Bug Reports

  • The twitch status on the main website doesn't seem to be working (it says offline, even though the stream is live). Is anyone else noticing this? I've used Firefox and Chrome, both the same. It could just be me but I'd figure I'll bring it up just in case.

  • Yeah, it's been that way for a few days now, I think. :/

  • admin

    It's a plugin, and I'm not seeing anything with them about any failures. I'll have to investigate further.

  • There seems to be an issue with the Easy Allies website's Terms of Use link, down at the bottom of the page.
    When clicked on from the site, nothing (save for the directory in the address bar) changes. The site retains whatever page you were on before (so long as it's in easyallies.com). Opening in new tab, or outside of easyallies.com gives the attached picture:

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    @Parallax3601 The problem is we don't have any! We're getting them drawn up now.

  • @UltimateBrent oh, got it :smile: Thank you!

  • Any news about the Twitch status plugin on the main site? I feel like I'm missing streams, especially the more spontaneous and surprise ones, as there's no knowing if something's going on.

  • I have the same issue as some above. I used to be able to find where I was typing but now I see nothing but a white screen. I can only see what I've typed after I hit done. I'm typing without whatseeing anything on a white screen as we speak. Please fix. Thhooefuky what I typed makes sense since I can't see it lol.this orobem only on mobile iPhone safari browser for me.

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    @Sentinel-Beach said in Bug Reports:

    Any news about the Twitch status plugin on the main site? I feel like I'm missing streams, especially the more spontaneous and surprise ones, as there's no knowing if something's going on.

    This got fixed today. Surprised it's something you relied on in that way though. E-mail notifications aren't perfect but they work the vast majority of the time.

  • @Bloodworth Thanks for putting that on your list!

    The Patreon emails I receive from you guys never tell about streams that are about to start. They're all about the shows, reviews and more "official" content you're producing. And I'm not on Twitter, where you guys tend to inform us about gaming streams you're about to begin. (Maybe I should join, because it would be helpful, but I don't know.)

    So in that sense that plugin was helpful, as I visit your main site pretty often and could immediately see if there was something going on.

  • @Sentinel-Beach if you follow them on twitch, you should get an email notification every time they start a stream

  • @tokeeffe9 Aah, ok! I wasn't aware of that, thanks.
    ...although I thought I already did follow them there, but I guess I mixed it up with YouTube then.

  • Minor bug.

    I had the Yeti skin selected
    I changed to the default skin
    Clicked “easy allies forums” in the left corner without saving first
    The site kept showing the default skin
    Go into settings again and it shows that I have yeti chosen in the settings

    Using Chrome as web browser.

  • On the main page. The video lists don't actually move more than a few times when clicking the arrow on the right side, if you'd be interested to browse through the older videos or all the way to the first one.

    Then again. It does say "Latest Updates" there above all those lists, so yeah. Not incorrect. Still a bit surprising. Maybe the page would be too heavy if they'd all be available, I guess?

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    @Sentinel-Beach yeah they're only designed to go so far. You can click on the title to go to the YouTube playlist or the drop down in the header to see them on the site.

  • I seem to be having an issue with my profile picture, in that I can't actually seem to change it. When I upload the new image, I see the three instances of the image on the "profile edit" page change, but once I save changes, they revert back to the old/current image.
    Alternatively, removing a profile image altogether works just fine. But once I try to add a new one, I'm still unable to

  • I don't know if this is a bug or not, but since I saw the forums change by having replies be linked to the original post, emotes have disappeared. Just something I've noticed. If this is a bug, wanted someone with authority to know. If by design, please disregard. Thanks!

  • Not a bug, but:
    On the main page, the black bar on the bottom with the sponsors etc. The year is out of date. :P

  • Hey guys just wanted to bring it your attention that it says the 1 dollar and 5 dollar Patreon memberships are sold out. Not sure if this was intentional or not.0_1484656280233_IMG_0342.PNG

  • @Robbie-B Interesting. I've checked on the site and mobile while not logged in and I'm able to see those options available.

    On the app I had to log in so it doesn't say that they're sold out but of course I'm already subscribed.

    How are you getting to that screen? Are you logged in and are you a patreon of Easy Allies?