Me again. I developed a VR game for the HTC Vive

  • So I've been posting the past few school projects on here for you guys to look at and give feedback. I'm doing it again for my final project because you guys always give good constructive feedback.

    Over the past two - three months me and my small team have been working on a VR game on the HTC Vive for our final school project.

    The game is called "Pool Cleaner In Space". It takes the player on a zero gravity adventure through a spaceship with one mission "Turn the gravity back on".

    I'm including links to the page where you can download it for free (if you have an HTC Vive), its kickstarter where you can read all about the process and back story to the development, as well as meet the team behind the game, and a link to the Steam Green light page where you can help get the game on Steam.

    Again, any and all feed back is welcomed, even from those who can't play the game and can only watch the videos or look at the image stills.

    Download here-

    Support us on Kick Starter-

    Help us out on Steam-

    Love & Respect


  • That name is amazing. Sadly, don't have any kind of VR gear. Good luck!

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