without stealing them.

  • Never got the chance to get one. Whenever I went to Nintendo World, it was always out of stock. Other stores simply didn't have them. And you'll have to be at the store prior to opening to get on a line when they may have it.

    Doesn't mean much to me though. As I was never a big fan of the NES. The SNES on the other hand..... But if the NES classic was cancelled to not take attention away from the Switch. That will probably be a limtied time offer or non existant. After all, Nintendo must have some decent reason to stop a money making machine production.

  • @Mbun

    I never had any issues with the SM All Stars version of SMB3, what is wrong with it?

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    @Mbun You know that Nintendo uses ROMS themselves, right? They downloaded SMB straight from a torrent site and sold it on the eShop.

    None of the money you spend on these games are going to their original developers.

    Also, it is perfectly fine to discuss emulators and roms on these forums. It only becomes a problem when we start telling people where to acquire the software.

  • @El-Shmiablo said in Nintendo NES Classic Edition! aaaaaaaaaaannnndd iitttss goooooooooooneeee:

    None of the money you spend on these games are going to their original developers.

    A: You have no idea if that's true, you have no clue what contracts were signed, what royalty systems are in place, how much nintendo paid to licence each game for the system etc

    B: Even if they dont directly get money from a sale, it doesnt mean it doesnt matter or it doesnt benefit them. When a developer is trying to get a new project or IP greenlit, they're going to be pointing back at how their previous stuff did for the company. So even if all the money does go to nintendo, the developer is still going to leverage it for bigger budgets, slaries, royalties etc in future projects

  • @El-Shmiablo said in Nintendo NES Classic Edition! aaaaaaaaaaannnndd iitttss goooooooooooneeee:

    Also, it is perfectly fine to discuss emulators and roms on these forums. It only becomes a problem when we start telling people where to acquire the software.

    that's like saying people should go out and go buy some nuclear weapons. it only becomes a problem when they start bombing the shit out of the planet & killing innocent lives with them.

    just because you're not directly telling people to download the software, doesn't mean your intentions aren't clear. you're just trying to create a loophole for yourself to try and make it look like you aren't implying people should go out and emulate said software.

  • Impending SNES Classic Edition? I think it's very likely considering the success of the NES mini. Wouldn't be surprised if they cooked something up for this holiday season. And honestly, even if I do own a Raspberry Pi, I would be intrigued if they did so.