What are the top 5 most overrated games of this generation?

  • In this thread we talk about 5 most overrated games of this gen. what do you think top 5 are?

    1. Call of Duty advanced warfare

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    Was deemed as first next gen COD with next gen graphics but in the end its same as before. yet it recieve high reviews.

    1. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

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    Its not really a bad game but NOWHERE NEAR AS GOOD AS Critics praise it like giving it 10/10. the game has MAJOR flaws. Combat absolutely suck, so is controlling. story is very boring. yes its worth playing game but not even close to bieng 10/10. CDPR really suck at making core gameplay elements.

    1. Wolfenstien the new order

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    Game is not only disgrace to series (especially RTCW) but also disgrace to old school FPS. the game was praise like "oh oweeee old schooolz" Old school shooter made by developer of Darkness, riddick (I love this game but still), and resistance??! Old school shooter with iron sight, forced stealth, scripted on rail sequence and too many cinematic cutscenes?? Old school shooter that is very slow paced with sprint system where you cant shoot? thats not old school. Abysmal game.

    1. Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain

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    This is unfinished game that even has final part cut but recieve 10/10? seriously?? one of the most boring, repetetive game i have ever played. almost every mission feel same. kill soldier x, extract prisnor y, clear checkpost" over and over agian. there is little to no story in game at all.

    1. GTA V/Rise of tomb raider (tie)

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    GTA series has always been most overrated franchise of all time and this is no exception. it make me sick how can everytime new GTA release and got 10/10. only good thing i can say about GTA that city looks nice and feel alive. the shooting suck, the driving suck, missions are boring and dull, story is trash, so is all 3 main characters. GTA5 is just rehash of what we have played many times before.

    while ROTR is just exact same as TR reboot which was one of the worse game i have ever played. new TR games make uncharted half life. lara is one of the worst protagonist i have ever ever seen "this is soooo haard"

    So what are top 5 most overrated games this generation has produce in your opinion?

  • Almost sounds like you have a vendetta against these games haha.

    Fortunately I haven't played 5 games this generation that I feel have been super overrated, but if I had to choose one, I would probably say Fallout 4
    alt text
    I really appreciated the many refinements and adjustments done to the gameplay (especially in terms of combat mechanics), and the new look of the open world!

    What really bummed me out about the game was the main story itself, I couldn't help but feel super disappointed with how they handled the plot and characters, especially at the ending of the game.

    In these kinds of RPG's the story is really central to me, and I unfortunately wasn't really gripped by the story of Fallout 4 at all.

  • The Witcher and GTA are the only games I've played from your list.. while I totally disagree that The Witcher is overrated, I think you're right about GTA, though I've never really been a fan of the series. In fact GTAV is the only one I've owned and played through completely

    I agree that Fallout was a bit overrated as well. I'm playing it now and it seems to have a lot of the same issues as past Fallout and TES games, many of which I think should have been fixed by now. Somehow their games are still super fun to play though, and I think that exploration and certain side quests/random encounters are the reason for that.

  • I accidentally walked into this thread and got some third degree burns on all the hot takes and cut myself on the edge!

  • My disagreement isn't with ratings in general but with fan opinions.

    1. GTA 5
    2. Battlefield 4
    3. Alien Isolation
    4. COD Black Ops 3
    5. Just Cause 3

  • The only one I agree with is the Witcher 3.

    The combat is so damn boring I cannot for the life of me push myself through that slog of a game.

    Wolfenstein The New Order is probably one of the major ones I disagree with you on. It's a brilliant game.

    I don't think you can argue that Fallout 4 is overrated, considering how many gaming communities completely shit on the game. I just see people who try to convince people who've enjoyed it how bad of a game it is.

    edit: A lot of this is really subjective though. I've spent months in communities that hate Fallout 4, but you guys might've spent months around people who adore Fallout 4. Same with any game really. "Overrated" means that a community overrated it. Entirely depends if you mean game review critics, or people IRL.

  • @Stormcrownn I think you're right about Fallout 4. The review scores were great, but it seems fan reception has gotten increasingly negative since release.

  • @ThatMartime I definitely think the review scores were a tad too high, but I still notice people on reddit and other forums jump on someone who says they liked the game and start listing their own complaints with the game. Ultimately the complaints about dialogue were subjective, and its tough to include subjective logic into a review score. (Especially when you might not get far enough into the game with the short review times)

    On another note, this thread has me really thinking about GTA V. I've never finished the game, but I've never thought anything negative.

  • @TheHashtag0nist
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  • Totally disagree on The Witcher 3, I really enjoy the combat in the game and the story / lore / characters / world are amazing - best in the business in fact.

    If not a 10/10 then I'd certainly give it a strong 9/10.

    I also thought Rise of the Tomb Raider was pretty good - I wasn't a huge fan of the 2013 reboot but thought 'Rise' made significant improvements to it. Of course I would love to see another game like Anniversary or Underworld instead but that doesn't make 'Rise' bad at what it does.

    I also totally get how GTAV can get a 10/10 even though it's not mind kind of game.

    Just because of you don't enjoy a game doesn't mean that everybody else is over-rating it, they may just have different opinions from yourself.

  • For those, new to B-cell's threads. Take them slightly.


    1. MGS V. The structure of the game is a mess, it clearly shows after the final boss how it awkwardly stretches the lenght of the game. The mission structure doesn't help the kind of story developers try to tell. Is unnecesarily open world, the open level design of the mission is excelent but it os for no reason an open world because most of the time you will spend it on the helicopter and be dropped right at the mission zone.
    2. Fallout 4. The game is incredibibly shalow. I used to get inmersed in those world both mechanically and narratively but FO4 drops the ball narratively. There are some nice side quest and small stories around the world but the overall story arc is boring and disjointed.
    3. Shadow of Mordor. The nemesis mechanic is great and love it but the mission design depends on it, its an extension of a game mechanic and doesn't work well. Usually a good mission design forces game mechanics making you face the game in different ways, in this case is the opposite, the game mechanic is strong and the mission design reiterates it. Once you got how the nemesis system works, the game doesn't offer you much. The story and art direction is forgetable.

    Only those for now but I feel that I will be adding Arkham Knight here too.

  • @LordBaztion Would you say Fallout 4 is overrated or it was a disappointment? I definitely agree with your critiques, but I also think those are widely accepted.

    On steam, Fallout 4 is at Recent: 71%, and Overall: 79%. Metacritic is 84 from professional critics and 5.4 from users.

    I think its a testament to how high the standards are set for Bethesda Game Studios.

  • GTAV is definitely overrated, but other than that I can't think of many this gen. I would agree with Fallout 4 if people actually seemed to like it more, but... There's a lot of negativity around it.

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  • OP is too salty, waiter can you take this back to the kitchen please

  • @LordBaztion For fraks sakes, when will you people get it? BETHESDA'S JOINTS ARE NEVER ABOUT NARRATIVE LOL.

    The function behind their design is to give you the autonomy to construct the gameplay experience of your choosing, not to immerse you in narrative. Bethesda's games are best looked at like a D&D toolset. The adventures are as grand as your imagination makes them. I've been a fan of their stuff since Morrowind and they have NEVER been about motivating you with narrative so much as providing you with a world and toolset to construct your own journey.

    If you're looking at Bethesda's games expecting literary merit along the likes of The Witcher and not using their tools, autonomous design, and yielding to the motivation of emergent game play to construct your own personal journey, you're doing it wrong.

  • Hahahaha. About time Black Cell made this thread.

    Haven't played much current gen games to have one or a few specific titles I dislike tremendously.

  • @ZombieProof I agree that a lot of the story comes from what you make of the game, but I think looking at the recent addition of things like the new dialogue system, that Bethesda is trying to pursue a more traditional method of storytelling, at least in terms of the main plotline.

    I'm just super bummed about the main story
    Ending spoiler:

    So after being forced to kill the other two factions for some reason, you blow up the underground base, and just as you're about to leave, a robot version of your son approaches you:
    "Father! I am son!"
    No.. u r robot
    Will you raise robot son?
    And either way doesn't really lead to anything :|

    I feel like that was like the moment where the moral lesson of the game was supposed to come through, but the delivery just seemed super ridiculous

  • -GTAV
    -Fallout 4 (And this one made me really sad, I bought TWO pip-boy editions)
    -Overwatch (Not that it's bad, but people harp on it a little too much)
    -Ark Survival evolved

  • I guess I'll post a serious reply. I honestly hate these kinds of topics. While talking about "underrated" games often has a positive tone involving "hidden gems" and things of that nature... "overrated" usually entails a bunch of people taking shots at games that a lot of people enjoyed in a passive aggressive or condescending tone.

    It never ends well. It never leads to interesting conversations. Just a bunch of "this game is trash" and clever retorts like "your opinions are trash". Underrated and overrated are just annoying concepts used to puff up chests and boast opinions that go against a popular consensus.

    At least with "underrated" topics we see posts more along the lines of "you should check out Nier cause it has a beautiful soundtrack, etc. etc." instead of "Bioshock: Infinite is the Interstellar of games and you're wrong if you liked it".