Call of Duty WWII (PC/PS4/XB1, Nov 3rd)

  • What if the WW stands for Wizards War and this is an alternate timeline if wizards existed. Wizards vs Muggles who would win.

  • @ib0show You jest, but that sounds fuckin rad

  • @ib0show
    Me and my brother were just talking about that the other night, and were not even fans of Harry Potter. (just curious as to how the wizardry world was reacting to the various wars throughout history)

    Anyway I'm still half expecting jetpacks and wall running to be shoehorned in somehow.

  • Will Hitler REVEAL himself?

  • I really, really hope to see more than the normal European stuff in this one. I would love to see more of Russia, Asia and Africa.

  • @Inustar and Italy!

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    Not that Im going to buy the game, but I will follow the reveal and news about it! I mean its a huge series and feels like I need to watch it and see how things goes.

  • Call of Duty WWII revealed 4/26.

    4/26 is Alien day because of the planet LV-426.

    Xenomorphs alternate history setting confirmed???

  • Almost here
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    For the appropiate mood
    Youtube Video

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    Generic shooter trailer is generic. I dont know, but it really felt like the past 5 cod trailers with a new skin

  • Sounds interesting. They confirmed that the game takes place entirely in the European theater and follows the 1st Infantry Division from their landing in Normandy to presumably the end of the war. I'm glad to hear that they're trying to make it more historically accurate

    @Lotias Yeah it doesn't really tell us much. It really gets on my nerves when they feel like they need to add this intense character drama to a game about WWII.. does it really need anymore drama?

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    @Faaip yeah, I am a bit disappointed. I was hoping for something really different, but when games just becomes these reskins.. I feel a little... meh

  • So Zombies is returning and we won't see any multiplayer until E3.

    I'm still excited, but whether or not I buy it may just come down to what else is out at the time

    Again.. with what is sounding like a pretty specific story.. they can't come up with a title more specific than "WWII"?? I'm never gonna get over that lol

  • @Lotias What did you expect that would different? When i hear this, i think jet packs, and the Germans found UFO's lol.

    As for a general comment, I have nothing negative to say about it. Its a modern take on WWII games a lot of people grew up playing. The trailer and the live stream all sounded pretty good to me. I understand some people might roll their eyes because its released every year so its hard not to be skeptical. But there isnt much they can do with a WWII game that isnt just creating more immersive gameplay and story. Im interested in seeing more about the game and how it plays.

  • I wasn't expecting much from the trailer and that's what I got. Lots of quick cuts around with no gameplay to really get a feel for how it will play. I wasn't expecting any real gameplay or information today so I'm not disappointed. I just want to see how it will play. In multiplayer will sprinting around with a pistol, Marathon Pro, and Lightweight Pro be a thing? Will it be slower paced? Is the same old COD formula intact or are they going to try to spice things up and take risks? I'm excited to learn these things at E3.

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    @CGamor7 Haha not fully sure tbh... I kinda expected something that felt more... down to earth gritty and on a deeper individual level compared to the "explosion yelling with slow mo clips" that we got, but on the other hand its still a CoD game

  • WW2 setting is only thing work in COD series. other than it will be exact same game.

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    @Black-Cell After trying to decipher your post, I concluded that you said WWII is the only thing that works for CoD.
    I guess we're just going to ignore that Modern Warfare revolutionized that genre.

  • @Lotias Fair enough lol. I can see that being a bit more interesting.