Final Fantasy Art Collection 5/3-5/17 (Tokyo)

  • Hey all,

    I saw an ad on the subway on the way back from work today advertising a Final Fantasy art collection running in Tokyo from May 3rd - May 7th. I'm trying to find more info online but am thus far having no luck. In any case, would any Japan allies like to come with me? We could make a day out of it!

  • Following up on this: It's at Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan on the 12th floor (about 2 min from Yuurakuchou station in Ginza). The exhibit runs from 11 am to 7 pm, with the last admittance at 6 pm. Theoretically we could hit up this exhibit, grab lunch (one of my favorite restaurants is a <10 min walk away!), and then head down a few stops on the keihintouhoku-sen to the melonpan festival if anyone is down. Let me know! I'll probably be doing this route regardless! :D

  • Today was rad! The exhibition was small, but - as Huber might put it - very intimate. I showed up and immediately got some goodies: a poster, a folder, and a little plastic slip with one of his sketches (pictured below). I also snapped one pic of the art before realizing the big signs that said "no pictures." Oops.

    There was a lot of work I had never seen before, including lithograms, prints, and some awesome calligraphy-like-work on large, traditional "kites." One of the biggest surprises for me was a beautiful piece from FFV, with the original party about to set off on Faris's boat. Of course, it wasn't all Final Fantasy, and there were several original/unrelated pieces of art that were equally beautiful. A particular favorite of mine was of this warrior covered in tattoos. Half of his body was of a tiger, the other half a dragon, and then they met near his navel forming a serpent. Obviously my words don't do it justice, but it was awesome. In general, Amano's art is utterly breathtaking in person. He manages to pack in such fine details into his work, and has this really cool way of blending mediums (much like the way he blends dream and reality, traditional and modern). It's really incredible.

    Afterwards I went to the Melonpan festival. I'm currently riding a sugar high. There were melonpan from all over the country there (see the brochure below), but I unfortunately got there a little too late to get some of the really interesting looking ones. Still, I got five amazing ones, and I had a great time. It was essentially an indoor farmer's market for kashipan lovers like me. A little pricey, but all proceeds went to charity so I can't complain. Overall a great time!
    Kaiju made of toys from outside the melonpan festival
    Inside the festival
    Whipped-cream Melonpan from Kyuushuu
    Cream-cheese Melonpan (surprisingly savory, but still really good)0_1493994844404_IMG_1985.JPG
    "Cabbage" Melonpan (that was also filled with melon cream)
    My personal favorite: maple melonpan (covered in a maple glaze and filled with maple cream).

    Overall, today was a great reminder of why I moved here about a year ago. Of course, family is great, but I'd lost touch with the fact that there are still aspects of this culture that I really love. I don't just mean the pop culture and the food; I so rarely interact with strangers that I'd forgotten what it was like just striking up a conversation with people. It made me realize how far my language skills have come, and how much more willing people are to interact with me now that I can converse freely back with them. I think I'm finally at a point where I'll be sad to leave here in a couple months, and that's the most beautiful thing of all.

  • That is pretty baller, man. Good for you~

  • Rad! Amano's art is so gooood.