E3 2017 Bets Showdown Question

  • I was thinking since it's Ultima Brads and Cold Bloodeds first E3 Bets we as a community can form an Uneasy Alliance and come up bets to give them ideas and also it's fun coming up with stupid bets. The First Section is coming up with close ended questions.

    Will Retro reveal it's new game

    Will Halo and GoW be shown

    Will a AAA game be announced in VR
    Will Sucker Punch new game be Infamous

    Square Enix
    Will they show both new Marvel games Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy

    Will there be a new Tom Clancy Game announced
    Will Prince of Persia appear

    Will there be a new Burnout game
    Will Skate be shown in any form

    Will there be a screaming lady during the Bethesda E3 Conference again?

    Will Batman reveal himself

    Now for the bonus
    Double Down on Don
    How many kills will Kratos get during the Sony E3 conference?
    How many pyramids will be shown during the Assassins creed Egypt reveal
    How many Wii U ports to Switch

    Hope this was a good idea and lets have some fun

  • Will be see new Metro game? thats the most i want to see.

  • @Black-Cell Metroid Federation Force 2

  • Will an orchestra reveal itself?

  • @Inustar Good question, who would you ask that one to. I would think Huber.

  • I'd love to see a question along the lines of, "Across all conferences, how many games will be shadow-dropped?"

  • @SabotageTheTruth You could change that to demo/betas/games and it will be perfect for double down on don

  • How many worlds form Mario Odyssey will we see?

  • Will Death Stranding reveal a new Top Name actor?

  • @ib0show Yeah, Huber is a good choice. Maybe Jones.

  • Will anyone from SEGA show up at any conference? and will they announce a new game?

  • Will FromSoftware reveal more than one new title?

  • What will the ratio of first party and third party titles be during Nintendo's event thingie

  • Will Sony announce that a remake of the Spyro the Dragon PS1 Trilogy is coming to the PS4 in the same style as the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy remake? thus finally giving me a 2nd reason to buy a PS4?

    • Will we see live gameplay of Shenmue 3?

    • Will there be more or less than 2:00 of trailer footage for Red Dead Redemption 2 shown during Microsoft's live E3 event?

    • Will anyone (at all) mention the word "Metroid" live on stage during E3. (this includes the portmanteau "Metroidvania")

    • Will there be more or less than 8 indie games shown during the Sony conference?

    • Will the words "Bloodborne Two" (or Bloodborne 2) Specifically be said or seen during any live E3 event?

    • How many times during the Ubisoft live event will they say the complete title of "South Park: The Fractured But Whole"? (They have to say the whole title and not just "South Park")

    • Will we see a new trailer for Cyberpunk 2077?

    • Will there be more or less than two mentions of PSVR at Sony's live event?

    • Will Marvel VS Capcom Infinite be playable on the floor?

    Bonus Round:

    • How many NEW games will be announced by Nintendo at E3? (not remasters or ports)

  • @TokyoSlim The RDR 2 question is easy to answer since Sony has locked down the marketing deal

  • @ib0show Hmm, has an early access deal meant previously that not even a trailer will be shown at another event? I mean, there's a lot of rumors floating around that MS is going to be using RDR2 to show off Scorpio.

    FWIW, this is the official annoucement of the Rockstar/Sony deal:

    We are pleased to announce that PS4 players get first access to earn select online content in the vast open world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Check back on PlayStation.Blog for more details soon and for all of the latest information on Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • @TokyoSlim Have you ever seen a game at the opposition when they have exclusive content. Also there's been RDR PC rumours for years. Also RDR 2 doesn't need the Scorpio to sell but Xbox needs it too sell yet they didn't lock in the deal. So there should be a bet on what game will sell the Scorpio. Maybe it's just Halo 6

  • @ib0show said in E3 2017 Bets Showdown Question:

    Have you ever seen a game at the opposition when they have exclusive content.

    MGSV trailer opened Microsoft's 2013 conference even though Sony had a special collectors edition and a ps4 bundle, and special Sony Xperia mobile tie ins.

    Youtube Video

  • @TokyoSlim no exclusive content on ps4 version