Kill Your Babies!: Massacre the Multiplatform Titles!

  • Spec Ops: The Line
    SoulCalibur II
    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Not my favourite Namco fighting game.

  • FFF YEAH!!!! Spec Ops!!!!!!

    Horribly depressing shit in video games FTW!!!

  • And our final two games are decided! But one choice remains: Which is the better multiplatform game?

    Spec Ops: The Line
    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Click the link to cast your vote. Come back at Midnight EST to find out the winner!

  • Don't love either game, but I went Batman because it plays better and has had a much larger impact on the industry than spec ops.

    Really, though, I'm just happy Lord of the Rings made it past the halfway point.

  • I'm not especially invested in either franchise, but Spec Ops: The Line is kinda a masterpiece of storytelling amongst it's contemporaries. I don't even think Asylum is the best game in the series.

  • @CGamor7 I just killed what I seemed to be unworthy to continue forward, and they just happened to be your games. I didn't check who added said games on the list, because that doesn't matter to me.

    BUT when it comes to Burnout 3, that game is actually really great fun, And to this day it's one of the few racing games that I actually like. I don't like racing games at all, unless it's something like Burnout, Demolition Derby etc.

    But yay, Arkham Asylum made it to the Final two :D But the game it's against is also a great game, Not because of gameplay or graphics, but because of the Storytelling. It is a game that I recommend everyone to play, because that story is THAT good. And every single goddamn reporter who blame videogames for violent behavior needs to play this game. (And to see the actual studies that clearly showcase that videogames don't have correlations to violent behavior.)

  • Cool, Spec Ops made it to the end. Decided to even vote for it even though Batman games are really, really good. In this case, though, Spec Ops is just that unique, I feel, with its story and how it represents it. (And I kinda like Arkham City the best.)

  • Asylum is the best game in the Arkham series

  • I turn my back and this happens. Bloody good show chaps.

    Tasty fact: the writer of Spec Ops: The Line, Richard Pearsey, also was the writer for Resident Evil VII. Who would've thunk it?

  • @ib0show I concur! I think Asylum really drove home the atmosphere and story and really the essence of Batman, whereas City, while being more open and visually impressive, felt more lackluster in those areas to me.

  • I missed that round but I'm happy Batman made it, I was rooting for this and Dead Space!

  • With a 13-4 outcome, the definitive game across various platforms is...

    Batman: Arkham Asylum!

    My thanks as normal to all who vote, kill, and post!