Bug Reports

  • The Easy Allies youtube channel is missing the full "Ubisoft - Easy Allies Reactions" video. All the other press conferences have been uploaded, was this was forgotten in the mix?

    Edit: Wow that was fixed quickly! Thanks! :) :)

  • admin

    @chocobop The second trailer for The Division 2 contained copyrighted music that caused YouTube to block the video worldwide. So for one, we didn't even know there was a problem until it was already fully processed on YouTube. Then we had to download the video file (which took a long time), edit out the audio for that section (which could only be done after streaming that day), export (which took hours), and upload (more hours). Sorry for the delay. Blame Ubisoft for choosing that song or the music publisher for having such harsh restrictions.

  • Notifications from posts that you are "Watching" don't seem to be always working.

  • Minor annoyance - when responding to PMs using the Slate skin, I can no longer read my text in the preview pane, as it displays black on grey. It used to display white, which is what shows up in the actual message. I'm sure I could switch skins and I don't use the PM feature all that often, so it's not the end of the world - but I'd still be pretty happy if it was corrected.

  • I noticed while writing a post, that if I

    , it seems to break the protocol for that and autoembed instead. To make that more clear, I was attempting to link the tweet behind text like this.

  • It would be good to make it clear if you are mobile or desktop too and what browser you are using
    Have you ever copy the video files or pictures to discs for preservation? There is more or less quality loss when you convert video to DVD or BD, especially the burn high definition one. But you could reduce the quality loss to a minimum.

  • I wonder what happened, as there are a bunch posts from @rascalie that show they were written 5 hours ago, but in reality they're old. Like talking about World Cup starting soon and Money in the Bank in the WWE thread.

    Edit. Hold on. They're not the only case. In Easy Update thread as well. Or is this something only I'm seeing? Older posts appearing like they were written only a few hours ago?

  • Banned

    when i click ignore on a thread, i get a message that says i will still be notified if someone mentions me in said thread

    that feature doesn't fully work. i get mentioned but recieve no notification

    might wanna check that out

  • @david-berishaj That feature works exactly as intended. A reply directly to a user will supersedes the ignore. This is the same on all social platforms I can think of.

  • @tokeeffe9 Think you need to read that again. Complaining about the lack of a notification.

    Anyway, came to this thread because I just noticed something. Spoiler Tags are completely ignored in the preview of the most recent post. Just noticed in the Easy Update discussion thread. Seems like an accident waiting to happen.

  • @hazz3r I think I read it correctly. The user was complaining about getting a notification, not the lack of.

    As an example, on discord, if you mute a channel you will not receive any notifications on that channel unless someone specifically @ you.

    As for the spoiler thing, unfortuntely that's a known one that seems to be the case on all forums. I'm not sure if anything can really be done on that.

  • @tokeeffe9 I don't think so but it's not a feature I use so not too bothered.

    And that's a real shame. Don't think it would be too hard a feature to code. Perhaps it' worth making a feature request with the person/people who make the software.

  • @hazz3r That would be a pretty significant change request I imagine but I'm sure you could ask about it. Nodebb is the forum software and I'm sure you could make a request there.

  • I'm not entirely sure if I should post this here or it should warrant it's own topic thread, but over the last few days, I've been experiencing slow loading of threads and topic pages, slow logging-in, dropping and re-establishing connection to the forums, etc. I was curious if anyone else is experiencing this here, because the rest of my online activity for other websites is fine, and I want to know if it's something my end or if this is a shared issue. Thanks in advance if this gets answered!

  • @brannox I can't say I've experienced anything too different lately myself.

  • @tokeeffe9 I thought it might be something on my end, but I just wanted to check. Thank you!

  • @brannox I've been having that issue intermittently for about a month now actually. I generally browse the forum when I'm at work on an incognito tab but sometimes there's a huge issue with remaining connected, yet other times it works fine. I'll occasionally switch to Edge as a browser during the rough patches and that seems to help a bit.

  • @sabotagethetruth I'm still having the issue, regardless of what I try. Like now, I logged in, saw the notification tab lit, clicked on it, and the page never fully loaded with a spinning circle in the top right of my screen until I clicked refresh. Then it brought me to your response. I have no idea what might be causing it, but now I know at least I'm not the only one.

  • @SabotageTheTruth @Brannox Maybe just try clearing the app data. Inspect the page, go to the application tab (Click >>) , clear storage and clear site data.

    You'll get logged out but maybe it is just some issue with your cookies.

  • I am having an issue with uploading a user picture. The first time I uploaded a user picture, everything went fine. That is the picture that is currently displaying on my profile. I have however selected to remove that picture, because I did not know how small it would show up in forum posts. After removing the picture, I uploaded a different picture. For some reason, that new picture is not showing up, and I am stuck with the picture I first uploaded, which should have been removed from my profile.