Pokemon language settings

  • Hi Allies,

    the series Jones plays Pokemon motivated me to buy a 3DS XL and Pokemon Red on the Nintendo eShop. After some research I figured that Heartgold would be the best next game after Red. My question is, can I set the language of the German version to English? Pokemon Omega Ruby asked my for the language the first time I booted it up. I don't want to play Heartgold in German and the used UK versions are ridiculously overpriced.

    love and respect
    Fabian Winkler from Germany

  • My brother has one pokemon game in german (Pokemon black, he has white in english, he bought that on purpose, as he is studying german in university) but I don't think he can switch language in that, not 100% certain though.

  • Unfortunately, multiple languages is a pretty new thing for Pokemon, only being introduced with XY. Have you checked the eShop?

  • @Dirokia Sadly only the newer 3DS versions are available in the eShop.

  • @Elazar_DE That sucks :( Hope you're able to find a copy, HGSS are my favorite of the franchise.