E3 2017 Bets Showdown Question

  • @TokyoSlim RDR sold 11 million within a year and 15 million by February 2017

  • @ib0show Yes, that's what I said. RDR is at 15 million copies. It's a huge franchise and the biggest third party release of the year. It's a highly anticipated sequel to one of the best regarded games of all time from a developer who's last game is sniffing 80 million copies.

    Again, if you think something else is going to outsell RDR2 this year, I'd like to know what you think it is?

  • @TokyoSlim COD, Destiny both will sell more than 11 million. Fallout 4 shipped 12 million at launch, Skyrim did 20 million in 2 years. RDR did 15 million in like 8 years. RDR didn't sell 80 million

  • Skyrim is since 2011. And it's been re-released like 4 times and is on 6 platforms since then. :)
    RDR is on two platforms.

    C.O.D. is down significantly year after year. Infinite warfare sold less than 2 million copies it's first week.
    WWII will probably sell more, but I'm betting RDR2 still outsells it.

    Destiny burned so many people, I would be very surprised if Destiny 2 is going to do Destiny 1 numbers. I bought into Destiny 1 HARD, and I won't touch 2 with a 10 foot pole. It'll sell to it's dedicated fanbase, but when Bungie says how many "users" they have - they are still probably counting everyone that beat the game week 1, got tired of replaying the same strikes over and over, put it down and haven't even thought about it for 2 years.

    Will be interesting, COD might sell ok... but I'd be willing to make a public bet of some kind that RDR2 (assuming it's not delayed) ends up the top game of the year. I think that RDR2 is an easy 15+ million launch title.

  • Will Solid Snake reveal him self?

  • Here are a few from me:

    • How many minutes of footage/gameplay combined will we see of the Resident Evil 2 remake?

    • Will Rockstar REVEAL themselves?... or just Red Dead Redemption 2?

    • What will the release date be for God of War?

    • Will a Shenmue HD remaster be announced?

    • What is the total number of sledgehammers we will see from all the press conferences?

    • How many previously unannounced titles will Microsoft announce for Scorpio?

    • How many double jumps will be in the E3 Nintendo Direct Digital Event?

    • What will be the release date of the Final Fantasy VII remaster (or the first part of it, should that occur)?

  • @Churchy that first question is Huber bait.

  • I have a good one :

    • How many different Pokemon will be shown in Nintendo direct?

    (female/male doesn't count unless they have different pokedex number example nidoran male/female)

  • Will Microsoft debut an exclusive game that won't be cancelled?

    Will Sony win E3 by a fucking landslide for the third year running?

    Will Nintendo have more than one game to show?

    Also, I don't understand the correlation of Xbox and RDR2. The game will sell far better on PS4 regardless of how good it looks on Scorpio. Microsoft has lost this generation and isn't getting it back

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