E3 Nega-predictions

  • Lets try something a little different.

    Lets say your E3 dream prediction comes true. Something that's way out there. Nearly impossible. Almost zero-chance of it happening. But it does.

    What asterisk could be attached to it that'd totally ruin it for you? Again these are hypothetical long-shots, not just something you're sure will happen and what about it you wouldn't like. We're talking being handed a box addressed to you that says "Contents: That thing you dreamed about being at E3", you open it, look inside, and your heart sinks. Let's hear it.

    Try to keep it light-hearted and fun.

    For me it'd be during the PC Game Show. Blizzard walks on stage. "Hey guys, we heard you like vanilla." Behind him. Trailer. Shows an Orc warrior using the new player model, facing away. As it turns around it fades back to the old player model. Crowd going crazy. Rafters are shaking. Earth is rumbling. We see a player unit-frame in the top left, level 100. The digits start counting back. People are screaming. The number freezes at 60. People are crying and holding each other like a 100 years war just ended and they were the victors. Then the camera zooms out, and we see he's still standing in the new, post-Cata Barrens. Their vision of vanilla is just a 60 level cap and the Dark Portal turned off. Everyone in the room falls silent and stares at the floor for the rest of the show.

  • Half Life 3, coming December 2016.

    Exclusively for HTC Vive.

    / By the way, I find the implication that Blizzard would appear at E3 with an announcement instead of at BlizzCon kind of funny. Don't think that will ever happen.

  • @Hoken Oh that would cut so deep to have it be VR-only.

    I know Blizzard wouldn't, but I wanted to throw it out anyway. More as a fun example.

  • Crystal Dynamics come on stage and announce a new Legacy of Kain, continuing the story from where they left it off in Defiance.

    (I will never let go of my LoK dream :()

    As for asterisks, micro-transactions. Or that it's open-world now.

  • Well I'm lucky enough to know that my dream is about to become real (Red Dead 3). I doubt it will be shown at e3.... however how could they utterly disappoint me?

    They come out to announce that Jack Marston is the star of game. (they won't)

    His voice was incredibly grating and I hated how he spoke to his horse whenever you were galloping. He didn't have any of the effortless calm collected cool that John did.

    Anyway I think it's pretty obvious they wouldn't do that even without the rumors of it being a prequel game.

    My other dream is Bully 2 and I can't seem to come up with a way that it could specifically be ruined it for me. I would say I'd rather have a new character at a new high school rather than Jimmy at college though, because a college kid beating other college kids up doesn't have quite the same appeal...

  • The Nintendo Zelda Treehouse playthrough just ended. The internet is going crazy because the new Zelda looks amazing. The video cuts to Bill Trinen who says, "Before we go, we have one more announcement". Bill reaches down off screen and pulls up a wireless, NX branded, VR headset. In his hands is the portable NX which doubles as a VR controller. The video cuts and we see what Bill is looking at. In front of him stands a beautifully rendered HD VR Professor Oak with 21 Pokeballs to choose from. We see a hand reach out and grab Bulbasaur. The video pans left and right and we realize that there are 12 other people in the room all reaching out and grabbing starter pokemon. We hear one of them say allowed (alongside of a text bubble that pops up near their head with the text) "I can not decide between Chimchar or Froakie".

    The video cuts to a forest. The trees block the sun and everywhere we look the grass is up to our knees. A river cuts through the forest and as we approach, a towering Feraligatr climbs out of the water. We see a hand throw a Pokeball and a lumbering Venusaur appears. We hear Bill yell out "Audrey II, use Solar Beam". We see Venusaur getting Slashed deeply by Feraligatr while sunlight pours into the Venusaur. Then with a blast of blinding light, Solar Beam strikes. Feraligatr falls to the ground with just a sliver of health. The video pans down to the belt of the player character. We see a hand reach into a belt pocket with the word Pokeball on it. We open it up to find it empty. Immediatly a dialogue box pops on the screen that says "Poke Ball - $0.99, Great Ball - $1.99, Ultra Ball - $4.99, Master Ball - $9.99."

    The demo ends.

  • During the Sony E3 conference a Legend of Dragoon logo and boom gameplay starts up, no CGI, no trailer just pure gameplay.

  • 3rd game in the Chrono series gets announced.

    ....It's a mobile match 3 game...