Twitch Ban?

  • Hi All,

    The last EZA stream I watched was the group stream on Tues (4/11), no problems. When I tried to get on Twitch on Thursday, I get "You have been blocked from using Twitch." I thought it was an IP block (which it also appears to be), but when I was able to log in to my account, it tells me I've been banned for a TOS violation.

    I have no idea why this happened, I only created the account to support EZA when Twitch Prime became a thing, I don't broadcast and watching EZA streams with some light chatting are the only thing I do, and it's the only account I have. The TOS says suspensions for most typical violations are 24 hours, but this has lasted over 4 days now. Even if I said something offensive in chat (I don't believe I did), why it this lasting more than 24 hours?

    I've tried to contact Twitch 3 times now, and I've only received one useless automated response, there's no other contact from them, so I really have no clue about what happened or what to do about it. If my account was compromised, I see no evidence of that, but Twitch doesn't allow me to see my profile so I can't change my password or do anything else. The fact that I also seem to be blocked by IP address makes me think that I got a new one recently from my ISP that had issues from a previous owner (IP blocks are a terrible way to do things like this), but that doesn't explain why my account is banned too.

    If anyone has an insight or advice about this, I'd appreciate it.

  • what was your twitch name

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    @NeverTooOld If it's a complete Twitch ban then it's not any of the EZA mods that have done it, someone will have reported you to Twitch directly for something and they've just banned you outright for whatever the reason given was.Or as you say, IP issues perhaps?

    I don't believe any of us timed you out or banned you, the only thing I can suggest is keep trying to contact Twitch directly. I know that probably doesn't help much.

    If you don't mind, please keep us updated on this.

  • Perhaps your IP address is within the range of spammers and ad bots in your location. And Twitch may have banned them all.

  • I sent Twitch a third email yesterday, still no response. Still blocked.

    ibOshow asked if I was using a proxy, and I'm am not, Twitch should be seeing my ISP assigned IP address. It may have changed into a tainted one last week, not sure because I don't keep track of it, but I'll try resetting my modem to get a new one (this doesn't reliably work). Even so, my account appears to be banned if I try logging in from another IP.

    If I don't get a response, I'll try sending an email to the Twitch legal address, but honestly I feel like I've already wasted too much time on this. I understand mistakes happen, but if Twitch won't respond to me or even allow me access to my account info, they've rendered me helpless here. If they don't want my business, I'll do something else with my time. I'll miss interacting with the EZA community (and the Allies directly sometimes), but if forces conspire against it, what can I do?

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    If your twitch screen name is N3v3rTooOld then it does seem like it's a twitch side ban since I was unable to even go to your twitch page. Did you use the twitch name change service at all and forget? Unlikely, but thought I'd check. I'm guessing you already sent an email through here: This seems to be their only way of contact for this.

    Do you remember receiving an email about the ban/suspension at all? Maybe check your spam folders on your email connected to your twitch account and hope there is some information there.

  • @Kristen59 I made no changes to my Twitch account. You may not be able to see info about the account because I set maximum privacy settings, I tend to do that. Or maybe Twitch just wiped my account completely? I'd check if I could get into it.

    And I've received no communication from Twitch other than a useless automated response to one of my inquires, probably based on the subject I chose. So it is possible for them to send me email. That Twitch link in your post is the one I have been using.

    Checked the spam folder, no Twitch stuff there, but did you know that you can get Viagra and Cialis from Canadian pharmacies for big savings? Oops, will I get banned from this forum for making a spam joke? I don't know anymore, Twitch has made me twitchy.

  • Yo, EZA's resident Twitch Mod here. I have no way of confirming what actually happened, but from what you're saying here it does appear that your account was probably part of a IP ban that took place somewhere. I wish there was something I could do more directly, but I am not on the team that handles support tickets as they come in. I can say that you are definitely using the right medium to appeal the suspension, but due to the high number of tickets I know that it can take up to 2 weeks after a ticket gets filed before a response comes in. A lot of that comes down to having the issue itself investigated, which can in itself take a little time based on what is considered to be high priority.

    You mentioned that you made an account when Twitch Prime started, so I assume that you still have it yes? If so, you can use the email support for Twitch Turbo members (since Twitch Prime carries the same privileges as the Twitch Turbo used to have), which is No guarantees obviously, but it may be worth it to take a shot at sending an email that way to see if you can pick up a response faster.

  • @Duffmana Thanks for the info. I still have Prime, I'll give that email a try.

    And thanks everybody for your time and help, I appreciate it. I'll post again if the situation changes.

  • Update: Last week I received an automated response from saying " Your account and/or IP are currently suspended from accessing our services." Then listed this link to appeal the suspension:

    It just basically asks you if you agree to the terms in several different ways. Under the "Do you know why you were suspended?" question, which is a Yes/No question, they do not offer a "No, I do not know" option, but they probably should. The whole thing feels like nonsense, frankly.

    So I filled it out, and about a week later I got this message:

    "Unfortunately, your account was mistakenly flagged as a bot account and subsequently suspended. I’ve gone ahead and reversed this suspension on your account, so you are free to use our services once again.

    Apologies for the inconvenience and have a pleasant day!"

    So my account is back to normal, I guess. But the wind has been taken out of the sails for sure. I feel like spending any time or effort on Twitch is completely wasted given that it can be snatched away from you arbitrarily, or by overly aggressive automated ban hammers. This could happen to anyone, and it took weeks to be fixed and there's no guarantee that it would be fixed at all. I guess this is how life will be when everything is a digital subscription service...don't get me started on THAT.

    Anyway, I'll probably resub to EZA just to support them, but will probably be less active. Thanks to everyone here who offered advice, assistance or commiseration. Best community on the Interwebs.

  • @NeverTooOld Sounds frustrating. Glad it got worked out in the end. I'd just chalk it up to a fluke, unless it happens again, then raise the pitchforks all you'd like.

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    Thanks for the update, I'm glad it managed to get resolved but it's a shame you got swept up in a bot ban.

    I note you say you won't be as active but I hope to see you around in chat celebrating your new found liberation :D

  • @Mbun My pitchforks are all sharpened and ready.

    @MCRMJ I'm not super active anyway, I mostly watch Kyle's streams and the group stream, then random other stuff sometimes. But it's very demoralizing to get into something, to any degree, then suddenly have the rug pulled out from under you like Twitch did to me. Again, insert rant [about the pitfalls of digital subscription services that you have no control over] here. So it makes one, shall we say, hesitant, to put too much time or energy into such things. As they say: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, won't get fooled again.

    I may resub on tonight's group stream, although I like Kyle's more personal touch. Gotta get the timing right and figure out something to say. Actually, I just thought of something, relating to Kyle's DGM stream yesterday...

  • So, my account got suspended, again. This is the email I got this time:

    Based on review of community reports about your activity or content, we have issued a Community Guidelines strike on your account for Reason: "Other Terms of Service Violation" and indefinite suspension from accessing or using Twitch services.

    How very...generic. I know I haven't done anything wrong, I don't stream, I only watch streams, mostly EZA, and the little I've typed in chat is certainly not worthy of any kind of suspension. And, you know, this isn't the first time they've made this mistake.

    Is it normal for Twitch to repeatedly suspend accounts for no reason? Because, as a paying customer, I find this level of customer service unacceptable. I want to give my Bezos Bux to EZA, but Twitch seems to really not want me to.

  • @nevertooold sorry to hear buddy

  • @iboshow

    Got an email reply from Twitch on 7/14:

    Your account was recently suspended or blocked due to a mistake on our part. I’ve gone ahead and reversed this suspension on your account, so you are free to use our services once again.

    Apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this might have caused.

    So, yeah. Is this normal? Or am I the only one on Twitch's accidental shit list?

  • @nevertooold I imagine you've mentioned to them that this is happening quite often.

    But to answer your question, you're probably just unlucky on this one. They must be seeing something in terms of IPs on the account or something but ya, the vast majority won't have this issue.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in Twitch Ban?:

    @nevertooold I imagine you've mentioned to them that this is happening quite often.

    But to answer your question, you're probably just unlucky on this one. They must be seeing something in terms of IPs on the account or something but ya, the vast majority won't have this issue.

    So I am...The Chosen One?

    I asked Twitch why this keeps happening, I don't expect to get a real answer, but if I do get some useful info, I'll share it here so that when I pass my Twitch Banned Master baton to the next unlucky schlub, they'll have an advantage.