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    @marcel I think it might be that skin. Which one is that?

  • @UltimateBrent That's Superhero, although from the looks of what @Inflorescence posted, this seems to be an issue with the default one too. I would prefer the black "modal-backdrop" be on top of the composer when the emoticons modal is open. It creates a sense of contrast and you can focus just on selecting the emoji you want. But I guess that is a UI preference, not a bug per se :)

  • @Dirokia said in Bug Reports:

    alt text
    When the browser is not fullscreen (half-screened here), the banner hides the top of the New Topic button.

    Adding on to this, it seems when the browser window is sized within a certain width range, the top banner (Easy Allies Forums, post index/count, Search, Notifications, messages, Profile icon) will expand vertically to cover up the top half of the space used for the New Topic button and the forum directory links. Here is how it looks when I shrink the browser enough to collapse the forum navigation to a side menu.
    alt text

  • @crimilde said in Bug Reports:

    I can't vote up a post in mobile mode.
    I get an error:

    ERROR Invalid data

    Edit: On Safari, iPhone 6 Plus if it helps. Didn't try in another browser.

    Edit2: Still in mobile mode, when I edit or post I can't see the header at first, I need to start typing before it shows:

    alt text

    I've got this exact same issue with seeing nothing but white until I start typing. Using Chrome on an iPhone 6.

  • Not a bug report per se but unsure where else to post this.

    Is there a way of showing replies to a post in the original post itself? Then being able to click them and go to the replies?

    At the moment you can work backwards from replies to the original post, but not the other way around.

    Apologies if A. this is the wrong place for this and B. If this feature already exists and I'm just daft.

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    @flower_arrangement Not to my knowledge, which is weird, because Discource, which this board is based on, definitely has that feature. Maybe they'll add it in the future.

  • @UltimateBrent
    Thanks for the reply, that is a bit weird, is this a highly customised version? Whatever the case it's by no means a big issue, merely a convenience.

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    @flower_arrangement it's not doscourse, it's nodebb

  • @UltimateBrent said in Bug Reports:


    Cool, I have next to no knowledge on the subject, for what it's worth the forum looks great and generally runs well.

    Noticed another slight bug. Sent you a chat message which is fine, but couldn't close the window at all, and staying in the same tab clicking around the forum the chat window persisted. Got rid of it by opening a new tab via any given forum link. Running Chrome on a Mac.

  • The Categories button has disappeared from the header. Not a terribly big issue but does make navigation a bit harder when you're not just reading recent threads.

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    @Dirokia It's redundant with just clicking "Easy Allies Forus".

  • @UltimateBrent Ah, I see. I had changed my Homepage to "Recent" so clicking the title was taking me there. I had no way to access the Categories page with that setup. I guess checking Recent is the same as clicking Unread so I've reverted.

  • I'm not sure what is exactly causing my unread button to show that I have unread posts when I don't.

    I think it's because I unwatched General Discussion if that might reveal something. The only buggy issue I've encountered so far.

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    @Whoaness All I can do for things like that is keep the forum software updated and report the bug. That's something with the internals.

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    Probably not a bug in the strictest sense, but I'm noticing on mobile (Android) that often pages will hang on loading screens and eventually fail to load, but hitting the refresh key will cause the page to load more quickly.

    In other words clicking a link often brings me to a spinning wheel that never loads, but a manual page refresh loads the page fine

    Not sure of this is a caching thing or an issue on my end, but I thought I'd throw it in the pile

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    @Ochi I would typically associate something like that with server load on our end, or connectivity on your end. Server looks okay on my end, so maybe you lost your connection? I have not noticed this behavior from my phone, so I'm not really sure what else I can do.

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    Fair enough, though in terms of being disconnected, I probably should have noted that this happened on wifi as opposed to mobile service

  • Having problems making threads on my LG G5. I'm using google chrome and should be on the latest version of android.

    When I attempt to make a thread. The text box is competely covered by the keyboard. So I can't see what I'm writing in the text box.

  • All the little icons on the forum are missing for me in Firefox only. I probably just did something dumb with my settings but hoping someone can help:


    Edit: Nevermind apparently I'd forgotten to turn my adblock off for this forum and it was blocking extra things. Adblocker off.

  • This is the smallest gripe in the history of gripes but - whenever I reply/post on threads, or leave a message in chat, it always says it was posted 3 minutes ago. Using Chrome as a browser, if that helps. In the very least, I'm now convinced my messages have the ability to travel backwards through time, which admittedly, is kinda neat.