Bug Reports

  • @DeweyDTruman It's the Superhero theme you're using. Something in it is broken. Try any other theme, you'll be fine.

  • @Chocobop I narrowed down my problem (and hopefully have a solution)

    My cookies weren't being blocked completely at random, the pattern turned out to be that Firefox would block my "forums.easyallies cookies" (i.e. my login cookie) whenever I loaded a thread that contained a twitter link. The way this forum's software works, typing a comment with a twitter link automagically get expanded into a nicer "twitter embed/preview" instead of a plain URL when that comment gets posted.

    This causes an interaction with a privacy add-on I had installed: Priv3. It is supposed to block twitter from using cookies to track my browsing history (unless I explicitly interact with the twitter embed), but for who knows whatever reasons the plugin just blocks ALL cookies on the entire page and thus really borks my forum login.

    The solution was to uninstall it and use the "successor plugin" called Priv3+. Initial testing shows that when I load a thread with a twitter embed I still maintain my login. Now I can finally read the "That's News" thread (which rarely has a page without a twitter link ;) ) without everything going haywire and having to go through multiple cycles of "unblock cookies / login / logout "

  • @Sazime It's doing it on every theme now (except Default and I think Readable). I don't think it has anything to do with any plugins I'm using since I disabled everything and updated my browser but it kept happening.

  • @DeweyDTruman Oh wow, you're right. It doesn't effect Darkly (for me, it's what I've been using for a while), but everything else other than that, Default and Readable is a mess in the "header-menu" is completely messed up.

    How are Darkly, Readable and the Default for you?

  • @Sazime Darkly's a mess too, Readable and Paper seem to be working fine though.

  • @DeweyDTruman And whiule I was trying to find the problem myself, I made it happen in Darkly as well. Yeah, this is a weird issue.

  • @DeweyDTruman There's a problem in the "bootstrap.mini.css" file, at the very least

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    Now things have started to go wrong on my side as well, and I've tried to change theme, clear cookies etc, nothing helps

  • @Lotias Yeah, the css that handles the containers, fonts, etc, is borked pretty hard across the board. I wish I knew more about how to find things in the sheet quickly, but as it stands right now it's thousands of lines of minutia.

  • Just hopping in and mentioning I'm having the same issue using Firefox. I've switched the theme to Default and that has fixed the layout issues, but.... I honestly can't stand all the white this theme uses. Hopefully this gets a fix soon, I need Slate back in my life!

  • @SabotageTheTruth yeah the main reason I used Superhero is because the other themes are either too dark (which isn't a dealbreaker but not my preference) or way too bright (which almost kinda is, not joking it's a bit of a literal eyesore even with Flux).

  • How can this be fixed? I have that exact same problem like in that picture a few posts above. Super annoying, the whole top part is broken. And all the posts are now in really small font.

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    @Sentinel-Beach I changed to "default". Its not the best theme, but at least it got things back to normal. for now

  • @Sentinel-Beach said in Bug Reports:

    How can this be fixed?

    The Stylesheet is wrongly configured.

    For some reason when you select certain Themes the Bootstrap css file is being applied, which for some reason sets the orientation of the <li> tags to vertical, among other things.

    Not sure why it's suddenly started happening. My only real guess is that maybe they don't have a gem versioned in the Gemfile and it's updated when the server last restarted. (I'm assuming the site is on Rails purely based on the fact that there's a railscasts.css file being downloaded).

  • Yeah, "default" changed things back to normal. Everything's just white now, though. My "Slate", I want it back.

    But why is the text box now this huge? Or what's this called, reply box? This takes up the whole page now along with the preview right next to it. Usually this was way much smaller, so that I could see a post or two above while writing.

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    @Sentinel-Beach yeah its massive. however if you click and drag the dark circle with the arrow on top left of the reply window you can drag it down and make it smaller again to fit your taste of size :)

  • I just got hit with this issue as well out of nowhere.

    Not only does this cause any issue reading any thread, but responding is a pain as well.

    I've gone back to default and will be checking in on this thread to see if/when someone posts that many of the themes have been fixed.

    After reading above I can't seem to find a concrete reason as to what happened. Does anyone have any idea what the cause is?

  • I'll just make sure Brent is aware of the issue and let you guys know.

  • admin

    @tokeeffe9 Thanks for letting me know. I'll take a look and see what's happening. The forum hasn't been updated in a while, so that might be all we need.

  • Thanks for being on it guys!